Baby Boomers get Smarter as they age

Baby Boomers get Smarter as they age


Why we Don’t Scan the Brain

Why has the Medical Establishment promoted Colonoscopy and Prostate testing, while ignoring Brain Scans? Especially when you consider that Brain Scans are much less invasive to the body and that incidences of Dementia rivals and often exceeds the incidences of these other afflictions. It’s because most Baby Boomers have an irrational fear of Dementia, and would be devastated to find even mild Brain damage, thinking it a harbinger of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Two Major Reasons We Don’t Scan

  • The first dis-empowering belief is a holdover of the old Cartesian Mind-Body Dualism Theory, that the Mind is not of the Body.
  • The other dis-empowering belief that is still prevalent, is that nothing could be done if a problem was found.

Both these beliefs are wrong, Medicine has refuted the Cartesian Theory, proving that the Mind is of the Brain, and thus of the body, and with the recent and rapid advent of various pharmacological and nonpharmacological ways of treating and protecting the Brain against decay, the idea that nothing can be done, is also false.

Neurotic Fear of Aging

I believe that it’s a Neurotic response to aging. There are a Denial and even a refusal, to even consider, that anything could be wrong. This anxiety is especially keen with Baby Boomers, who are being constantly bombarded with the media’s preoccupation with the so-called Alzheimer’s Epidemic.

Belief the Mind Weakens with Age

Another dis-empowering belief that has gained traction is that we are doomed, and that our Minds become weaker and slower, as we age, and that decreased Brain function is not only probable but inevitable. This kind of Group Think is wrong and needs to be replaced with a more empowering and accurate belief. While it’s true that our minds change as we age, it’s become the opinion of many, that this change is for the better and not the worst.

The Wisdom Paradox

Elkhorn Goldberg, in his book “The Wisdom Paradox; How our mind can grow stronger as your brain grows older”, goes into great detail about the Brain and its relationship with the Mind. This world-renowned neuropsychologist, in lively and very accessible prose, outlines how the elegant structure of our brains develop and change over the course of a lifetime.

Cognitive Expertise

He talks about how, as we age we develop a “cognitive expertise”, a gradual transition from “hardwired” to a more open-ended, open-minded design. This design gives Boomers, the neural capacity for processing complexity of any kind and filling it with content. We recognize this as expertise.

Ability to See through Things is Learned

He goes on to say, that this seemingly effortless ability to “see through things”, and that depending on the context and complexity is seen as competence and in rare cases wisdom. He states, ” that this ability does not come by itself as an epiphany of maturity, or as an entitlement to old age, but is the condensation of mental activities across years and decades of life”.

Use Your Mind

The scope and quality of one’s mental lifetime shape the quality of its final stages. The importance of working the Mind especially once we reach our sixties can’t be overstated. To just turn off and enter a period of repeated “groundhog days”, watching TV and going to Dr. appointments, is doing a disservice to yourself and the world. The quote “wisdom begins in wonder” by Socrates is more true today than ever. Regardless of age, one must continue to dream and strive for new mental challenges

An Untapped Resource

You’ve spent a lifetime building a social network. Sometimes by accident of birth and place of residence and sometimes on purpose making friends and business contacts. So many people today go to their deaths never utilizing the network they spent a lifetime building. So many people, sit around worrying that they’re going to outlive their money and all the bad things that are going to befall them. Without even realizing that they have a large untapped social network, that could be monetized, if only they could tap into it some way.

A Thinkers High

Many of us have heard of a “runner’s high”, well if you strive for new mental challenges, opportunities, or goals no matter your age you could experience a “thinker’s high”. A flash of cognitive expertise when you go Aha! “this is just like that”.

Affiliate Marketing

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Why Now

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  1. Great article. As I am a prior student of psychology this article was informative.

    The first dis-empowering belief is a hold over of the old Cartesian Mind-Body Dualism Theory, that the Mind is not of the Body.
    The other dis-empowering belief that is still prevalent, that nothing could be done if a problem was found.

    My thoughts on the above the body is an inanimate object without the mind. Remains in a state of inertia. Until the brain (neurotransmitters) sends the signals to the mind and the mind chooses to respond or not.

    In our society today, nothing is done until a problem persist.

    Good article thanx. Lakesha

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