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David Hawking’s Levels of Consciousness

The Levels of Consciousness

Different emotions are associated with different levels on the scale. Here are my interpretations of what Dr. Hawkins was talking about for each level. Without further ado:

     Level 20: Shame

This level of consciousness is characterized by self-hatred. People at this level are often perpetually depressed, unable to find a reason to go on. They agree rapidly with other’s criticism, internalizing all negativity. Likewise, while they may agree with praise on the outside, they reject it internally, unconsciously choosing to repel all positivity. A person’s psyche at this level is tortured and unhealthy. Delusions and suicide are likely outcomes.

     Level 30: Guilt

A person who is at this level will have a preoccupation with guilt and sin. They see everything in terms of blame. Those who don’t internalize this will often project it instead. The Salem witch trials is an extreme example of a group of people operating at the level of guilt and projecting it. People at this level have strong beliefs, but their moral compasses are often askew, leading to negative consequences for both mind and body.

     Level 50: Apathy

Apathy isn’t a lack of attachment, which occurs at a much higher level of consciousness. The apathy contained within energy level 50 is akin to perpetual hopelessness. People who have given up all drive, determination, and lust for life are at this level. They are above the constant plague of shame and guilt but still live life with constant dread. To these people, there is no hope or salvation in this world or the next. Organized religion often helps these people by giving them purpose.

     Level 75: Grief

We’ve all experienced this level before. Loss of a loved one or even a pet can trigger a sudden lowering of consciousness to grief. It becomes dysfunctional and pervasive when one remains at this level for a significant period of time. A person who is at Grief will see sadness everywhere. Preoccupation with the death or coming death of ones self or others can be indicative of this level. Life is a constant tragedy or near-tragedy, and the world is terrible and cruel.

     Level 100: Fear

The level of fear forms the basis for much of human behavior at this time. We are  designed for a world of scarcity and fear. Survival of the fittest or the pursuit of power, is simply our heritage. Thus, many people who don’t consciously work on improving themselves will remain in the level of fear.

Fear is the antithesis of growth. Social fears lead to seclusion. Fear of loss in relationships leads to insecurity and jealousy. Fear of the unknown leads to rejecting change. People who live in fear are highly manipulable. News media operates at this level, presenting the world as a fearful, scary place. Entire cities and nations are often at this level.

Even so, fear is dramatically stronger than previous levels of consciousness. At least by this point you’re interacting with the world.

     Level 125: Desire

Desire represents a huge step up from fear. That persistent heavy feeling is gone, and in its wake is left a feeling of want. Entire economies are based around this principle. A person at Desire will constantly seek out power, prestige, approval, and money. It doesn’t matter what the object of desire is, or whether or not its found. A constant craving for more characterizes this level.

Advertisers get rich from desire. They recognize, consciously or not, that desire is an energy field, not a tangible need. Therefore, they often manufacture desires out of nothing. They manipulate people through their evolutionary impulses. They tie unrelated items to sex. Ironically, those at the very low levels of consciousness can actually benefit from watching TV because it’s often based at the levels of fear and desire, and improvement over Grief and Fear.

     Level 150: Anger

Frustration arising from not getting our desires met, or more often, finding that attaining our desires,which is ultimately unsatisfactory, can lead to more anger. Anger is of a much higher caliber than the previous energy levels because it can lead to real action. A person ascending to anger from the lower levels can find a renewed sense of decisiveness and control.

However, anger also has a dark side. Road rage, homicide, spousal abuse, and a host of other unmentionable brutalities characterize this level. People who live at this level rather than passing through it lead perilous lives. They are easily identified by their stiff, aggressive body language. Fighting and yelling can erupt from these people with very little provocation.

Nevertheless, anger serves as an important fuel to reach the higher levels of consciousness.

     Level 175: Pride

The level of pride is something that most people aspire to. It’s socially encouraged. We’re told we should take pride in our work, accomplishments, and material objects. Compared to the lower levels, pride feels great. It certainly beats the depression and hopelessness found in Shame and Apathy. However, pride is still below the crucial level of 200. It is still weak, and thus is related to force rather than true power.

Pride is a weakness because it can so easily transform into any of the lower levels. If a prideful businessman suddenly loses all his money, he could easily go through Anger, Fear, and end up at Apathy, completely losing touch with what he based his life around. Pride comes from associating ones self with material things that don’t really matter.

Although pride feels good at first, it is ultimately foolish. Religious wars are often a function of pride. It lacks the unification of the higher levels, instead being based on the egoistic need to be better than someone or something else.

     Level 200: Courage

Chances are if you’re reading this site then you’ve reached this level, and you’re truly outstanding. 85% of people never reach this critical threshold. This is the level where your motives and actions begin to align with the attraction fields associated with power.

When you reach Courage you begin seeing life as an exciting challenge. The hostility, sadness, and negativity that plague the lower levels disappears. Life is an amazing journey to be enjoyed, and at this level you finally realize that. Finding one’s true purpose in life and attaining an education or other goals becomes an active pursuit.

