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Big Pharma; A Risk to National Security

China Dominates Supply Chain

China has managed to dominate all aspects of the drug and medical products supply chain, by utilizing the same unfair trade practices, that they have used to dominate other sectors of the market. These include but are not limited to, unfair trade agreements, industrial spying, copyright, and patent infringement, not to mention the cheap sweatshop labor, lax environmental regulations, and massive government subsidies.

No Chinese Pharmaceutical in Top 10

Chinese pharmaceutical companies have supplied more than 90 percent of U.S. antibiotics, vitamin C, ibuprofen, and hydrocortisone, as well as 70 percent of acetaminophen, and 40 to 45 percent of heparin. Surprisingly none of their companies appear on the top ten list below.

Corporate Greed

When does the way these companies operate, become a risk to our national security? Why are no Chinese companies among the top ten in the world?  How vulnerable are the top pharma companies, to Chinese supply chain stoppages? Not only have the top ten companies left themselves vulnerable, but they have left the country vulnerable and should be made to answer for their malfeasance. Government regulation and oversight need to be considered.

Why does it take a pandemic for us to realize how vulnerable we all are? As always, thanks for visiting. Dave

For Want of a Leader

We Need a Visonary

The Country is crying out for Leadership. A charismatic visonary who can bring people together in a common cause, with a common vision. Someone who has the vision and the ability to affect incremental change across a wide spectrum of issues. The problem with the Democrat Party is that it’s leaders are trying to be all things to all people. When you try to be all things to all people, you end up being nothing to anyone.

The Problem with the Green New Deal

The problem with everyone’s Green New Deal is exactly that, trying to be everything to everybody. Rolling out incomprehensible plans, at the incomprehensible expense is not a vision any of them can articulate. Trying to change our whole economy, while trying to answer every environmental problem facing America is simply illogical and not doable. What is needed is a systematic incremental plan with easily definable goals and targets. If they would focus on the biggest issue first, everything else would fall into place naturally.

Replace a Obsolete Technology

The biggest issue I see is to replace the obsolete technology of carbon based energy with a cleaner alternative electric energy. And the number one user of carbon based energy is the automobile. Simply changing the obsolete internal combustion engine with an electric alternative would create a cascading effect that would change our economy and the worlds.

Auto Industry Bailout

We have bailed out the Auto Industry before and we can do it again if they agree to work toward the common good. Otherwise the Government can open its own Automotive plant.

The common good is to

  • Design an electric engine for long term sustainability (10 years 200,000 miles warranty) and affordability.
  • Standardized power plant design would ensure components could be used in all models.
  • The standardized power plant design would not be patented and would  be used to build all models with interchangeable components used in all models.
  • The offerings would be economy, intermediate, luxury, suv, truck, Semi, Bus.

Infrastructure agreements would be to

  • Start replacing one bay of pumps to standardized electric charging stations in every Gas station in the country.
  • Expand existing Solar panel rollout to businesses and residential properties including installing stardized charging stations in homes and parking facilities nationwide.
  • Mag line technology connecting airports. 500 miles per hour makes plane obsolete.
  • Increase Solar power plants nation wide converting oil refineries where possible

Electric Power is Cheaper and Cleaner

Based on current estimates on the cost of kilowatt-hours, it would cost approx 600.00 a year to charge your car to drive 15,000 miles. Currently, consumers are paying approx. 2,600 a year to fill a tank once a week.. Raise the standard of living while cleaning the environment.

No Demand and the Price of Oil Drops

Based on supply and demand the U.S. would be able to drop the price of oil it is exporting, to 75.00 a barrel and eventually 50.00 a barrel (probably in five years).  A percentage of every barrel price goes to offsetting infrastructure expense.

Become the Worlds Largest Exporter of Oil

Under cutting all competition we would quickly become, the worlds largest exporter of oil. This would change the geopolitics of the oil industry worldwide and give us revenue to start infrastructure changes at home and abroad. Utilize our position of power to help other nations reduce their oil dependence. Decreasing the worlds dependence on OPEC nations and substantially changing OPEC’s ability to hold the world ransom to fluctuating oil prices based on world tensions would only improve market stability.

