For Want of a Leader

For Want of a Leader

We Need a Visonary

The Country is crying out for Leadership. A charismatic visonary who can bring people together in a common cause, with a common vision. Someone who has the vision and the ability to affect incremental change across a wide spectrum of issues. The problem with the Democrat Party is that it’s leaders are trying to be all things to all people. When you try to be all things to all people, you end up being nothing to anyone.

The Problem with the Green New Deal

The problem with everyone’s Green New Deal is exactly that, trying to be everything to everybody. Rolling out incomprehensible plans, at the incomprehensible expense is not a vision any of them can articulate. Trying to change our whole economy, while trying to answer every environmental problem facing America is simply illogical and not doable. What is needed is a systematic incremental plan with easily definable goals and targets. If they would focus on the biggest issue first, everything else would fall into place naturally.

Replace a Obsolete Technology

The biggest issue I see is to replace the obsolete technology of carbon based energy with a cleaner alternative electric energy. And the number one user of carbon based energy is the automobile. Simply changing the obsolete internal combustion engine with an electric alternative would create a cascading effect that would change our economy and the worlds.

Auto Industry Bailout

We have bailed out the Auto Industry before and we can do it again if they agree to work toward the common good. Otherwise the Government can open its own Automotive plant.

The common good is to

  • Design an electric engine for long term sustainability (10 years 200,000 miles warranty) and affordability.
  • Standardized power plant design would ensure components could be used in all models.
  • The standardized power plant design would not be patented and would¬† be used to build all models with interchangeable components used in all models.
  • The offerings would be economy, intermediate, luxury, suv, truck, Semi, Bus.

Infrastructure agreements would be to

  • Start replacing one bay of pumps to standardized electric charging stations in every Gas station in the country.
  • Expand existing Solar panel rollout to businesses and residential properties including installing stardized charging stations in homes and parking facilities nationwide.
  • Mag line technology connecting airports. 500 miles per hour makes plane obsolete.
  • Increase Solar power plants nation wide converting oil refineries where possible

Electric Power is Cheaper and Cleaner

Based on current estimates on the cost of kilowatt-hours, it would cost approx 600.00 a year to charge your car to drive 15,000 miles. Currently, consumers are paying approx. 2,600 a year to fill a tank once a week.. Raise the standard of living while cleaning the environment.

No Demand and the Price of Oil Drops

Based on supply and demand the U.S. would be able to drop the price of oil it is exporting, to 75.00 a barrel and eventually 50.00 a barrel (probably in five years).  A percentage of every barrel price goes to offsetting infrastructure expense.

Become the Worlds Largest Exporter of Oil

Under cutting all competition we would quickly become, the worlds largest exporter of oil. This would change the geopolitics of the oil industry worldwide and give us revenue to start infrastructure changes at home and abroad. Utilize our position of power to help other nations reduce their oil dependence. Decreasing the worlds dependence on OPEC nations and substantially changing OPEC’s ability to hold the world ransom to fluctuating oil prices based on world tensions would only improve market stability.

It’s Just the Beginning

Cost of converting this obsolete industry would be hugh and take a minimum of ten years. But the savings in converting to a cheaper more eco-friendly technology would be quickly realized and felt by everyone. As the fossil fuel industry becomes more obsolete the expense of maintaining it’s infrastructure can be diverted to other industry needs.

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