At Courage you lose the fragility of Pride. You are no longer bound to achievements and things to make you feel good about yourself. You realize that you are the only one in control of your life, so you’d better make the best of it. This is usually when people seek out personal development and other avenues of growth.

It’s interesting to note that humanity’s collective level of consciousness  was at 190 for years until a recent (within decades) shift to 207. I personally think this may be due to spiritual works and methods becoming more widespread.

     Level 250: Neutrality

Neutrality is the positive lack of attachment I mentioned in Apathy. This level is characterized by a sense of constant well being. People at this level don’t care about getting their way. If they miss one opportunity, another will come along. Life is also no longer seen in shades of grey. There are an infinite number of possibilities. Not getting selected for a position means you could get an even better one. A person at Neutrality understands this.

Free from taking rigid positions, Neutrality allows for changes in core belief systems and paradigms. A neutral person is stable, happy, confident, and largely unaffected by the ups and downs of life. Live and let live is the mantra of Neutrality.

     Level 310: Willingness

People at Willingness have often spent a lot of time being comfortable in Neutrality. Rather than just being content, they begin to care about doing their best work. They truly care about other people and their goals, rather than the pseudo-care shown in Pride. People at this level have effectively stomped out inner resistance. They are free to direct their life, and to fix any character flaws they might have.

People at this level get things done and contribute greatly to society. Society then reinforces this behavior with rewards and recognition, although a person at Willingness may not require these to do their best work. Growth becomes a self propelling process at this point, and individuals at this level often excel.

     Level 350: Acceptance

“Take your power back” is advice coming from Acceptance. A person at this level realizes that they have the power to change any and everything around them. They take full responsibility for everything in their life. They realize that happiness comes solely from within.

Right and wrong mean very little for the person at Acceptance. Conflict and opposition are similarly meaningless. A person at Acceptance sees things as they are, free of delusion. They then work to achieve goals and settle problems with incredible efficiency.

     Level 400: Reason

Reason is the threshold through which few people ascend in western society. A person at Reason has dealt with the emotionalism of the lower levels. They are now free to focus on thought and abstraction. Education, books, and ideas are the capital of Reason.

Individuals at this level have made some of the greatest contributions to man in every scientific and academic field. Einstein, Freud, and Newton all calibrate at 499,  the highest reaches of the Reason spectrum.

While Reason can give way to incredible insights and immense power, it is also limited. Think of a computer. It has phenomenal processing power, vast storage systems, and little to nothing inhibiting it from doing its job, much like Reason. The problem is that people aren’t meant to be computers. Quick decision making and analysis of data is useful, but secondary to life. People at this level often have a “paralysis through analysis” problem.

Nevertheless, reason is an important gateway to pass through on the way to spiritual enlightenment.

     Level 500: Love

This isn’t what most people call love; this love is unconditional. There is an unwavering, all-encompassing appreciation for life. The world becomes increasingly viewed as sacred and worthy of respect.

One of the cool things this level is the problems of the ego start disappearing.

For example, a person at Shame would become uncomfortable and self blaming in an argument. A person at Anger would start yelling and getting frustrated. Someone at Reason may handle an argument by identifying the root for the other person’s behavior. Perhaps it was their childhood conditioning that led them to act this way.

At Love, a person doesn’t ask why. They have a deep compassion for all things, and intuitively understand far more than most. They don’t play ego games. Rather than defending or rationalizing, they would respond to the patterns behind what the other person is saying with love and acceptance.

It’s interesting to note that only 4 percent of the world’s population reaches this level.

     Level 540: Joy

As one experiences unconditional Love more and more, ascension to Joy is common. It is a feeling of profound happiness that accompanies the person wherever they go. Synchronicity occurs in extremely improbable proportions. Intuition – not reason – is the main decision making process for a person at this level.

This state is characterized by simplicity.  The rampant emotionalism and information overload of the lower levels dissolves. The betterment of mankind often becomes ones purpose at this level.. Near death experiences and meditation can give you a temporary boost up to Joy.

This is also what Eckhart Tolle talks about in “The Power of Now”.

     Level 600: Peace

Only 1 in 10 million ever reach this level. Peace is where transcendence occurs. The mind becomes completely silent. if you’ve felt utter, complete bliss from deep meditation then you know what Peace feels like. People at this level feel that sensation constantly.

As the mind stops blabbering all the time, concepts become meaningless. Life appears to occur in slow motion. Perception is drastically different. The seemingly separate and disjointed reality of the earlier levels gives way to a sense of wholeness and oneness. At this level, the phrase “God” applies as much to themselves as to anything in the universe. Another way to put this might be “pure consciousness.” Organized religion often disappears here, giving way to spirituality instead.

     Level 700-1000: Enlightenment

This is the level of avatars such as Jesus, Krishna, and Buddha. This level is characterized by complete transcendence of the ego. One cares very little about their own body and mind at this point. The few that reach this level are so powerful that they influence all of mankind. One enlightened person can counteract the negative energy of entire populations of people.


Most people are carried along, obedient, to their environment, pulled along or pushed by wills and desires of others, stronger than themselves. But those with the knowledge and the critical thinking skills are able to raise their level of Consciousness.