It’s Just the Beginning

Cost of converting this obsolete industry would be hugh and take a minimum of ten years. But the savings in converting to a cheaper more eco-friendly technology would be quickly realized and felt by everyone. As the fossil fuel industry becomes more obsolete the expense of maintaining it’s infrastructure can be diverted to other industry needs.

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The Top Environmental Problem

The Top Environmental Problem

The top environmental problems, are not biodiversity loss, ecosystem collapse or climate change. They are selfishness, greed, and apathy, coupled with an amoral economic system, a system that rewards short term profits for multinational corporations, at the expense and detriment, to the very customers they serve.

Only Interested in Net Profit

The worlds economies are only interested in net income for their shareholders. Tired slogans like Made in America or Working Together for a Green World, only hide their true purpose, to produce maximal profit.

The Most Important Product

Profit is the most important product of every corporation. Polluting the environment, destruction of forests, poisoning our water, scarring our mountains and fouling our atmosphere, all result from the single minded pursuit of profit.


Businesses only present a social sensitivity as a manipulation of the public, to mask their true objective, to maximize profit.. Quality of service and product excellence have no importance other then to increase net profit. Employees also have no value, apart from increasing net profit.

The Coming Horizon Catastrophe

To avoid the coming horizon catastrophe we need a cultural and spiritual transformation. Human history both individual and collective, has chronicled how the pursuit of external power as opposed to authentic power has had dire consequences.

The Challenge

Our challenge is to change commerce from the collective mindset, that strives for external power (profit), to a dynamic mindset. A mindset that focuses on authentic power (spiritual). Finally coming to the  realization, that the true purpose of a societies economy, is to serve the evolution of humans and support life on earth.

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Network Marketing: The Answer to Age Discrimination

Are You a Leader

According to the Wharton School of Business, “One of the traits of a great leader is being able to identify “invisible” behavior, in other words, seeing potential winners or faint trends before competitors discover them”.

Retirement is Becoming Obsolete

In my Blog, The Linear Life Plan: Age Discrimination in the Workplace I wrote that increasing life expectancy and better health is altering the definition of retirement. And while many people are beginning to question if retirement even makes sense, our society is still stuck in the Linear Life Cycle.

No Opportunities in Traditional Companies

When a Baby Boomer decides that they want to re-enter the job Market, they are shocked to find that there are virtually no opportunities. Traditional Companies blatantly discriminate against anyone 50 or older.They either ignore your on-line application completely or send you a trite response about your qualifications not matching the job profile.

Age Discrimination is Rampant

The Law protecting you against discrimination based on age, is a sham, because it is so hard to successfully litigate a claim of Age Discrimination against a Company, Lawyers are disinclined to even accepting your case.

On-Line Applications have made it Easier to Discriminate

Since on-line applications have become the preferred way companies take applications, people who are over 50, with 20 years to easily devote to a new company, find their options severely restricted, either to 100% commissioned based jobs like Life Insurance, Real Estate, and Automotive Sales or to Service Jobs, working for a Company that makes you wear either an apron, vest or paper hat.

Uber is Hiring

With the advent of ride share technology, another job easily attained if your over 50 is with Uber or Lyft. Were you can ruin your car for minimum wage, but at least you can work when you want.

It’ a Civil Rights Issue

What is real surprising is the docile way people over 50 have accepted this. It’s like they feel guilty being in the position of having to work or wanting to work.It’s shocking how little you hear about this issue. Let the discrimination be racial, gender based or sexual and you hear an uproar. When it’s age discrimination you hear only silence.

Force Society to Change

I think this issue affects millions of people, and instead of meekly accepting the status quo we should be looking at electing representatives with a mandate to change the situation, refocus our lobbying efforts (A.A.R.P.) and even boycott offending companies.

We Need to Look at Ourselves

But even more important is we need to look inside ourselves. If we can’t find  decent Jobs, because of what society believes, then it’s up to us to create them. The Network Marketing industry is in a unique position to do just that. We are blessed to live in an age of unparalleled technological growth, were the world is literally at our finger tips.

Unique Opportunities are all Around Us.

