Corporate Capitalism is Dead; Especially to Boomers

Corporate Capitalism is Dead; Especially to Boomers

Change Your Paradigm

During times of social unrest and economic upheaval, there are always a minority of people who not only don’t buy into the universal neurosis being pushed but realize it’s a perfect time to change their paradigm. They realize that a majority of unemployed Boomers will never be rehired, and if they do find a job it will either be 100% commission (which will work for some) or low paying service jobs (which will work for some), but many will find themselves in limbo, unable to accept the fact that nobody will hire them, even after years of searching.

Create Your Own Job

If you are over 55 don’t waste time looking for a job, create your own. The competition is fierce for those mediocre mid-management jobs, but wide open to the creative entrepreneur. What will become abundantly clear is that Big Business not only doesn’t see  Boomers as an asset, they see you as a liability. The solution (like so many solutions) is so simple that it’s the reason so many miss it. Find out what you’re good at and help people be just as good.

Holistic Capitalism

Corporate Capitalism has made making a profit their most important product. Discrimination, environmental pollution, destruction of forests, poisoning of towns, scarring of mountains, fouling the atmosphere, all result in the pursuit of profit. But by far the most devastating thing that Corporate Capitalism has done is brainwash society into believing that materialism is more important then spiritualism. They ignore that the true purpose of society’s economy is to serve the evolution of humanity and support life on earth. Not to destroy life and enslave its people.

The Law

There is a “Law of Unfoldment”, which states that Man can advance only
by going from where he is, to the place where he would like to be. This
is not because the Law is limited, but because it is Law. As man unfolds
in his mentality, the Law automatically reacts to him. We all start at the beginning and as we complete each task our understanding increases, the information starts to unfold in our minds. We become more confident and slowly we start to manifest, what we imagined.

Where do we start

The way to do this is to begin right where we are and through constantly applying
ourselves to increasing our knowledge, we gradually increase in wisdom and
understanding, for in this way alone will good results be obtained. If
day by day we have a greater understanding and a clearer concept, if
daily we are learning more and applying it in our actions, then we are
on the right path and eventually, we shall see results. This is a law, but we can never stop, even if you make mistakes, you keep moving toward your goal.

It is a wonderful

It is a wonderful experience and a great adventure to make conscious use of knowledge, to feel that you can plant an idea in your mind and see it gradually take form. Taking something from your imagination and turning it into reality is what gives pleasure. It’s an example of cause and effect.

Don’t be impatient

There should not be any sense of hurry or worry about this, just a calm, peaceful sense of reality. Let the Law work through and express itself in, the experience. There should be no idea of compulsion. We do not have to make the Law work, it is its nature to work. Let nature takes its course, you can not hurry a tree to grow or a flower to bloom.


Enjoy the Experience

In gladness, then, we should make known our desires, and in confidence, we should wait upon the Law to manifest through us. Taking an idea or desire and giving it form, is turning immaterial into the material. It’s like creating art, it should be fun. Don’t stress.

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