Choice Can Be An Illusion

Choice Can Be An Illusion

It’s An Illusion

I’ve been writing recently, a lot about beliefs, and how everyone has a choice on what they believe. But then I  started to wonder why, I continued to choose beliefs that didn’t serve me, even if it’s only for a few days. I then realized that the choice of beliefs is an illusion to a lot of people, and here’s why.

Be Aware

In order to make a choice about a belief a person must first be
enlightened. By enlightened I simply mean, being aware that you are not
your mind. That the voice you hear is the conditioned mind, which is the
result of your past history and the cultural mindset you inherited.

The Habitual Mind

Breaking the bond of this mind-identification is key in being able to make
rational choices about the beliefs we hold, otherwise we unconsciously
choose beliefs that conform to our habitual mind.

Psychological Time

The habitual mind lives in psychological time of a past and a future,
constantly judging the present by comparing it to past patterns and
projecting future outcomes. Unconsciously the habitual mind seeks to
recreate what it knows and is familiar with.

Repeats The Past

If your past history and cultural mindset are of an egocentric and
self-sabotage nature, your doomed to repeat them. The habitual mind
always wants to adhere to the known and will attract and manifest
whatever corresponds to its inner state. The conditioned mind runs the

Stay Conscious

No one consciously chooses dysfunction, it’s our inability to stay conscious and focused on the present that leads to poor choices. Choice requires consciousness, without it we suffer.

Make a Decision

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