Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

What is Reality

We represent the World internally, we respond to our internal experience of reality (how we feel), not to the external reality itself. These interpretations determine how we experience each moment and lays the foundation for our future. Having choices about how to interpret your reality now, changes your experience of it.

Choices Expand Reality

When you increase your choices your choosing to expand your reality. The more choices you have the freer you are and the more influence you have over yourself and others. The greater choice comes from being able to change your perceptual position. Change your mind, change your life.

The three main perceptual positions.

  • Your point of view, associated with self
  • Their point of view, associated with others
  • Fly on the wall, associated with the witness

Choose How You Respond

Being able to assume multiple perceptual positions allows one to more consciously choose your feelings, thoughts, and finally actions, in all types of situations. All behavior has a structure, when you understand the structure you can change the behavior.

What Do You Deserve

Our actions are not random, behind every behavior there is a positive intention, it’s either the anticipation of pleasure or the avoidance of pain. People want to achieve that which they value, it comes down to what you believe you are more deserving of, pleasure or pain.

Our Most Valuable Resource

We all act to our current level of awareness, by bringing the underlying purpose of a particular action into awareness, we create more choices for ourselves and others. We all have the resources to attain the knowledge we want. Our most valuable resource is our ability to learn. There are no unresourceful people only unresourceful states of mind.


The key to achieving anything is in knowing how to change this state of mind. Your state of mind is the key that either locks or unlocks the doors to the infinite reservoirs of knowledge that lay within all of us. One of the fastest ways to do this is to change your internal dialogue, only by breaking the habit of negative self-talk, can this be attained. Start by changing your perceptual position on any mental, emotional, or physical symptom that arises. By looking at problems from differing perspectives you open up more choices, and with more choice comes more freedom.


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