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The Radical Left

Party of the Lie

The Radical Left feel that living a conscious life is just to hard. They have to lie in order to get what they want. They have to judge others to feel better about themselves. The Radical left loves the feeding frenzy of facts and details, and when they fail to produce the desired results they have no problem in switching over to personal attacks and false accusations, that help build their case for righteous anger.

Nobody Above the Law

Trump reminded people that we are a society of principals and laws. He saw the need for a new vision of America, “Make America Great”. Trump and his supporters saw that the radical left policies of the Democratic Party were starving the soul of our country and making us unconscious.

Courage and Vision

Trump and his supporters had both the courage and vision to see through the manufactured lies and false promises of the far left leaning Obama Administration.

Media Exposed

Never before have Media outlets been so exposed in their support of the far left Liberal agenda. Their continued inability to accept the results of the 2016 Presidential Election. Their continued support of the false Russian Narrative and negative bias to any Republican initiative caused a false result in the 2018 Congressional races and has destroyed their credibility for years to come, if not forever.

Illusion of Partiality

How they continue to cover the exposed criminality of the Obama Administration will most likely lead to calls for change both in the corporate offices and with on air personalities as well. Their credibility and open acknowledgement of being shills for the Radical Left Agenda has destroyed any illusion of partiality. They can not be viewed as impartial reporters of the news, no matter how innocent the story. They are forever tainted.

Demand Accountability

Eventually America will demand some accountability for those who have worked so hard creating a false narrative specifically designed to divide and fracture our Country. It will be unacceptable to allow them to just move to the next news cycle as if nothing happened. They should be held accountable for their compliance and support in undermining our duly elected Government and weakening our Country.

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The Top Environmental Problem

The Top Environmental Problem

The top environmental problems, are not biodiversity loss, ecosystem collapse or climate change. They are selfishness, greed, and apathy, coupled with an amoral economic system, a system that rewards short term profits for multinational corporations, at the expense and detriment, to the very customers they serve.

Only Interested in Net Profit

The worlds economies are only interested in net income for their shareholders. Tired slogans like Made in America or Working Together for a Green World, only hide their true purpose, to produce maximal profit.

The Most Important Product

Profit is the most important product of every corporation. Polluting the environment, destruction of forests, poisoning our water, scarring our mountains and fouling our atmosphere, all result from the single minded pursuit of profit.


Businesses only present a social sensitivity as a manipulation of the public, to mask their true objective, to maximize profit.. Quality of service and product excellence have no importance other then to increase net profit. Employees also have no value, apart from increasing net profit.

The Coming Horizon Catastrophe

To avoid the coming horizon catastrophe we need a cultural and spiritual transformation. Human history both individual and collective, has chronicled how the pursuit of external power as opposed to authentic power has had dire consequences.

The Challenge

Our challenge is to change commerce from the collective mindset, that strives for external power (profit), to a dynamic mindset. A mindset that focuses on authentic power (spiritual). Finally coming to the  realization, that the true purpose of a societies economy, is to serve the evolution of humans and support life on earth.

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It’s An Epiphany!

Why It Happens

You’ve had an epiphany, you feel a need to create, to contribute, you don’t know if it’s spiritual or intellectual, you just know it is. An epiphany like this usually follows a few basic patterns. It usually happens after losing something you cherish, either a job, a marriage, or a loved one. In these cases your old life dies and a new life awakens.

For Others

For others, it’s realizing that we can either live an inactive, nonproductive life in retirement, or a rewarding fulfilling life by passing on the essence of our knowledge to future generations. The knowledge can be as varied as the people who are called. But many feel it’s a calling or a project that they simply must pursue.

It May Appear Illogical

To some it may appear illogical and make no financial sense, and for others, it’s a way to resolve an economic problem, if they can figure out how to give these activities social value. Either way they have to learn how to do it, and they start searching. They rely on a mystical common sense that is essentially a combination of patience, courage, and faith and miraculously they find what they are searching for at Wealthy Affiliates.

No Up Sell

At Wealthy Affiliates they find a community of like-minded individuals that want to help you find your highest potential. Their objective is not to constantly up sell you in more and more expensive offerings, but to create an environment that is conducive to learning.