Recognizing that life is lived from the inside out allows one to be less dependent on external conditions Few have the dedication, hunger, or passion to realize that many of our thoughts and actions are just compensatory substitutes for desires we have suppressed.

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Choice Can Be An Illusion

It’s An Illusion

I’ve been writing recently, a lot about beliefs, and how everyone has a choice on what they believe. But then I  started to wonder why, I continued to choose beliefs that didn’t serve me, even if it’s only for a few days. I then realized that the choice of beliefs is an illusion to a lot of people, and here’s why.

Be Aware

In order to make a choice about a belief a person must first be
enlightened. By enlightened I simply mean, being aware that you are not
your mind. That the voice you hear is the conditioned mind, which is the
result of your past history and the cultural mindset you inherited.

The Habitual Mind

Breaking the bond of this mind-identification is key in being able to make
rational choices about the beliefs we hold, otherwise we unconsciously
choose beliefs that conform to our habitual mind.

Psychological Time

The habitual mind lives in psychological time of a past and a future,
constantly judging the present by comparing it to past patterns and
projecting future outcomes. Unconsciously the habitual mind seeks to
recreate what it knows and is familiar with.

Repeats The Past

If your past history and cultural mindset are of an egocentric and
self-sabotage nature, your doomed to repeat them. The habitual mind
always wants to adhere to the known and will attract and manifest
whatever corresponds to its inner state. The conditioned mind runs the

Stay Conscious

No one consciously chooses dysfunction, it’s our inability to stay conscious and focused on the present that leads to poor choices. Choice requires consciousness, without it we suffer.

Make a Decision

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Baby Boomers get Smarter as they age


Why we Don’t Scan the Brain

Why has the Medical Establishment promoted Colonoscopy and Prostate testing, while ignoring Brain Scans? Especially when you consider that Brain Scans are much less invasive to the body and that incidences of Dementia rivals and often exceeds the incidences of these other afflictions. It’s because most Baby Boomers have an irrational fear of Dementia, and would be devastated to find even mild Brain damage, thinking it a harbinger of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Two Major Reasons We Don’t Scan

  • The first dis-empowering belief is a holdover of the old Cartesian Mind-Body Dualism Theory, that the Mind is not of the Body.
  • The other dis-empowering belief that is still prevalent, is that nothing could be done if a problem was found.

Both these beliefs are wrong, Medicine has refuted the Cartesian Theory, proving that the Mind is of the Brain, and thus of the body, and with the recent and rapid advent of various pharmacological and nonpharmacological ways of treating and protecting the Brain against decay, the idea that nothing can be done, is also false.

Neurotic Fear of Aging

I believe that it’s a Neurotic response to aging. There are a Denial and even a refusal, to even consider, that anything could be wrong. This anxiety is especially keen with Baby Boomers, who are being constantly bombarded with the media’s preoccupation with the so-called Alzheimer’s Epidemic.

Belief the Mind Weakens with Age

Another dis-empowering belief that has gained traction is that we are doomed, and that our Minds become weaker and slower, as we age, and that decreased Brain function is not only probable but inevitable. This kind of Group Think is wrong and needs to be replaced with a more empowering and accurate belief. While it’s true that our minds change as we age, it’s become the opinion of many, that this change is for the better and not the worst.

The Wisdom Paradox

Elkhorn Goldberg, in his book “The Wisdom Paradox; How our mind can grow stronger as your brain grows older”, goes into great detail about the Brain and its relationship with the Mind. This world-renowned neuropsychologist, in lively and very accessible prose, outlines how the elegant structure of our brains develop and change over the course of a lifetime.

Cognitive Expertise

He talks about how, as we age we develop a “cognitive expertise”, a gradual transition from “hardwired” to a more open-ended, open-minded design. This design gives Boomers, the neural capacity for processing complexity of any kind and filling it with content. We recognize this as expertise.

Ability to See through Things is Learned

He goes on to say, that this seemingly effortless ability to “see through things”, and that depending on the context and complexity is seen as competence and in rare cases wisdom. He states, ” that this ability does not come by itself as an epiphany of maturity, or as an entitlement to old age, but is the condensation of mental activities across years and decades of life”.

Use Your Mind

The scope and quality of one’s mental lifetime shape the quality of its final stages. The importance of working the Mind especially once we reach our sixties can’t be overstated. To just turn off and enter a period of repeated “groundhog days”, watching TV and going to Dr. appointments, is doing a disservice to yourself and the world. The quote “wisdom begins in wonder” by Socrates is more true today than ever. Regardless of age, one must continue to dream and strive for new mental challenges

An Untapped Resource

You’ve spent a lifetime building a social network. Sometimes by accident of birth and place of residence and sometimes on purpose making friends and business contacts. So many people today go to their deaths never utilizing the network they spent a lifetime building. So many people, sit around worrying that they’re going to outlive their money and all the bad things that are going to befall them. Without even realizing that they have a large untapped social network, that could be monetized, if only they could tap into it some way.