The Internet opens up the opportunity of Network Marketing to anyone with a Web connection and a reasonable amount of ambition.The skills you learn, will change you and your life.. This being said why do so many Home Based Businesses face such strong resistance, when trying to build their Networks? Why are we so skeptical?

The Three Biggest Reasons

  • Pain Avoidance; Fear of the unknown, leaving the safe familiar confines we recognize as a JOB. The identification with the superior, subordinate dynamic of the traditional Job, is a mind set, that even though it no longer serves us, is hard to leave.
  • Holding on to a blame and victim mentality; We are afraid to take responsibility of ourselves.The time has come to realize that our lives are up to us, it no longer serves us to blame society for our circumstances.
  • Core beliefs about the Universe; If we believe that the universe is an unsafe scary struggle or a place of love and trust, colors the story we create for ourselves. We can either see the universe as it actually is or how we think it is.

We Can Make Age Discrimination Obsolete

As long as we fear, blame and believe that our lives are the result of an unfair and unjust system, we will not be able to move forward, no matter how much we desire it. Age Discrimination is only a story we tell ourselves because it releases us of the responsibility of forming relationships with others. Network Marketing is all about relationship building. Nobody will believe in you or your network if you don’t believe in yourself.

No matter what your age or avocation, I’m convinced that everyone has a best seller in them. Don’t die with your story inside you. There is a Website that will train you, filled with a community of like minded people, to help and encourage you,  in achieving your goals. Check out my custom sign up page. It’s free to try it out, what have you got to lose.

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Why Boomers Get UberJobs

Why are so many Boomers paying $225.00 in Las Vegas to get Uber jobs?

Why are so many delivering food for Grubhub or Postmates?

Is it because:

  • Uber Job Ads are everywhere, and they hire almost everbody
  • They can’t find any other job
  • The Job is easy, no Boss, no set schedule
  • It’s fun to ruin your car for minimum wage
  • It’s better than wearing a fast food paper hat

Or is it because:

  • They can’t remember what it’s like to have passion, hope, optimism and energy
  • Their self-esteem and self-image tell them they are capable of nothing else
  • They are so afraid at failing at something again, they no longer even try
  • Because of rampant age discrimination
  • Internet Job search is just a catfish hoax
  • It’s the role assigned to Boomers by an insensitive, hostile and hurtful world

Most Abused Generation

While Boomers should be given credit for saving the American Economy by bringing it internet technology, it must also be noted that the Boomer Generation has also been the most abused by the same internet.

First Generation To Apply Exclusively Online

They were the first generation that could only get a job by filling out on-line applications, for a lot of Boomers they were forced to get computers and fax machines and copiers simply to be able to do a job application. But after sending hundreds of on-line applications it started to become clear that nobody was even bothering to read most of them.

Job Search Abuses

Taking away the face to face component to a job search has dehumanized this once democratic process. It has allowed companies to engage in wide spread discrimination, while giving applicants nothing but false hope. The job search process of today, is only a funnel for companies to sell desperate job seekers products like resume builders or technical education.

Over promised and under delivered

Because they were the first generation, to be marketed by the internet, they were over promised and under delivered on a wide variety of internet startups. This was before plug and play, so they had to plod their way through things like DOS and all kinds of initial applications that were not only not user-friendly but in a lot of cases didn’t work at all. You had to become an expert in order to run an application.

Wild West of the Internet

Problems with dial up modems and not having enough RAM were rampant. With the rise of unregulated Networking companies and tech services the stage was set for abuses They suffered horribly, at the hands of unscrupulous networkers, who sold only pyramid schemes and no product, Attorney Generals, even today are still finding abuses and scams Nationwide, and are still trying to establish consistent ground rules. The Telecom and AOL fiascoes only added to the confusion.

 No Wonder so Many have Checked Out

While rapid technological advancement powered our economy to new heights, the abuses and growing pains were felt by the Boomers more than any other generation. It’s not surprising that so many Boomers have basically checked out. But if the best part of your life is in the past, something is out of whack.