It Takes a Village

WA understands that everyone can realize their creative nature, if giving the tools and support. Their step by step approach to teaching internet marketing, allows you to move at your own speed, while belonging to a community of people, interested in not only learning themselves, but in supporting and helping you, the community, grow as a whole. The concept that “it takes a village” is truly what WA believes in. This unique synergistic approach, proves that the whole is greater than its individual parts, and being a part of this community allows you to experience the future of e-learning today.

You Are Not Alone

Joining others that have the same goals, provides the motivation, energy and support, we all need. It’s a basic truth that we all have a tremendous need for other people, to belong. The knowledge that we are not alone, is the most crucial thing that can be brought to any of us. It’s this unique synergistic approach to learning and belonging that will become the norm in the future. WA provides the tools and support that can change your life today, and guarantee your success in the future, if your willing to do the work. Check it out for free

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How To Become An Author

Looking for a Purpose

Many people are looking for their purpose, their true potential. They have an idea for the best-selling book, or a money making blog, but they are frustrated and even exhausted, because they think they can’t see the next step, they’re meant to take. Even when the next step is right in front of them, which it is always, most find a reason not to move forward.

Some Say

Some say “well the time is just not right,” and others say “I’m not sure,” These excuses are so predictable, but they all boil down to the same thing. Fear of not being good enough, smart enough or deserving enough. Fear of being humiliated, embarrassed or considered not cultured enough, by people they don’t even know. It’s as if they are waiting for a guarantee that specify,

  • It will Write itself
  • It will Publish itself
  • It will Market itself
  • It will be the best-seller
  • You will become rich and famous

Join Wealthy Affiliates and I guarantee,

  • You will learn that your story matters, if not to others, than to you.
  • That self exploration will grow you as a person and maybe even help someone.
  • That to intellectually challenge yourself and do something you didn’t think you could, and succeed at it, keeps you young.
  • You become better at a skill through trial and error and practice. You don’t become better if you never do it, struggle with it, fight with it, or get angry at it.
  • You’ll have a metaphysical experience thinking about your thoughts.
  • You’ll have a therapeutic experience, looking at your thoughts and pondering, why you have them.
  • You’ll leave a legacy that will last longer than writing your name on a rock or carving it into a tree.
  • You will establish credibility, and become an authority.

What You’ll Find

What people have found is that Wealthy Affiliates provides the perfect environment for you to attempt this. With the help of WA, we come to understand that there can never come a time, when we will stop progressing, that age is an illusion, that limitation is a mistake and that unhappiness is ignorance.

WA is for you if,

  • You have a need to create, and a desire to be heard.
  • You want to learn how to move others to take action.
  • You want to be involved with a community that supports, motivates and inspires you to be better than you ever thought you could be.
  • You want to learn the skills to promote and market yourself on the internet, and be provided with a technical foundation, that ensures long term growth.
  • Your looking for a forum that reduces loneliness and provides a sense of security that anything is possible.

Never Limit Yourself

Never limit your view of life based on experience. The possibilities are only limited by our capacity to imagine. It is never a question of failing or succeeding. It’s simply a question of sticking to an idea until it becomes a tangible reality. Join the thousands who have seen their dreams turn into tangible realities.

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The Future of Learning

Something Has To Give

Traditional education is broken! Have you ever heard the quote, “Those that can’t teach”? This is one of the reasons that traditional classroom education is failing especially at the College and University levels, but it’s not the main reason.The main reason is that a college education has become big business. For the last fifty years the focus of higher education has been moving from the student to the bottom line.

College Administrators Call The Shots

This preoccupation with the bottom line has even caused the status of the Educators to fall below Administrators. Educators are not only outnumbered and paid less then Administrators, they have almost no voice in policy and stand meekly aside, as Administrators call all the shots and set all the rules.

Who Wants To Be A Debt Slave

The incredible increase in Tuition over the last fifty years, ( At the University of Denver, a credit hour cost $43.75 in 1973, today it costs $1300.00 a credit hour) is not only creating generations of debt slaves, it is quickly driving these institutions into irrelevancy. More and more a College Diploma is looking like a poor investment.

Old Fashion Way Of Teaching

It’s been said that if you took a student out of a college lecture hall in 1908 and placed him on a modern Campus of today, the only thing he would recognize as familiar would be the lecture hall. The only change is a white board instead of a black board.