A Thinkers High

Many of us have heard of a “runner’s high”, well if you strive for new mental challenges, opportunities, or goals no matter your age you could experience a “thinker’s high”. A flash of cognitive expertise when you go Aha! “this is just like that”.

Affiliate Marketing

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Why Now

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The Addiction to Our Opinion.

They Believe Like Me

Why are we addicted to a certain network, news program, or anchorman? It comes as no surprise, that it’s because they hold the same opinions we hold. We are addicted to our opinions and we especially like it, when they are upheld, espoused, and validated by others.

A Need to be Right

When an opinion we uphold is validated we are flooded with endorphins that make us feel euphoric. This opinion addiction leads to a constant need to be right and for someone else to be wrong, as we search endlessly for value and self-worth. We are under the illusion that in order for us to feel powerful we must make someone or something powerless. Being stuck in this illusion is like being chained in Plato’s cave, where shadows are perceived as reality.

Dis-Empowering Beliefs

Being stuck searching for external power (what’s good for me), as opposed to authentic power (what’s good for us), is to live an unexamined life, to the psychologist it’s an unconscious life and to the existentialist, it’s an empty life. Whatever term you care to use it’s living a dis-empowering life.

It’s About Fear

A dis-empowering life is one based on a belief system of fear.  You are often angry, resentful, or jealous. You are often withdrawn emotionally, constantly thinking judgemental thoughts or searching for a savior. Your either a workaholic or a perfectionist and often addicted to anything that can change the way you feel.

We All Mask Our Fears

In numerous ways, you mask the pain of powerlessness with an obsessive thought, compulsive action, or addictive behavior. You look at people from a perspective of how it makes your ego feel. You are either above them or below them, but never with them. Your ego calls all the shots, and the thing the ego fears most is, not being on stage. Playing the hero or fool doesn’t matter to the ego as long as it is on center stage.

The World Validates Our Beliefs

Your dis-empowering beliefs guide your choices and your choices create your life experience. It’s said that the world doesn’t determine your beliefs, it validates them. We are what we believe we are. You spend your days in the attempt to manipulate and control others, ever observant, always alert to possible pain. We are very sensitive to our own vulnerabilities and develop complex strategies to protect ourselves.

We Only See What We Want

We are often seen as people-pleasers and we learn how to impress, intimidate, dominate, and even terrify others, in order to remain safe and of value. We see the world as a threatening place, the more we fear the more defensive we become, and the less able we are to perceive reality.

Makes Us Feel Good.

This pursuit of external power, where every individual and circumstance is assessed for its capacity to make use feel either superior or inferior, is an exhausting way to live. Having your opinion validated is a cheap high. It’s the reason we are addicted to our opinion.

Reality is your Creation

According to Dr. Deepak Chopra, “Reality is everyone’s personal creation”. The reality in our lives is the result of our thoughts, beliefs, and conditioning. We are not like a ship on the sea being tossed about by random currents of life. We are actually much more powerful than we ever dreamed.


We are co-creators with the Universe. We will continue to suffer the feelings of powerlessness until we accept full responsibility for everything that shows up in our lives. We have the divine mind of God and it brings us what we believe. Our mind doesn’t take into account good or bad, just what you believe. The neutral Universe provides it. We have a choice about what we believe and project into the Universe, and with that choice, we create our world.

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Aging Successfully

The Four Secrets of Successful Aging

  • Appreciate Your Reality
  • Challenge Your Body
  • Stimulate Your Intellect
  • Nurture Your Spirit

While all are important, for the purpose of this blog, I’d like to focus on stimulating the intellect and the qualities you need to do so.

Three Qualities needed to Stimulate the Intellect

  • Overall health
  • Clarity of intention
  • Level of attention
  • Attention to Our Intention

Maintaining our health both spiritually and physically is obvious, what’s not obvious is the clarity of intention, of our conscious will, and the level of attention, to the maintenance of our mental focus. Our brains are well-equipped and actually need to be challenged, no matter our age.

The Why Beneath the Why

Our intentions determine our experience. It’s the why beneath the why. There is a big difference between an intention to get rich and make a lot of money or to help people live a better life. Our intention affects the basic laws of Cause and Effect and Attraction. Even when, our intention is unknown to us, it will always have the same consequence. If our intention is to make money, then we are only interested in ourselves, if our intention is to help someone live a better life then we are interested in others, one is based in fear and one is based in love.

Fear and Love

Fear is in pursuit of external power (money), it raises and crushes hopes, it exhilarates and disappoints, it succeeds or fails. Love is the pursuit of authentic power (a better life), it fulfills and uplifts, validates and empowers. If your intention is the pursuit of external power you will attract people who are only interested in making money, they only see the world as either win or lose. They are impatient, with expectations, needing instant gratification, and when success isn’t immediate they quit. If your intention is the pursuit of authentic power you’ll attract people who are empowered and fulfilled by uplifting others. There is no false agenda, therefore they can delay gratification. They are patient and get fulfillment through the incremental improvement of themselves and others.