Are You Dissatisfied

It’s supposed to be as we get older we become more competent, not less. Life is supposed to get better, because we are supposed to be better at it. Studies show that 1/3 of Americans are dissatisfied with their lives. I think the ratio is higher with Boomers. Because of being burned countless times, the Boomers suffer from a paralysis of analysis

How Our Minds Work

Mel Robbins, the motivational speaker and life coach, has talked extensively about how our minds work. According to research she says that the human mind has the following characteristics:

  • That the Mind is not designed to do things that are scary or uncomfortable.
  • The Mind is only motivated to do things that are easy.
  • The Mind is designed to stop us from hurting ourselves
  • The Mind does this by hesitating in making a decision.

It’s About the Decisions We Make

She goes on to say that we are one decision away from a totally different life. That life comes down to decisions, change a decision change your life. It’s all about how we respond to the shame of failure. Blame is a decision we make, checking out is a decision we make. She says we are trapped in a knowledge/action gap. That worry and self-doubt are habits we have formed over time.

Worry and Self-Doubt

Worry comes because we are afraid of something happening,it can be eliminated by converting it to excitement that something is going to happen, our bodies don’t know the difference. Everybody struggles with self-doubt, successful people have learned how to overcome those thoughts.

Stop Thinking So Much

Stop thinking so much, the Mind has two speeds, autopilot and emergency stop. We have to force ourselves to do the stuff we need to do, to be the person we want to be. The soul needs exploration and growth. The only way to do this is to force ourselves to do the uncomfortable. To go outside our comfort zone.

Help Others To Help Yourself

Instead of being safe and comfortable driving for Uber, find a product or service that can help people, live better lives. By helping others, you will help yourself.

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Why The Baby Boom Generation Should Be Regarded As The Greatest

It Was an Economic War

It’s true that Greatest Generation won WWII, by beating the Japanese and Germans, but they had a lot of Allied help

The Baby Boom Generation saved America a second time, by beating the same foes, Japan and Germany in an economic war, that determined the leadership of the free world, up to this day, without Allied help.

It Was Unexpected

It was this unexpected 30 year economic boom, that shot America to a 25% share of the World’s economy, that saved the Republic almost as much in its own way as did winning WWII. Fifty years ago economists, both liberal and conservative predicted that America would lose it”s global GNP lead. They predicted that our GNP would continue to experience slow growth and eventually be taken over by either Japan or Germany.

We Were Considered Underdogs

America was such an underdog that it”s 30 year economic victory is one of our generations greatest achievements. Yet you don’t read, see, or hear about this anywhere. This war for economic supremacy was one of the most important wars America has ever fought., in its 250 year history.

Nobody Covered or Recorded it

This economic war between 1970 and 2000, a war between the United States, Japan and Germany was the war nobody covered or recorded. The Baby Boom Generation fought and won it. They commercialized internet technology-based everything, creating untold numbers of new business models and exposing them everywhere. It was the Boomers entrepreneurship and innovation, that nobody predicted, that created millions of small, medium and large companies.

The Economists Were Wrong

What made the classical economists predictions wrong was that their formulas and algorithms were limited, based on what had happened in the past. They didn’t take into consideration where the technological advancements combined with the entreprenraulship of the Boomers, and how we were able to utilize this internet technology, to create an historic 30-year run of GNP and job growth.

It Was A Transformational Event

During this time America didn’t fall into stagnation and low growth as was so widely predicted, but grew our GNP bigger than Japan and Germany combined, which solidified our status as leader of the free world. What is the likelihood of another unpredictable transformational event, that saved America 20 years ago, happening again.

The Boomer Generation is the greatest and should start being recognized as such.

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Thoughts on the Pareto Rule

Most of us have heard of the Pareto Principle or the Pareto Rule, which states that for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. Look at any general merchandise sale category and the rule stands up, 80% of the sales are done off 20% of the SKU’s. The success of many retailers has been there ability to train there managers to understand this, and to never be out of stock on the 20%.

While the Pareto Principle works well when dealing with sales categories, it doesn’t work, when applied to workforce dynamics, because it’s to simplistic, and here is why.

Gallup has done exhaustive studies analyzing workforce dynamics, they have come up with the following. 28% of the American workforce is engaged, 53% is not engaged and a staggering 19% is actively disengaged.

