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Working After Retirement

The Linear Life Plan

Until recently the charting of our lives has been very neat and predictable. First you learned, then you worked, then you died. There are a number of reasons we accepted the Linear Life Plan.

First it fulfilled the biological and social requirements of a short life span. Second it was tradition, you were expected to act your age. Third it was the law, we created Government regulations and Institutional rules that prescribed the ages at which we should go to school, begin and end our work careers and when we could retire and receive a pension. And lastly it was our own assumptions. Who hasn’t said at one time or another, ” It’s too late for me to try that” or ” If I could only have another chance to do it over again” or “If only I were younger, I would…..”

In many ways we would judge ourselves by how successful we were at following the Linear Plan. We convinced ourselves that any deviation from the Plan would leave us poor, childless and socially ostracized.

The Cyclic Life Plan

Today we are seeing a dissolution of the traditional Linear Life Plan and in its place a much more flexible arrangement, known as the Cyclic Life Plan, is emerging. Due mainly to the increase in life expectancy, we are starting to realize that not only will we live pass 50 and 60 but still be vigorous, active, and independent into our 80s and even 90s.

Because of this longevity, we are beginning to find ourselves cycling in and out of several careers throughout our lives, each interspersed with periods of rest, recreation, retraining and personal reflection. Some of us will hit our career stride for the first time, long after it was considered time to retire.

Rethink Retirement

Increasing life expectancy and better health are altering the very definitions of “old age” and “retirement”. The increasing length of non-income earning retirement can cause severe financial hardships. We are seeing more and more older people, not only working after retirement in some fashion, but many who prefer to work.

Growing numbers of people have begun to question, not only when to retire, but whether retirement as it now exists even makes sense. Many see retirement as an uncertainty or even a problem. Something that will separate them form the kinds of productive lives they are capable of living, well into their 70s and 80s.

The dead hand of tradition, the weight of regulations and our own expectations are given way. We no longer feel forced, to do exactly what the generation before us did. In a longer life there are second and third chances. We have the opportunity, to go back and do some things we weren’t able to do, for whatever reason, earlier in life.

So why are so many people choosing to stop working in their later years, even with the risk of outliving their money?

  1. They still live in the Linear Plan.
  2. They are tired of doing what they were doing and see no worthwhile alternative.
  3. They assume that it’s too late to start a whole new career.
  4. There is age discrimination, which although illegal, still makes the barriers to re-entering the work force, extremely difficult to overcome.
  5. Work schedules toady are usually all or nothing, or they expect you to work third shift.
  6. Can only find work that is too physically challenging or not intellectually challenging.

 Workplace Is Changing

Luckily as our postindustrial economy matures into a more technological one, more and more jobs will be based on connecting with people, utilizing knowledge, experience and judgment. Increasingly with each new wave of professional obsolescence, millions of men and women at varying stages of life will begin the sometimes frustrating often times exhilarating process of beginning entirely new careers.

Valentus Can Take You There

It’s projected that that by 2020, thirty percent of the work force will go to work without leaving home. If a self employed lifestyle appeals to you, were you can adjust your hours and working conditions to more easily meet your needs. Where you can show people how they can live healthier, happier lives and make a fantastic income, then just click the link below .

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Lose Weight and Make Money Drinking Coffee

How would you feel if this happened to you?

Suppose I go to a coffee house and pay $2.65 for a coffee. You also go to the
same coffee house and pay $2.65 for a coffee but because you filled out a
simple form to join the frequent quest program, you got credits toward a
free coffee and I didn’t.

You and I did exactly the same thing,

But you got rewarded,and I didn’t. You continue to get credits on every coffee
you buy and eventually you get a free coffee.

What if

The coffeehouse told you that if you told your friends to join the frequent coffee
program, they would give you some extra credits, every time your friends
bought coffee.

Wow you would tell everyone you knew.

And get this, what if you got credits every time you bought a cup, and you got
credits every time your friends bought a cup, and if your friends
recommended the frequent guest program to their friends, you got more
credits, every time their friends bought coffee and so on.

This would be a frequent guest program on steroids.

Well I know of a program that works just like this, except in addition to free coffee they give you cash.

To check it out, visit the link below.