Self-Learning Movement

As Colleges and Universities continue to slip unconsciously into irrelevance, a new method of learning is emerging, that is distinctly different then anything we’ve seen before. The old model of E-Learning is being supplanted by a hybrid being called Self-Learning.

Teach A Skill You Know

Technology is making it possible now for “Those that can” to also teach. The future of Learning in the 21st Century is where successful entrepreneurs will use a Mastermind approach, utilizing internet communities, workshops and groups to teach their targeted market the skills they currently use. They will either promote themselves, virtually or in person, as the expert, reporter or broker of the skills desired.

The Technology Is There

Using a wide variety of internet technologies these Self-Learning Entrepreneurs will be able to identify their customers, create a need, promote their product, offer an irresistible offer, and establish a sales funnel that handles the transactions and establishes an e-mail list for future offers and follow-up.

Recession Proof

In an Economy that will continue to see advances in technology and automation, we will see jobs that are common today, become obsolete tomorrow. This model is recession proof as more and more people are displaced.

E-Learning Is Changing

We are seeing the mainstay components of what we know as E-Learning today  changing at a very fast rate. Writing an e-book or hard bound book while providing immediate credibility and offer potential is still a laborious endeavor, especially when you take into consideration that 95% of all the books in Barnes and Nobel sell less then 1000 copies.

You Can Teach Thousands

Creating and producing on-line courses are not only expensive productions to produce, but studies show that only 9% of people actually finish a course once they start. Technology now allows you to personally give a course to potential thousands with very little overhead. And maintain that sense of community and immediacy that people are looking for.

It’s a brave new world and the methods and models of even a few years ago are changing.

No matter what your age or avocation, I’m convinced that everyone has a best seller in them. Don’t die with your story inside you. There is a Website that will train you, filled with a community of like minded people, to help and encourage you,  in achieving your goals. Check out my custom sign up page. It’s free to try it out, what have you got to lose.

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Want to Learn How to Blog?

The Key to a Good Blog

The key  to writing a good Blog is understanding that people will learn from you, listen to you, love you, buy from you, and hire you when they feel you understand them, not when they understand you. Most people who write Blogs, all they do is sell, and sell, and sell, wanting to be understood or prove they are offering a benefit, instead of seeking to understand why the person is reading their Blog in the first place.

Write Interesting Content

If you really want to understand a person and help them, give them some good content in the niche your writing about. As long as your honest, emotionally engaging and relevant, you will start building a following, of loyal readers.

Why People Start Blogs

People consider trying to start their own Blogs for any number of reasons. Perhaps you’re a Baby Boomer who has been in a job for thirty or forty years, not because you love it, but because it was something you fell into, or it was the responsible thing to do. Or perhaps what your doing has dampened your enthusiasm for life, especially when you think your capable of so much more. Does this sounds like you? .

Perhaps your a Baby Boomer that has been displaced because the job became obsolete or you were simply to expensive to keep, and your shocked, to find out that the job market has changed, and someone your age is not only not considered a good hire, but actually a liability. Does this sound like you?

Perhaps your just sick of listening to someone giving you orders, at the same mundane job you’ve had for a decade, or the job is becoming more and more insecure, and your living from day to day hoping to not hear the words, “we’re closing the store”. If your in retail this could be you.

Or maybe you’re struggling with the feeling of having untapped potential, you fear you’re living just an OK life, rather then the life of your dreams. Maybe your looking to find something that can secure your finances, because your back is against the wall, or maybe your a retired person bored out of your mind, just looking for a challenge. Maybe your just sick of living in fear, of financial insecurity and not being independent. Does this sound like you? Obviously, there are many reasons why people consider starting their own Blog.

Intellectual vs. Emotional

There are hundreds of intellectual reasons why someone would consider writing a blog, but only a few emotional ones. Maybe your just sick of reading other peoples opinions. Or your afraid technology is passing you bye. You want to be more internet savvy.

Take Your Time

If your willing to take the time and find your emotional why, you will be able to determine if your serious about Blogging and have given it some thought, as  opposed to the person who is just fishing, not sure what they want to do or accomplish.

Focus on What They Want

Being successful at Blogging is about finding your niche, something you care about or know about and simply writing about it. It’s about being the best you can be and giving people the benefit of your experience or knowledge. Understanding how others think and feel, is the foundation of writing a good Blog. With good content you will be able to attract and persuade others.