Learning Easier The Ever

Attention to your intention will improve the experience when learning new skills or a body of knowledge. There are many ways to gain knowledge. In my blog, “The Future of Learning”, I wrote “Technology is making it possible now for those that can, to also teach. The future of Learning in the 21st Century is where successful entrepreneurs will use a Mastermind approach, utilizing internet communities, workshops, and groups to teach their targeted market the skills they currently use. They will either promote themselves, virtually or in person, as the expert, reporter, or broker of the skills desired.”

It Takes a Community

Web sites like Wealthy are examples of an internet community, created by entrepreneurs, to teach others the skills they have. To be a member of such a community and to learn a new skill set, it’s important to manage our emotions. Emotions and intellect are tightly interwoven. By becoming aware of our emotions we realize that we can control them only by being mindful of them. It’s through mindfulness that we begin to subordinate our reflexive emotional reactions.


Doing something meaningful and having a sense of purpose, strongly influences our emotional state. The satisfaction you gain by doing something meaningful gives you self-definition, builds self-esteem, and keeps you young. Without a sense of purpose, negative emotions like worry, anxiety, depression, and loneliness can go unchecked. Having these emotions ages you.

Challenge Yourself

By challenging ourselves to learn new skills and knowledge, we better appreciate the world and our place in it. Too many allow themselves to come to a virtual intellectual standstill, by the absence of a meaningful challenge. This absence of a challenge kills the desire to know and leads to depression and an overall depreciation in mental dexterity, and we age. Learning new skills brings freedom and a challenging state of mind, that improves our ability to solve problems. When learning stops, time closes around us, and we age.

The Mind of God

In the book by Maxwell Maltz called “Psycho-Cybernetics”. He talked about identifying erroneous and restrictive programming embedded in the self-image and that we could systematically alter it to better suit our purposes. I was reminded of the mind being of two parts, psychology and skills. 20% was skill-based, gathering info and 80% was psychology-based, controlling behavior and emotions. He talked about the mind being an automatic success mechanism and how it was important to get the conscious mind in line with the unconscious mind. We do this by using our imagination to set the goal (picture) then letting the automatic mechanism work on it.

The Map is Not the Territory

In relating a story about a successful salesman, he explained that the salesman didn’t see failure as a blow to the ego but as a learning tool. He also said that we have a mental image of ourselves and the world and people around us and that we behave as though these images are true. See the supposition “the map is not the territory” in my blog on Neuro-Linguistic Programming. He goes into recognizing how negative self talk imprints into our subconscious mind (that doesn’t know it’s not real). I wrote a blog on how this can be the hardest habit a person can ever break. Maltz went on to talk about how failure is only an opinion and not a fact and only calls for adjustments and recalibration. You can do this through visualization.

Picture in your Mind

The mind thinks in pictures, not words. As we vividly picture in our minds what we desire, it will become a reality. Create an exciting picture of the future. Most people don’t have a clear picture of what they want. At best, it’s fuzzy. Write down the most important reasons for accomplishing your goal, and the biggest benefit you will receive upon completion. Big reasons keep you young and are the driving force that keeps you going when the going gets tough. We are able to stay young and slow the aging process by creating goals and having big reasons for achieving them. Successfully accomplishing your goals takes energy, effort, and concentrated thinking. That’s why it’s important to be connected to what you’re working towards and it shouldn’t be only about money!

Your Goals Should Be

  1. Yours
  2. Meaningful.
  3. Specific and measurable.
  4. Flexible.
  5. Challenging and exciting.
  6. In alignment with your core values.
  7. Well balanced.
  8. Contributing to society.
  9. Realistic.
  10. Supported

Cause and Effect

It is a wonderful experience and a great adventure to make conscious use of knowledge. To have a goal that we can plant in our mind and see it gradually take form. Taking something from our imagination and turning it into a reality, is what gives us pleasure. Age is a state of mind using imagination and our creative powers keep us young. We imagine a goal and use our intelligence to create it. It’s the Law of Cause and Effect.

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Do You Understand Me….?

The importance of words is that they convey a concept to both the initiator and the listener. Every concept has its own polarity, both negative and positive. There are people who always use the negative polarity. Powerful words are positive whereas forceful words are negative. See if you can see the difference.

Do you allow your kids to find their own way, or are you controlling them in a certain direction? When does an authoritative environment become a dogmatic prison?

Is glamourous ever beautiful? Are you being candid with me, or just calculating? Do you cherish that neckless because it was your mother’s or prize it for its gold?

When I felt and acted confident, you called it arrogance. When does contending for something become competing for it? Was it the same time courageous became reckless?

Was I educated at University or cleverly persuaded? I thought I was being empathetic, but you said I was just showing pity. My Mom said I was a gifted child, Dad called me lucky. I thought I was leading you, you claimed it was coercion.

When I thought I was being Nobel, others thought me pompous. When does a patriot turn into a nationalist? How do I praise you without flattering you?

I felt privileged to receive the award, you said I acted like I was entitled. Was I  reliant upon you, or just dependant? I thought it was for a select few, you called it exclusive.