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Using Jaaxy to Research Keywords

I recently wrote a blog on the The Placebo Effect. Even though most of the  articles in Google only dealt with how it worked with regards to medicines and diseases. To separate out this power of positive thinking and some other variables from a drug’s true medical benefits, companies seeking governmental approval of a new treatment often use placebo-controlled drug studies. If patients on the new drug fare significantly better than those taking placebo, the study helps support the conclusion that the medicine is effective.

Earn money with Jaaxy


But I was interested in how The Placebo Effect could also effect the changing long held beliefs we hold about ourselves, and with this line of inquiry the information was very sparse I was forced to go to other sources to come with enough supporting documentation to support my hypothesis.

But what I really want to talk about in this blog is how by using Jaaxy I was able to find keywords that were not only relevant but had a QSR that was rated as a great prospect when you relate it to how many other websites are using the same keywords.

The beautiful thing about Jaaxy is that it has a QSR function, or a Quotes Search Result that is a fancy term for how many other websites are trying to rank using the exact same term. I’ve attached this screen shot so you can see for yourself.

You can see that the Keyword search Placebo Effect Research has 128 searches a month, 22 hits if you are on the first page and only 99 competing sites using the same keywords.


What is Gravatar; Create Your Own Avatar

What’s an Avatar

In order to understand Gravatar you first need to know what an Avatar is. An Avatar is an image that represents you on-line. It’s a little picture that appears next to your name, when you interact with other websites.

What’s a Gravatar

A Gravatar is a Globally Recognized Avatar. Using you create your profile and upload it along with the picture you select,and it automatically uploads to any Gravatar-enabled site, anytime you leave a comment.

It’ Free

Gravatar is a free service for site owners, Developers and users. It is automatically included in every account. If you want to be identified on the web, then you should use an Avatar from Gravatar.

It Looks Professional

A primary essence of building your personal brand, is to engage with topics and niches,in your industry. Using Gravatar puts a face to a name and eventually people, who see you repeatedly, will visit your site. Many feel that it looks professional and adds credibility, and that using Gravatar makes your comments stand out.

WordPress themes already come with Gravatar integration, if your theme doesn’t have it consider adding it as a plug in.

Primary Reasons to Use Gravatar

  1. You can link your social media profile links and boost their search engine credibility.
  2. You can add your personal website links to increase traffic, from your engagement activities.
  3. You can add multiple sets of images that you generally use on social media to enhance your image search optimization.
  4. Able to add logo to help build brand authority.

Potential Drawbacks

  1. Privacy, because you signed up in Gravatar your image will show up in all comments you make.
  2. Negative impact on site speed.

If your concerned about privacy you can still select a generic landscape or cartoon image. As far as the speed concern, while it’s true that Gravatar could potentially slow down your site, it would take 100s of comments to do so. Slow speed can negatively impact SEO, since Google ranking factors include site speed. If you suffer from too many comments to your posts, a plug in you can implement is WP User Avatar.

These drawbacks may not be a huge concern, but you never know when a post will attract an unusual number of comments.

I’m interested in hearing any comments pro or con dealing with Gravatar and the use of an Avatar in general. And as always, thanks for visiting. Dave









How Important are Using Keywords in your Blogs

Keywords are not Obsolete

If your looking for a good home based business for baby boomers, you need to know about keywords. Despite what you may have heard about Keywords being obsolete, let me assure you that they are actually more important now than ever, what has changed is the way Google and the other major search engines track and interpret them.

Check out this training on the importance of keywords to SEO

Today you have to look beyond the explicit, literal translation of a word and pick up on the implicit clues, to gain the true intent of how the keyword is being used. This is what the major search engines are doing and it’s why it’s even more important today, to have a search tool, that understands that it’s more than just the word it’s the intent.

Good Content is not Enough

I’ve been thinking about the importance of Keywords, ever since I started blogging, and there are a couple of ways to look at it. I’ve talked to Bloggers who never worry about Keywords, they insist that it’s all about content, and if you are writing good, informative content than people will find your posts. The thing that I’ve come to realize is that while content is Paramount, if the technology is there, and makes it possible to fine tune, the way you present your content, and it’s freely available, why not use it, it’s like a golfer never using a tee, he is just making the shot harder.

Keywords give better relevancy

The other thing to take into consideration is how it helps in optimizing you site. SEO is important to consider, when you’re starting a website, and Google and Bing etc, all love when you use popular searched Keywords and how you phrase them. They are interested in how relevant your sight is, and when you use Keywords within phrases, that are highly searched for, it’s obviously going to make your website that much more relevant, you generate traffic, and the chances of getting indexed by one of the major search engines are increased proportionally.