Be Yourself Not A Robot

One of the challenges we have in modern life is that there are so many options to do so many great things. That’s why learning how to start a Blog Site is so rewarding. The skills you learn Blogging can be the foundation for a new career. Creating your own Website and starting to write will take you to another level. Authenticity and enthusiasm outweigh perfection and structure almost every time.

Be Open

In order to get to your emotional why, you have to be honest, open and authentic. Don’t pretend to be someone your not or even exaggerate who you are, false hype is just as harmful as being inauthentic.

Be Real

People who rely on hype instead of understanding their why, rarely succeed. If readers detect hype or BS, they tune out or just leave. Transparency is a better strategy every time and in every situation. What ever you write about, people can see through insincerity and falseness.

What are You Looking For

Specifically ask yourself these questions and listen to your answers.

  • What is your pain?
  • What is your fear?
  • Why do you think that way?
  • What are your stresses?
  • What are your limiting beliefs and empowering beliefs?
  • What are your goals and dreams?
  • How can you solve your problem, and help others?

Listen To Yourself

Have this internal conversation in your head. Once you understand your own motivations, your better able to educate and even motivate others. Helping to inform, explain or solve problems is rewarding. Writing about things your passionate about and feeling like your making a difference can change your life and the way you feel about yourself..

Find your Emotional Why

Becoming a writer is a rewarding intellectual enterprise. Learning the ins and outs of how to build a professional Blog Site will give you skills that will benefit you for years to come. Additional income opportunities will present themselves. But you have to have a solid emotional reason why you want to pursue becoming a Blogger. By asking these seven questions, you can quickly find out what your emotional why is.

  • Why now, what’s held you back?
  • What’s your biggest fear about doing this?
  • What’s your biggest hope?
  • What do you want to achieve?
  • Why do you want to achieve that?
  • How would that make you feel?


No matter what your age or avocation, I’m convinced that everyone has a best seller in them. Don’t die with your story inside you. There is a Website that will train you, filled with a community of like minded people, to help and encourage you,  in achieving your goals. Check out my custom sign up page. It’s free to try it out, what have you got to lose.



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Decline of the Retail Store; And The Rise Of Network Marketing

The Change is Historic

The systemic change in the retail landscape is historic. Affecting the five distinct types of retail stores. All Brick and Mortar operations are struggling to stay both competitive and relevant in the face of the ever increasing popularity, of buying on-line. With  deep assortments,lower prices, free shipping and liberal return policies the on-line stores have been able to hit them where it hurts.The ability to buy in the comfort of your own home without fighting traffic and dealing with poor management and surely sales people, seems like a win win to most people. Lets look at a sample of what’s happening .

Traditional Department Stores; This segment has been especially hard hit over the last twenty years, Macy’s has been in slow decline for years, closing 129 Stores since 2015, and now Lord &Taylor, the 192 year old company announced it’s closing 20% of it’s stores, with Abecrombie & Fitch  closing 29 stores. Luxury items were the first segment to see the effect of on-line sales.

Promotional Department Stores; Sears continues to struggle announcing the closing of 80 more stores, with J C Penny closing another 140 stores. And recently Shopko announced they will be closing 70% of their stores. The ripple effect from luxury to now promo priced goods.

Discount Department Stores; Kmart announced closing an additional 284 Stores with Family Dollar announcing the closure of 390 stores. Even discounters can’t compete with on-line prices.

Specialty Stores; Have been especially hard hit. Children’s Place closing 300 stores, Payless closing 2500 stores,Gymboree 800 stores, Charlotte Russe 94 stores. Gap 230 stores, H & M 160 stores, even Starbucks announced closing 150 stores. Not to mention that Foot Locker, Toys R Us, and Baby R Us  disappeared in 2018.

Warehouse Stores; Lowes closing 50 stores, and Sam’s Club announced they are closing 60 stores.

A fundamental Re-alignment

This isn’t by any means a complete list but I think that it highlights the fact that Brick and Mortar stores are not going through a minor shake out of under performing stores, but instead this is a fundamental change in the retail landscape. Experts predict 8,640 stores will close this year,and this change has been going on for years and looks like it will continue into the next five years easy.