What I thought of as prayer and meditation, you called silly daydreams. At first, I thought I was just spontaneous, you called me impulsive. You viewed my thrifty nature as being a cheapskate.

I trusted you, you called me gullible. Know what I mean?

The words we use are often the exact opposite of what we mean, or are they?

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Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

What is Reality

We represent the World internally, we respond to our internal experience of reality (how we feel), not to the external reality itself. These interpretations determine how we experience each moment and lays the foundation for our future. Having choices about how to interpret your reality now, changes your experience of it.

Choices Expand Reality

When you increase your choices your choosing to expand your reality. The more choices you have the freer you are and the more influence you have over yourself and others. The greater choice comes from being able to change your perceptual position. Change your mind, change your life.

The three main perceptual positions.

  • Your point of view, associated with self
  • Their point of view, associated with others
  • Fly on the wall, associated with the witness

Choose How You Respond

Being able to assume multiple perceptual positions allows one to more consciously choose your feelings, thoughts, and finally actions, in all types of situations. All behavior has a structure, when you understand the structure you can change the behavior.

What Do You Deserve

Our actions are not random, behind every behavior there is a positive intention, it’s either the anticipation of pleasure or the avoidance of pain. People want to achieve that which they value, it comes down to what you believe you are more deserving of, pleasure or pain.

Our Most Valuable Resource

We all act to our current level of awareness, by bringing the underlying purpose of a particular action into awareness, we create more choices for ourselves and others. We all have the resources to attain the knowledge we want. Our most valuable resource is our ability to learn. There are no unresourceful people only unresourceful states of mind.


The key to achieving anything is in knowing how to change this state of mind. Your state of mind is the key that either locks or unlocks the doors to the infinite reservoirs of knowledge that lay within all of us. One of the fastest ways to do this is to change your internal dialogue, only by breaking the habit of negative self-talk, can this be attained. Start by changing your perceptual position on any mental, emotional, or physical symptom that arises. By looking at problems from differing perspectives you open up more choices, and with more choice comes more freedom.


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Addiction is a Mental Illness

It Starts with a Belief

Ever wonder why you are addicted? Stop focusing on the behaviors and start looking at the causes. The cause of all our behaviors is our beliefs. Beliefs you might not even realize you have.

Then a Behavior

Insanity is engaging in the same behavior, and expecting a different result. You’re a complainer because sub-consciously you believe that complaining helps solve problems. You criticize because sub-consciously you believe it makes you feel better about yourself. Your impatient because you believe that being impatient resolves issues quicker. Your dis-empowering beliefs are the cause, and your unmanageable life is the effect. Your irritability and discontent is because of this feeling of un-manageability and you seek relief.

What Makes You Miserable

Anything that will help you forget, even for a little while, this feeling, of being discontented with self. Always thinking about me, me, me. This belief that the world revolves around me, creates an endless need to be accepted and cared for by others. In more severe cases it can cause us to feel that we are not lovable or valuable and that we don’t really belong. We don’t feel safe being our authentic self, so we create a false self, and the fear of this false self, being found out, leads to more and more elaborate lies and myth-building about who we really are

It Gets Worse

As we work harder to sustain these myths we become neurotic about being found out. This neurosis further helps establish the dis-empowering beliefs systems with regard to how we interact with the world. So in addition to being critical, impatient, complainer we become arrogant, bossy, aggressive. We know the innate truth and it makes us angry, and discontent.

Until We Explode or Implode

As we live with these dis-empowering beliefs, as we continue to dishonor ourselves, and permit others to dishonor us, our unexpressed anger grows. As this anger grows, eventually it explodes, usually over a minor thing, and we lash out, hurting our loved ones causing remorse or we implode, getting angry with ourselves, causing depression, or we do both. We are taught to lie in order to belong. We learn to pretend, to be different from who we actually are, to fit in, belong, to feel safe, to survive, it’s all a lie. Others talk about being honest, and we see them lie all the time.

We Deny It

We learn denial, the ability to distract ourselves and shut down what we need and want. We deny what we observe or know to be true about others. We create fantasies of how we wish things could be, at the same time making excuses, to do nothing that would change the situation. The more we deny the less we heal, the more we lie to ourselves, the further we get from our true selves. Honesty becomes our biggest challenge.

The Way Out

In order to break ” the bondage of self “, we have to start at our spiritual center. We have to examine our beliefs about the Universe. The belief that the Universe is evil is a lie. We must realize that there is no such thing as evil. That it is only wrong thinking that leads to evil. We were made in the image of our Creator and his will for us is to be happy and prosper. The Universe was created especially to grow man. The soil will grow whatever is planted, it’s neutral, it only grows. If we continue to plant dis-empowering beliefs, we shouldn’t be surprised that we reap a lack of power in our lives. It’s simple cause and effect.