My Favorite Jaaxy recently wrote a blog, where they ranked the 15 best Keyword Research Tools of 2018. I was pleased to see that the Keyword Research Tool that I personally use was ranked #2.

Jaaxy has helped many Bloggers grow their business by 25-54% within six months. What makes Jaaxy unique is that it gives their users lots of different Keyword ideas, including some you won’t find in other tools. Plus you get helpful data on every keyword that it gives you, including competition, search volume and potential traffic.

But by far, peoples favorite feature is their QSR index. Quoted Search Result, is a fancy way of saying, how many other websites, are trying to rank with the exact same term? Obviously the lower this number the better chance you have of ranking #1.

I just happen to have a link where you can try the Jaaxy Search Tool for free. So check it out for your self, and tee up your Website, like the pros do.

http://<div id=”search_tool” style=”text-align:center;line-height:15px;”></div><script type=”text/javascript”>var jtrack = “8d9a1a44″;</script><script src=”” type=”text/javascript”></script>


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A Newbies Review of the Shareasale Network

Being new to the on-line affiliate marketing business, I wanted to give you my insight of what I found when researching and joining my first Affiliate Network. Remember that an Affiliate Network is not the same as an Affiliate Platform. A Network is a group of Merchants that carry an assortment of products. An Affiliate Platform provides you Website Hosting and related tools you need to promote the products you select.

Who’s being Reviewed

Name: Shareasale


Price: Free to become a member

Owners: Awin

Overall Rank: 4.5 out of 5.0

Product Overview

Shareasale is one of the largest Affiliate Marketing Networks currently running. It competes with giants like CJ Affiliates and Clickbank and more than holds its own. They have been in business for 17 years, and have worked hard at becoming one of the top Networks in the business. In doing my due diligence about this company I found their reviews to be very positive. They all stressed how honest and fair they are. They all commended their excellent customer service, efficient tools and accurate reporting.

My personnel experience (limited as it may be), is that their sign up procedures are very simple and direct. They send a welcome aboard e-mail immediately, and tell you how long it will take until you approved. In my case being a brand new Affiliate Publisher, it took two days, at which time I was giving very easy to follow instructions on how to get started.

In 2017 Shareasale was acquired by the Awin Network (an international Affiliate Network) which gives them even more credibility in the business. At this time the two companies continue to run separately, but bodes well down the road, if they ever decide to merge.

The Pros

  • Reputable Company: Being in business for 17 years means you doing something right. Excellent reviews and reputation both on and off-line. Their accusation by Awin further enhances the companies standing in the industry.
  • Free and Easy to Join: As mentioned I found their sign up procedure to be much easier than a couple of their competitors. They were easy to follow and straight forward, especially when you brand new to the biz. They send you a welcome aboard e-mail and follow up with you approval or denial within days. Once, approved they provide simple step by step instructions on how to begin.
  • They allow multiple websites: You don’t have to separately sign up each website, just list all you website, once approved they all become active.
  • Number and Variety of Merchants: Shareasale has over 40 categories to choose from. This ensures that whatever you want to promote will most likely be available within their network. They currently have over 4800 merchants and are increasing that number almost daily

The Cons

  • They don’t use PayPal for pay outs. From what I’ve been seeing a lot of the big Networks don’t currently use PayPal, for whatever reason. Luckily I’ll accept a check mailed to my home.
  • High Payout Threshold: Currently its $50.00 before they send a payout, this is a turn off for new Affiliates, who are just getting started.
  • Threat of Fees and Account Deletion: In doing my research I came across this, that Shareasale might impose a fee of $25.00 if you account stays under $50.00 for an extended period , I’ve also read that they may delete you account if there is no activity after 90 days. This could be problematic to new Affiliates.
  • Separate Merchant Sign up: I was surprised after being approved by Shareasale that I still had to get separate approval from the Merchants that I wanted to promote. I originally applied to five different merchants and was accepted by three.

Who’s the Product For?

I think all Affiliate Publishers should include Shareasale within their portfolios. With over 4800 merchants to choose from the chances are excellent that you’ll find products you’ll be happy to promote. They offered one of the most balanced product mix that I saw.