Tech Over Takes Retail Industry

E-Commerce continues to take a larger piece of the Retail pie. 517 Billion in 2018 up a incredible 15% from the prior year. Vacant retail space has reached record highs across the country, driving down the price to lease, to an all time low. While bewildered CEO’s lament that they built to many stores, and were asleep at the switch, as internet shopping took off.

Hundreds of Thousands Displaced Workers

The question I keep asking myself is where are all these retail employees going? Not only the hourly associates but logistics, traffic, warehouse, buyers and management personnel. 89,000 jobs gone since October alone, with tens of thousands more on the way. Not to mention a lot of CEO’s who will never get hired again.

Network Marketing Offers a Solution

If you can’t beat them join them. Network Marketing is a logical next step for a professional retailer who has been thrown out on the streets. You only have to look at the massive explosion of Network Marketing (M.L.M) businesses over the last five years, to see that they are absorbing a lot of these displaced retailers.  The industry has seen a 90%  growth over the last ten years.

Control Your Own Destiny

Network Marketing is so varied in it’s product offerings, that it appeals to almost everyone, and has become a popular option for many of these displaced professionals, who want to take control their own lives and not be at the mercy of Corporate Retail, which has shown themselves to be greedy, short sighted, and terribly misinformed.

Why Are So Many Afraid

Not only do these professionals want self control of their own destinies, they want to control their own schedule, be their own boss, work from home and have unlimited income potential. The only industry that can give them all these things and more is Network Marketing. So why are so many professionals still skeptical about Network Marketing? see Why Boomers Get UberJobs There are a number of reasons, lets take a look at a few of them.


Say Multi Level Marketing to someone in their fifties or sixties and they immediately think scam. While the industry had a reputation problem in it’s infancy, recent years have seen a lot of changes. The clearest distinction between the scams and the legit businesses is in “the push” to sign on reps, as opposed to the actual selling of product. Often scams have hefty sign-on fees to become a rep and this is what fuels the Ponzi scheme. A legitimate model, by contrast, is one where there are incentives in place, to reward those who are actually selling the product to customers, rather then just to other reps in their down line.

High Failure Rate

The reason for the high failure rate in Network Marketing, is that most people don’t treat it like a business with deadlines, goals, action plans, budgets etc. Nor do they put in the work that it takes to build a sales and marketing business. It’s easy to be distracted working at home. They are often not teachable and don’t function well in a team environment. You won’t succeed if you only rely on your family and friends for your sales.

Believe in Your Product

It’s all about finding a product you believe in an marketing it. As you develop your social media skills and start finding customers, you will also find people that want to be more then just a customer. The beautiful thing about Network Marketing is that you do better when people you bring on do better. You have a vested interest in seeing them reach self-actualization.

Building a Network is Rewarding

Working on a simple model of finding three foundation team members, and then training them to find their three foundation members and so on, will quickly lead to a down line that creates a substantial residual income. The business is all about being in it for yourself but not by yourself. Network marketing is a business that develops you as a leader, and with success comes the confidence to take on larger and larger challenges as you push yourself to help more and more people.

No matter what your age or avocation, I’m convinced that everyone has a best seller in them. Don’t die with your story inside you. There is a Website that will train you, filled with a community of like minded people, to help and encourage you,  in achieving your goals. Check out my custom sign up page. It’s free to try it out, what have you got to lose.

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Increase Your Sales; Improve The Way You Sound.

Anonymity of The Phone

It’s surprising, how much our personalities change, when we talk on the phone. Some people become aggressive, others shy. It’s something about the anonymity of the telephone, that causes us to change our personalities.

We Create a Sub-Conscious Picture

There is another aspect to this particular phenomenon. When we see a person, their appearance influences our ears. An attractive person projects a more pleasing sound then an unattractive person. We are not conscious of this, but the part does influence the whole, our reaction to one facet affects our reaction to the balance. On the telephone , where your voice is the sole indication of the invisible you, you should consciously make an effort to speak in as warm and pleasant a voice as you can. Even when you mirror your prospect.

You Can Hear It In Your Voice

How you sound is affected by your inner attitude as well as your facial expressions. A frown or a smile will literally show in your voice. One’s attitude, mental and physical state, and personality all are subtly revealed in the voice. Tension or fatigue produce physiological changes in the throat and mouth muscles which alter the quality of your voice. We are rarely conscious of these emotional variations. Be up to call, walk around, be energetic.