The 28% of engaged employees are the ones supporting and building the business and creating new customers. In essence doing 80% of the work. Surprisingly, although they are a companies best employees, they get less than 20% of managements attention. Almost like they are taken for granted.

The 53% of not engaged workers are not hostile or disruptive, they are just there, killing time with little or no concern about customers. They are thinking about there next break, lunch, or how soon they can leave for the day. They are essentially checked out. Not so surprising, is that this group, gets very little attention from management as well.

Then there is the 19% of actively disengaged employees who are there to dismantle and destroy the company. They account for a majority of absenteeism and job accidents. They are the cause of a majority of work defects, that contributes to a majority of internal shrinkage. They quit at a higher rate than engaged employees if a better offer presents itself, but are most likely to be very tenacious in holding on to there position, even after repeated coaching and write-ups. This group accounts for 80% of managements time. So we see that a majority of management’s time is spent in coaching the worst employees, while basically ignoring the best.

The Pareto rule holds true within your management ranks also, where 72% of your management staff either resists or refuses to engage in any conflict management of the not engaged employees nor the 19% of actively disengaged employees.

Experts agree that to have an explosion of entrepreneurship that GDP growth requires we need to double the number of engaged employees. Raising the percentage of America’s engaged employees from 28% to 60% would double innovation and double entrepreneurship. It would create the conditions necessary to suddenly overwhelm competing nations because engagement creates new customers.

The increased attention of identifying Strengths, so that employee’s talents and strengths are well-matched to the role they will be asked to play, is evident in the increased number of personality profiles an applicant is asked to take during the hiring process. Once the decision to hire has been made, you must give them a job that fits there innate talents. But all these steps are for naught if an employee has a bad boss.

The real problem according to Gallup, is that nearly one in five U.S. managers are dangerously lousy, and this is a conservative estimate. Experts agree that in order to beat the Chinese workplace of the future we need to fire all lousy managers today. Replace them with good managers. If they are lousy at developing people and leading teams, fire them. Nothing fixes bad managers, not coaching, competency training, incentives, or warnings, nothing works. They will never get better.

Surviving the upcoming global war for jobs requires a new demand of managers. They must be masters at understanding the role human nature plays in all outcomes and at maximizing human potential. Only through an inspired relationship between managers and employees can the number of actively engaged employees be raised. The real potential for growth lies in the workers state of mind.

It’s long been known that behavioral aspects far outweigh compensation, in how engaged an employee is with there company. To find out where your company stands, pass out this simple questionnaire, developed by Gallup. On a scale of 1-5, 5 being strongly agrees and 1 being strongly disagrees. A score of 60-48 is good, 48-36 is average, 36-24 is weak and 24-12 is poor.

  1. I know what is expected of me at work.
  2. I have the materials and equipment I need to do my job right.
  3. At work, I have the opportunity to do what I do best every day.
  4. In the last seven days, I have received recognition or praise for doing good work.
  5. My supervisor, or someone at work, seems to care about me as a person.
  6. There is someone at work who encourages my development.
  7. At work, m opinions seem to count.
  8. The mission or purpose of my organization makes me feel my job is important.
  9. My associates or fellow employees are committed to doing quality work.
  10. I have a best friend at work.
  11. In the last six months, someone has talked to me about my progress
  12. This last year, I have had opportunities at work to learn and grow

The United States must differentiate itself by doubling its number of engaged employees. Disengagement and low energy workplaces ultimately kill jobs. Only 28% of the American workforce is ready to compete and win each day. Doubling that number would change U.S. vs. China outcomes. Doubling it creates more customers, more jobs, and generally doubles the economic energy of the United States. Running a lousy workplace is not only bad business, it is also un-American.

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Politically Incorrect; Thinking of Selling Life Insurance? Don’t

They Only Want To Sell Your Friends And Family

If you are in your mid fifties, and have to re-invent yourself, a lot of people look at selling Life Insurance as a possible career choice, but don’t do it, and hears why. When it comes to hiring new agents, Life Insurance companies, LIE. The only thing, Life Insurance Companies are interested in, is your circle of friends and family. They look at new agents as Sales Funnels to new business. These companies have no incentive to limit hiring, they offer jobs to anyone interested and hope that a small percentage will at least be able to sell their friends and family. But Let’s start at the beginning.