Tools and Training

As with all the Networks I looked at they have a wealth of tools and training materials that you can access, it actually is almost overwhelming. No matter what you skill level maybe you can find the training right for. Although I didn’t go to deep into this area, I was not hit with a lot of up sells coming out of the gate as I was with a couple of Shareasale’s competitors.


I feel that Shareasale offers a great Network to the new Affiliate just breaking into the business. The wide variety of Merchants almost insures that you’ll find something you’ll be proud to promote. They have an easy to navigate platform and at least initially seem to be more interested in helping you get started as opposed to up selling you additional products. Their training resources are extensive and they encourage you to join their on-line community. I would rank them a must have network, as part of you portfolio 4.5 out of 5.0

Learn how to build your own Website and get paid to be an Affiliate Marketer. Click the link below, it’s free.

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Affliate Marketing for Seniors

If your a member of the Baby Boomer generation and have ever wondered if affiliate marketing for seniors, is viable at our age, let me start by saying inequitably YES. If your like me, and have been afraid that your computer skills, are just not up to the task, of starting an on-line business, then I have some good news for you. I have found an Affiliate Marketing Program perfect for seniors.

Wealthy Affiliates is the perfect platform, they offer step by step directions, on how to create, grow and manage an on-line business. Joining the WA community, of over a 1,000,000 members, of people, who just like you, wanted something more out of life, is a great place to start. A community of like-minded people, who actually care about your success.

Wealthy Affiliates; Rankings and Overview

A quick overview and how I rank the Wealthy Affiliates Platform.

  • Name: Wealthy Affiliates
  • Owners: Kyle and Carson
  • Website URL:
  • Training:4.5 out of 5.0
  • Support: 5.0 out of 5.0
  • Website Builder: 4.9 out of 5.0
  • WordPress Hosting: 4.8 out of 5.0
  • Research Tools: 4.5 out of 5.0
  • Success Stories: 4.5 out of 5.0
  • Price: Starter Member FREE
  • 4.0 out of 5.0

Training Formats

There are four steps that everyone has to take when setting up an on line business.

  • Find and establish your interest your Niche
  • Build a Website
  • Attract Visitors
  • Generate Revenue

Training on the Wealthy Affiliates Platform is step by step and easy to follow. They walk through proven techniques that work today and explain why they will continue to work into the future. They offer multiple training formats, depending on your experience and learning style.

  • Online Entreprenueral Certification (50 lessons)
  • Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp Training (70 lessons)
  • Live Interactive Classes (weekly)
  • Video Tutorials (1000+)

Training that is designed to take you step by step as you build your Affiliate Marketing Business in the niche of your choice.

It’s a Community

One of the main reasons I joined the WA Community, was the feeling of community, that no matter what level of expertise I had I could find individuals willing and eager to help me every step of the way. With no other company have I found the ability to connect with the CEO directly, with questions or concerns, while enjoying the benefits for free.

It shows their commitment in helping and supporting people through the process of what it takes to build a successful on line business. To see for your self click here:

Finding your Niche

Included in the AW Platform is the Jaaxy Keyword Search Engine, this gives you the ability to do site analysis and research on any niche you have an interest in. AW shows you step by step, how to research and utilize keywords in your content, in order to get the Google rankings everyone is after. This is crucial in building your niche and being recognized as an authority.

Promote the WA Opportunity

In order to successfully promote a product, you have to either have, personal knowledge or write an informative review on the product. Develop this skill set by offering the WA opportunity. This very lucrative program is available to you and has allowed many of our members to succeed, while developing their niche.

It’s Free

If your like me and have been frustrated and even taking advantaged of in past attempts at building your own on-line business, let me assure you that this is the best opportunity I’ve found, it’s changing my life and it can change yours.

Join now for FREE:

For free you can check out the WA community for yourself, and see if it’s right for you. They actually encourage you to go this route, if you eventually decide to go premium at some point, it will be because you see the value. Being a part of a community, that believes if you succeed we all succeed, is one of the many reasons that Wealthy Affiliates is recognized as one of the most progressive, forward thinking on-line business platforms in the market today.

Questions or Concerns

Like with any of my posts I encourage your input. If you have any questions or concerns about Wealthy Affiliates or what’s included in their free membership, write them below and I’ll be happy to help you find the answer.

As always thanks for visiting my site. Dave





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