Big Pharma; A Risk to National Security

Big Pharma; A Risk to National Security

China Dominates Supply Chain

China has managed to dominate all aspects of the drug and medical products supply chain, by utilizing the same unfair trade practices, that they have used to dominate other sectors of the market. These include but are not limited to, unfair trade agreements, industrial spying, copyright, and patent infringement, not to mention the cheap sweatshop labor, lax environmental regulations, and massive government subsidies.

No Chinese Pharmaceutical in Top 10

Chinese pharmaceutical companies have supplied more than 90 percent of U.S. antibiotics, vitamin C, ibuprofen, and hydrocortisone, as well as 70 percent of acetaminophen, and 40 to 45 percent of heparin. Surprisingly none of their companies appear on the top ten list below.

Corporate Greed

When does the way these companies operate, become a risk to our national security? Why are no Chinese companies among the top ten in the world?  How vulnerable are the top pharma companies, to Chinese supply chain stoppages? Not only have the top ten companies left themselves vulnerable, but they have left the country vulnerable and should be made to answer for their malfeasance. Government regulation and oversight need to be considered.

Why does it take a pandemic for us to realize how vulnerable we all are? As always, thanks for visiting. Dave

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