Licensing Is A Cottage Industry

The whole Insurance licensing procedure, is a cottage industry in and of itself. In order to sell Insurance you need to obtain a license from the State in which you want to sell. In order to obtain such license, you need to pass the States Insurance examination. An exam based on a fifth grade reading level and can be passed with a few days of study. There are numerous testing companies approved by the State to give the examination, they charge anywhere from $90.00 to $125.00 each time you take the examination. Before taking the examination it’s strongly suggested, especially by the Insurance company, that you complete an on-line training course, there are many of these available on the internet and they charge anywhere from $100.00 to $200.00, depending on the license you’re seeking to obtain. Once you pass the test you are required to get finger printed and your background checked, this usually this costs anywhere from $15.00 to $25.00.

They Hire Almost Anyone

Most Insurance Companies prefer a College Degree but this is not mandatory. And while they prefer that you already be licensed this is also not mandatory. Actually a lot of Companies will help you become licensed, and it just so happens that they have the perfect on-line course for you, they may even offer a reimbursement, after you make your first sale. This should be illegal. They will often allow you to start training on their products before a license is obtained. All training is at your expense, and this should also be illegal.

You Don’t Get Paid

The majority of Agents work on a commission basis, which means that the pay is directly related to the sales you close. Most Insurance companies pay on a strictly commission basis with no base salary. All the training you attend comes at no cost to the company, they love not having to pay to train, this is also where they start pressuring you, to think about who among your family and friends, could use the policies being discussed. The trainer is required to go with you on any appointments you make, with your friends or family, and usually takes a piece of your commission if a sale is made. This is the sales funnel.

Like Working For A Call Center For Free

Most Insurance Companies state that they provide hot sales leads to their agents, this is a LIE. If the new agent doesn’t have a book of friends and family to start working, they are giving lists of names to start calling. These lists are bought wholesale by the Agency, and have normally already been worked by numerous agents for months, sometimes years. In essence the Insurance Company creates a free Call Center, using new Agents, with all the abuses of the worst Call Centers, with a bell to announce appointments made, creating a competitive environment, while insinuating, if your not willing to make at least 300 calls, and work an eight-hour day, at your expense, that your not really hungry enough, or dedicated enough to succeed as an agent for them. This practice should be illegal.

Selling An Intangible

The products that the Industry sells are basically solid, experts project a 22% growth in the industry through 2020, with the strongest segment being in companies that sell Long Term Care and other health related policies as the population ages. These are not impulse buys and the customer usually knows what they want and has already researched what they are looking for. These customers call Insurance companies looking for information they are not a good call center or door to door prospecting target. Even if you locate a good prospect, the product itself is hard to sell. While an intangible is always a hard sell because of the health questions insurance is even more so.

95% Of New Agents Fail Within One Year.

Industry Analysts place the burn out rate for 1st year Life Insurance Agents at greater than 90%. Fewer than 1 in 10 people who embark on a career selling Life Insurance remain in the business beyond one year. If your in a position to where you have to reinvent yourself do yourself a favor and don’t try to do it selling Life Insurance.

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Politically Incorrect; Assisted Living A Scandal Waiting.

Looking at the Options

Being the product of a divorced home, I’ve had the inevitable opportunity, to see two sets of parents, go through the Assisted Living experience. I want to share with you my Dad’s experience.

My Dad developed Parkinson Disease probably in his early to mid sixties. The disease progressed steadily for the next ten years to where he could no longer live independently. Not being in a position emotionally to care for him myself, we started looking to find Assisted Living Facilities for him.

Price the Same No Matter Where You Live?

Like everything, you have your Good, Better and Best options. Obviously wanting the best for Dad we started looking at the Best Facilities. We toured a number of facilities,both in Indiana where Dad had his home and in Nevada, where I lived. I was surprised right at the start to find that the facilities in rural Indiana charged the same as facilities in urban Las Vegas, Nevada. This has never made sense to me since the median price of a home in Indiana was around 150,000 and in Vegas it was around 350,000. It was obvious that the cost of living of a particular geographical area had no impact on the cost of Assisted Living. The Assisted Living Industry has standardized the price throughout the U.S. This Industry is dominated by a few major Corporations. We are talking BIG money and these corporations call the shots.