12 Steps

The 12 Step program of recovery has been around since the 30s. Following the steps allows a transmutation to occur in your thinking. You come to the realization that instead of being the victim in your life, you can be the hero, and it’s simply a choice, that you can make.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

A Narcissistic Personality Disorder creates a belief system that only sees the world through the eyes of your ego. It creates a reality based on lies, which leaves us feeling isolated and alone. The feelings of irritability and discontent are the effects of Narcissistic thinking. The main problem with the Narcissist is that they are trapped in the bondage of self. It’s my BELIEF that Narcissistic Personality Disorder is not the rare psychological condition that some would like us to believe, but that it’s the root cause of most addictions today.

I Know What I Know

According to Martha Beck in her book ” Finding Your Way in a Wild New World”, in order to be a genius at anything, it takes 10,000 hours of deep practice. Following that criteria then I’m a genius when it comes to Alcoholism. I’ve earned my seat and I know what I know. Today I’m more convinced the ever, that lurking beneath every addiction is a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. When we start addressing this Disorder head-on, is when we will start seeing recovery rates climb.

Another Lie

To say that this condition is rare and that people can’t recover from a seemingly hopeless case of mind and body is to nurture a dis-empowering belief, usually for financial gain.

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What Is The Future of America; Where are the Futurists?

Unique Opportunity

I for one am tired of the doomsayers who only see the collapse of America and our way of life. We need to start looking at the pandemic as a unique opportunity to usher in the future today. We need a charismatic leader.

What is the future of America

Warnings about our imminent economic collapse go against our history of resilience.and innovation in times of crisis. We have demonstrated in the past a huge capacity to come together when our way of life has been threatened. We need a charismatic leader.

Create the Future Now

38 million unemployed is not the problem the problem is lack of work. 38 million is a huge pool from which to staff the largest most ambitious infrastructure program since the building of the pyramids. In cooperation with technology, we have the ability to begin a new chapter in our history, only if we have the faith and imagination to create a new better stronger America.

Put America to Work

Using the Government Jobs program of the ’30s, the CCC can be used as a templet for Rebuilding America Now. Without going too deep in the woods a modern CCC would have some of the following aspects.

The Modern CCC

  • Two to Three-year non-military service commitment.
  • Commitment linked to receiving unemployment benefits.
  • Voluntary
  • Open to anyone 18 to 28
  • Establish apprentice programs and training programs -Structure Iniin all trades
  • Competitive wages for apprentice journeymen supervisors and management
  • Recruits assigned to geographical areas close to home
  • Utilize and remodel closed military bases throughout the house recruits
  • Assigned to specific geographical initiatives based on needs and skills

Infra-Structure Initiatives

  • Inner City Blight Initiative
  • Elementary and High School Initiative
  • Highway, bridge and road repair
  • Nat’l and State park initiative
  • Beautification Initiative
  • Factory and Manufacturing initiative
  • Libraries, post office Initiative
  • 5-G and Wy-Fi initiative
  • Farming Agriculture initiative

Increased Benefits Leads to Dependence

Invest in job creation not in establishing welfare programs. By investing in modernizing our infrastructure with a realistic goal of replacing outdated carbon-based energy for a more environmentally friendly cold fusion or nuclear fusion energy system, augmented with solar and wind.

Technology Being Stifled

Never before in recorded history has a society withheld technology for the profits of a few. A Manhatten style project is needed to uncover the technology needed to get the world off carbon-based energy by 2030. and more importantly, breaking up huge multi-national corporations by simply making their products irrelevant.

Technological Advances that will Change the World

  • 5G  and Wy-Fi and internet rolled out nationwide free.
  • Artificial intelligence initiative, strive to achieve synchronicity by 2025
  • Supercomputer initiative
  • Elimination of all 1500 genetic diseases
  • Big medicine focus becomes cure not treatment
  • Big pharma becomes irrelevant drugs seen as archaic
  • Life expectancy increases to 87 by 2030 and 97 by 2035

A Modern Renaissance

Technology has the power to issue in a new renaissance the likes not seen in recorded history. Ensuring that the 21st century will forever be remembered as a vibrant enlightened and most importantly compassionate start of another golden age in which man ascends to even higher levels of consciousness and understanding of the forces of nature.

Divinely Created

With divine intelligence and imagination, Man has the power to recreate Eden or destroy himself. What side of history do you want to be on the collapse or the renaissance? Make America great again.

A Lifeline

Get the knowledge to thrive in the future here. Utilize technology to market skills and services in the future digital economy, or risk becoming a “left behind”. A pool of easily exploited tech-serfs who bid for the right to be someone’s servant for minimum wage.

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Reboot Your Life

Design Your Life

One of the things that makes life worth living is showing people, (especially Baby Boomers), how to overcome limiting beliefs, and reboot their lives. Having goals and striving to attain them no matter your age, adds purpose and meaning to your life. To be without personal goals is to live a groundhog existence, where every day is the same as the day before.

Make It Meaningful

Days filled with meaningless activities designed to eat time is like dying a slow death. Watching time pass, endlessly fighting that nagging feeling that there has to be more. Constantly at war within yourself,.fighting that feeling of despair that you’ve left something undone. To live out your “retirement” with these types of thoughts going through your head is both hard work and stressful and it ages you. It’s time for a reboot.

