Forgive College Loans

Forgive College Loans

When Education became Big Business

In the 60s a belief started to form that a blue-collar job was bad and if you wanted to get ahead in society you had to have a white-collar job, and you needed a college degree, in order to get it. As this belief started to spread you started to see more and more high schools eliminating their technical training classes and replacing them with college prep classes.

Slowly the perception started that tech classes were for the slow-minded and kids started to look down at classes like auto tech or woodworking tech. As interest in these classes diminished, they slowly started to disappear in high schools across the country. Denying millions of kids, who would have been more than happy, learning the basics of a trade, out in the cold

Big Finance saw an Opportunity

With the changes in 65 by the Johnson Administration, Student Loans became Federally backed and made available to everybody, no matter what the families income. This played right into the hands of Big finance, who took advantage of this dis-empowering belief, and with their unlimited advertising muscle, and the control of Congress has been able to turn millions into Debt Slaves.

Why has the Cost of College Skyrocketed

Colleges and Universities have been and still are prime supporters of this dis-empowering belief for obvious reasons, the business of Education has become big business, as the tremendous rise in Tuition will attest. The rapid rise in tuition is directly linked to the easy access to loan monies, they have been co-conspirators with big Finance and have been more than happy to see families and young people go into great debt, without remorse.

They are lying to us

It can no longer be said if it ever was, that Colleges and Universities teach the critical thinking skills that people need to get ahead in society. These skills are inherent in everyone and only need enlightened guidance and good practices to bring them out. These same colleges and universities are guilty of false advertising and have not fulfilled their obligations, they have become bastions of elitists, that talk diversity through both sides of their mouths. They stifle free speech and can not tolerate anyone that doesn’t hold their exalted views of themselves.

Student Loan defaults at an all-time high

Even now Student Loan defaults are at an all-time high and rising. Isn’t it interesting also that it’s one obligation that can’t be dismissed through bankruptcy? The Government should do something for the millions who have fallen into arrears and do something about the inflated cost of a higher education period. A market adjustment needs to happen. We saw it with the Stock Market, Banks, and Real Estate. Something needs to be done for the millions of families who suffer under the hardship of loans they will never be able to repay.

Big Business calls the shots

Why is the Government always willing to bail out big Finance and do nothing for the average citizen? Our whole foreign policy is based on what’s good for Big Business. We spend Trillions in the Middle East while ignoring our own infrastructure and our own citizens. Too many politicians are looking to capitalize on their relations with big business.

Education for the benefit of educators, not students

And nothing will change until people start getting mad enough and demand that Higher Education in America is not for the advancement of the students, it’s for the advancement of Education, for the school administrators and the faculty. And especially for the benefit of big Finance, that sit’s there rubbing their hands like the proverbial “Fagan” in Dickens, asking how much do they owe us now.


I’ve asked a lot of people why they think the cost of a college education has gotten so expensive, and most people don’t have the foggiest idea. It’s because of the liberal access to loans that you can’t get out, or even by declaring bankruptcy. Anyone looking at College Campuses today can plainly see that the last thing they are interested in is the students. They are only interested in their own self-interest. Big Education is Big Business and something has to change.

We must realize that a College Diploma does not guarantee success today or in the future. It’s only important to Big Finance and is a dis-empowering belief that’s being pushed by Big Finance and Big Education. An empowering belief is that there are other avenues available, and it’s not worth turning you and your family into Debt Slaves for life.

Big Education is quickly pricing themselves into irrelevancy and I’m happy to bring it to your attention.

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