The Best

While it’s true that these facilities follow the good, better, and best formula, these are totally based on socioeconomic guidelines. The best facilities are for the wealthy, better is for the middle class, and good is for the poor. While Dad would be considered wealthy by most, in touring the best facilities, he felt uncomfortable. The idea of wearing a sports coat to dinner under chandeliers, with classical music playing in the background just left him cold. And while he could afford the basic cost (no assistance) of $4000.00/month for a studio was affordable, it just didn’t suit him.

The Better

So we started to look at the next tier of facilities, the better, designed for middle class sensibilities. We found these to be more to his taste, very nice without being ostentatious, comfortable well appointed living rooms, large and airy dinning rooms, theaters and libraries and even bistros for midnight snacks, some even had swimming pools and spas. With the basic cost (no assistance) of $3000.00/month for a studio, this seemed to fit Dad’s needs. He upgraded to a one bedroom for only an additional $200.00/month. After his initial evaluation, it was determined that he didn’t need any special assistance dressing, bathing or feeding himself so his cost would only be $3200.00/month for a one bedroom. These rooms had a sink, a mini refrigerator and a microwave.

After six months the nurse practitioner decided that Dad needed too much assistance dressing, so they tacked on $500.00 a month. Dad was often frustrated that it took forever to get anyone to help him dress. It would take him 45 minutes to get his shirt on by himself. This became a constant irritation to him. After a year of being frustrated, over little things, Like Staff never answering repeated requests for help. Dad wanted to look at different Families, to see if he could get better service cheaper. It’s at this point that my education about the Assisted Living Industry really began.

The Good

We had seen the best and the better so now we were going to check out the good. The facilities designed for the poor. The larger facilities in most cases had the feel of hospitals. The studios could only be described as better appointed hospital rooms, with the lobby, dinning rooms and recreation areas all with the feel of a nursing home. With a basic cost (no assistance) of $2000.00/month for a studio, appealed to Dad’s frugality, it obviously wasn’t what he was looking for. It’s at this point that we started to look at Group Homes.

Free Referral Service?

The Assisted Living industry has all types of services, available at no cost, to help families, find suitable arrangements. These services, I’m sure, are paid on a commission basis, by the group homes, for finding and directing qualified prospects to them. But I have not really investigated that side of the business. Most referral services have a number of homes they work with though, they know the price structures of each home, and the applicants’ ability to pay. While the whole industry needs to be scrutinized, special attention needs to be placed on Group Homes, this area is ripe for abuses to occur.

Group Homes

Group Homes follow the same socioeconomic breakdown of good for the poor, better for the middle class, and best for the wealthy. Always looking for a deal Dad insisted on looking at a Group Home that cost $2000.00/month. Our referral assistant knew of a home that had an opening for one male. She took us to an average looking house, in an average neighborhood, from the outside it looked like a normal three or four bedroom house. Upon entering, we were meet by the operators of the home, a husband and wife team who had satisfied the State requirements to manage a Group Home. We came to find out that an individual can have one or many Group Homes and because it’s very lucrative the more the better. It’s an Industry that gets very little attention.

Very Lucrative

Upon entering, we found nine people, sitting or milling about the living room, watching TV. They showed us the bed they had available for Dad, he only shared the bedroom with one other man, two of the bedrooms had three beds in them. This turned out to be a five bedroom house with the master being used by the operators. They could handle ten people, which at $2000.00 each comes out to $20,000.00 a month. Very lucrative indeed.

Kitchen enclosed with a Chain Link Fence

We noticed that the kitchen had been enclosed with a chain link fence with a lock on the door, when we inquired about it we were told that residents weren’t allowed in the kitchen in order to prevent possible fires due to residents putting styrofoam containers on the stove or cans in the microwave. That meals were provided three times a day. After walking the house for a few more minutes, wondering how twelve people could live there comfortably we left. The referral agent told us we could move in immediately and that the rent would be prorated, we asked her if this was standard for $2000.00 a month, she said that there were homes that didn’t have as many residents, but that it was pretty standard. We asked her if she knew of anyplace for maybe $3000.00/month. She knew of a number of homes at that price and after visiting a few, Dad found a nice Home, where he could have the master bedroom and garage access, and that only had one other resident. All for only $3500.00 a month. Dad ended up living there for almost a year until a slip and fall in the shower sent him to the hospital from which he never recovered.