Don’t Sound Like a Robot

Other factors that add presence to your voice, are pronunciation and the words we use, combined with diction and rhythm. Don’t use three syllables words when two syllables will work. Our diction and vocabulary is typically very bad, a lot of experts, blame television for this. We are becoming a nation of non-readers and with the increase use of text, possibly non-talkers as well. This becomes painfully obvious if you ever listen to someone using a script. Never read a script, know it and use it as a guide. We can improve our diction and rhythm by practicing one simple sentence, you’ll see an improved speech pattern almost immediately. The sentence goes like this:

The Inaudible Comma Exercise

If, I, were, to, place, an, invisible, comma, after, each, word, and, an, invisible, semicolon; after, some, words, my, speech, would, have, presence.

It’s About the Rhythm

Practice this sentence until the rhythm becomes natural. Professionals have one thing in common namely, that each, word, stands, by, itself, that is their secret. Many of us also make the mistake of talking in a monotone, with no modulation of pitch. The inaudible comma exercise will also help with modulation, the goal is to develop a completely natural sound. The better it flows the easy you are to listen to.

We Sound Different To Others

It’s interesting that we never sound on tape as we do in our mind’s ear. The disparity between how we think we sound and how we actually sound can be glaring and attributed to the fact that we are on the inside; that is, the vibrations are in our own heads, so the end result is different from someone hearing us on the outside.

Tape Yourself

We can improve how our voice sounds by taping ourselves. Listen to how you  sound by taping yourself. Only by being conscious of what needs changing can there be improvement. After repeated playbacks, the adjustments you need to make in the speed, volume, pitch and tonal quality will become apparent. Problems with tension and other psychological factors like nervousness or lack of confidence may require even more practice.

Be a Professional

Correcting these common speech patterns requires awareness, a good ear, concentrated effort and above all, the desire to improve. By projecting a professional sound to your prospect, you will be amazed at how more willing they will be, to not only listen to you, but to buy from you and maybe even join you.

No matter what your age or avocation, I’m convinced that everyone has a best seller in them. Don’t die with your story inside you. There is a Website that will train you, filled with a community of like minded people, to help and encourage you,  in achieving your goals. Check out my custom sign up page. It’s free to try it out, what have you got to lose.

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How To Telemarket; 15 Tips On How To Lift The 800LB Phone

These might sound simple but they really work.

  1. They can’t hurt you.
  2. Make it a Game
  3. Be willing to take risks.
  4. Have Fun
  5. Script out your entire call
  6. Warm it up as much as possible
  7. The more you talk about you the worse you do
  8. Know your first seven seconds cold
  9. Engage them to start talking
  10. Don’t run away after the call
  11. Be consistent daily
  12. Compliment
  13. Compel
  14. Confirm
  15. Relax and be yourself

For a lot of us that have never had to approach a prospect by phone. it can be quite unnerving. To many take themselves way to seriously, and don’t allow their true personality to shine through. If you make a mistake with the script, don’t worry, the prospect isn’t going to notice, unless you point it out.The important thing is to be yourself and remember, Don’t take it personal.

As always, thanks for visiting. Dave

Wolf of Wall Street and the Straight Line Syntax, of The Sale

According to Jordon Belfort ,”all sales are the same” they follow the same straight line syntax, consisting of ten steps.

  1. Take Immediate Control; Your the expert. transfer your certainty to the the prospect.
  2. Gather intelligence; Probe for problems both emotional and intellectual.
  3. Build rapport; As you gather your intelligence.
  4. Transition; Based on what youv’e told me, this is the perfect solution for you.
  5. Make your presentation; Feature / Benefits, tailored to the problems.
  6. Ask for the Order; I think the premium package is perfect for you.
  7. Deflection; Feel, Felt, Found. I hear what your saying but do you like the product?
  8. Loop Back; To feature / Benefits, ask for order again
  9. Action Threshold; What would have to happen?
  10.  Pain; Amplify their pain; Before I hang up could I ask you one last thing?

Straight from the Wolf

No matter what your age or avocation, I’m convinced that everyone has a best seller in them. Don’t die with your story inside you. There is a Website that will train you, filled with a community of like minded people, to help and encourage you,  in achieving your goals. Check out my custom sign up page. It’s free to try it out, what have you got to lose.

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