Don’t Waste It

To watch “Tell A Vision” endlessly, for hours, day after day, year after year constantly comparing yourself to both real and fictional characters, creates a false sense of reality. We become contemptible of real people, with whom we often share beliefs and viewpoints while being sympathetic and identifying with fictional characters, we don’t like but whose make-believe lives help us to escape, even if it’s just for a few hours, the mundane monotony of our own lives.

Addicted to Feeling Less Than

We come to rely upon this “box of illusions”, often confusing it with reality. We imagine it’s us up on that screen, reading that script, pontificating about something. We’re just as good-looking, even better, and our opinions are just as viable, if not more so. So why are you sitting here and not there? It’s because you believe, deep down that your either not smart enough, not good enough, or not deserving enough to be up there.

Willing to Accept Mediocracy

You have become willing to sit idly by and watch others manifest their dreams, while you stay buried deep in the recesses of your mind, only because you’ve convinced yourself that you’re not capable. For years, you’ve bombarded your subconscious mind with negative self-talk that you are not enough. Even now your subconscious is telling you your not healthy enough, or smart enough or deserving enough. Yet every day you watch people, just like you, manifest their dreams, right in front of you. It’s time for a reboot

What’s The Secret?

The people on “Tell-A-Vision” have empowering beliefs about themselves and their place in the world. For any number of reasons, they have formed empowering beliefs, where you have formed dis-empowering ones. They seem to know, what a lot of us have forgotten. That we are creations of a divine intelligence built in its image, with all its capabilities and talents. That we have been placed in a Universe that has one main purpose, and that’s to grow man. Given the free will to believe whatever we want, our divine mind works 24/7 manifesting those beliefs into the neutral Universe, a Universe that has been designed to provide whatever we believe we are worthy of.

Gods Will

When you decided to believe these dis-empowering beliefs is unimportant. What’s important today is that you are aware. And with awareness can come change. Your divine mind is capable of doing anything you believe it can do. Once you realize that the life your living is because you chose it, you can choose to change it. If you’re not happy then your not living God’s Will for you. God’s Will for you is to be simply happy and prosperous.

Everything Got You Here

If you’re not happy then reboot. Stop beating yourself up, that it’s taken so long. Realize that everything that happens in life has a reason, and it got you here, now. Be thankful, its part of the journey, your journey. It doesn’t matter when you reboot, just that you reboot..

Stop Limiting Yourself

Limiting yourself and living an unfulfilled life is actually harder than manifesting the life of your dreams. To constantly be judging and comparing yourself to others is extremely hard work and destroys your body. Instead of wasting time doing that, look for what you’re passionate about. What gives you pleasure and enjoyment, what would seem like play to you, then figure out a way to make money doing it.

Get Paid To Play

Allan Watts said, ” that the goal of every man is to get paid to play”. Find your passion and show others how they can do it too if they believe it strong enough. Stop being the victim of your own dis-empowering beliefs. Design a life that makes you happy. You can start now. Change happens in the now, start small and work outwards.

Be Impeccable With Your Word

Start with your words, both how you speak to yourself and others. Watch for those self-defeating words, and eliminate any demeaning comments. By being constantly aware of your words and how you’ve been talking to yourself and others, we see how the words we use set the foundations for our reality. Say the opposite of what you normally say, start asking people how their day is going, and be interested in how they respond, how they sound and take notice. Look everyone in the eye and start forcing yourself to smile.

Stop Making Assumptions

Stop making assumptions that you know what others are thinking. Stay focused on your own thinking. Think about how you can be of service, how you can make this time better. How can you ease someone’s burdens? Be that ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. Quit the debating society, stop being so concerned about the world out there and worry about the world in here, your mind. Quiet the static, be aware of discordant sounds, and noises. Create peace by being aware of your thinking. Start noticing what emotions bring negativity to your mind and replace it with an empowering emotion. Thoughts are filed in the brain by emotions. Control your emotions and you control your thoughts.

Don’t take it Personally

Become aware that anything anybody says or does to you isn’t about you, it’s about them. They are playing their role and your only a character in their movie. If they have decided you’re the villain in their show there is nothing you can do to change the director’s mind. Stay true to yourself and try not to get sucked into their drama. Again it doesn’t have anything to do with you, it’s all an illusion.

Do your Best

You can only try to do your best. Realizing that we are by nature imperfect. We learn by experience, and some lessons take a long time, a very long time. But when we are ready then we will know. Don’t get down because you continue to fail to live up to your expectations, understand that the most critical judge you will ever face is yourself. Missing the mark doesn’t mean your bad it only shows that your human. Realize that and take better aim. With this awareness, you give yourself space.

Be Patient

It’s all a part of the journey. Our imperfections are how we judge perfection. Without them, we would have no way to measure, and we would not see growth. We all grow at our own rate, wishing it could be different isn’t going to make us grow any faster, as a matter of fact, it retards growth. Take sustenance in progress, be aware of how far you’ve come from where you were, and enjoy the journey.


They say the worst thing you can do is die with your dream inside you. Being aware that the only one stopping you is that person in the mirror. Isn’t it about time that you two started working together?

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