The Next Big Scandal

It’s my belief that the Assisted Living Industry is the next big scandal waiting to hit the headlines. I inquired about the average time a person lived in Assisted Living and was told it’s between two to three years. At those prices I wondered if it was because the resident died or just ran out of money. All one needs to do is Google Assisted Living Scandal to see that it’s an issue that is calling for investigation and possible over site. It’s time we look at these national organizations who have obviously colluded to set prices across the country but to especially look at these Group Home entrepreneurs who are making huge amounts of money with very little if any oversight.

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Politically Incorrect; Thinking of Setting Up an Antique Booth?

Thinking of setting up an Antique booth in an Antique Mall as maybe a little side hustle? Don’t and I’ll tell you why. There are so many systemic weaknesses in the business model it’s almost hard to know where to start. The first systemic weakness is that the Antique Store as a going concern, has become something you do, as your waiting to go to lunch. It’s become like a tourist attraction, where people walk through with no intention of buying anything. And if on the off chance, they happen to see something they like, they quickly pull out a phone and research it on Ebay, where they can quickly get an education and the good, better and best price. Nowadays most Antique Stores list a large part of their inventory on Ebay, and it’s not surprising to hear that 50-75% of their business comes from their on-line postings.

The second systemic weakness, is the way the Antique business has trained their customers, not to pay the marked price. You can casually walk a store and hear over and over the same weak enticement, “if you see something you like, let me know I’m sure we can work something out”. They create the impression that they are desperate to sell almost at any price. After years of this type of behavior, customers look upon Antique Stores and Malls, as not much better than a flea market or garage sale. It’s like it’s “Let’s Make a Deal” and the dealers are Monte Hall.

The third systemic weakness is the rise of the Antique Malls, with their mistaken belief, that there is strength in numbers. The only people making any money are the Mall owners. This is such a sucker deal that it has to be discussed in it’s entirely. First off they charge anywhere from 1.50 to 3.00 per square foot of space. So a 10’x10′ booth can run anywhere from 150.00 a month to 300.00 a month depending on where the booth is located in the Mall. Booths near the front or on the corners can even demand more.

In addition to the rent, most Malls take a 10% cut of anything they ring up at their registers. Side deals or off site transactions are strictly forbidden. The Mall is only interested in sales and has no incentive in maintaining the gross margin of a booth owner. Since the Mall makes 10% on anything you sell, in a lot of cases they even volunteer to call the owners, to see if they will accept a lower price on behalf of the customer. The Mall owners often develop an adversarial relationship with the booth owners, if they refuse to answer their calls or constantly refuse to drop their prices, even for the most ludicrous offers. On top of the rent and the 10% override many Malls require the booth owners to work one or two days a week, for free.These 8 hr shifts constitute free labor for the Mall, and they love free labor.

Malls advertising budgets are often small and ineffectual or non-existent. They relief in large part on the booth owners use of their own social media platforms, to advertise the Mall for them. After all how do you advertise your booth without telling them where it’s at and as such advertising the Mall. The Mall owners love this free advertising and will actually criticize you if your social media presence is weak.

It’s these three systemic weaknesses, that have made setting up an Antique Booth a losing proposition. You better off building a website and creating an on-line store, but when you factor in the cost of shipping and handling this puts additional strain on profit margins that are already very low. You basically (depending on your cost) making pennies on the dollar. That’s why the Affiliate Marketing business model makes so much sense. Choose from millions of products to promote without the hassle of maintaining inventories or shipping. In addition to that depending on the products you promote there are many opportunities for residual payments, and who doesn’t like the idea of being paid over and over for making one sale.

If, you have never considered Affiliate Marketing I encourage you to take a look at the Wealthy Affiliates Platform. It’s free, but whatever you do don’t try setting up an Antique Booth, the industry has killed itself.

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