Is Yoga Good for Baby Boomers?

Is Yoga Good for Baby Boomers?

It’s Never to Late for Yoga

If you’ve ever wondered if starting Yoga in your late 50s is a good idea, let me tell you about my experience. I decided to start doing Yoga seriously at 59 years old. My main motivation was to improve my flexibility for my golf game. I started taking classes at the local Gym that I belonged to. While the instructors were usually very nice, I noticed right away that the classes were full for the good ones and empty for the others, not so good.

Don’t Be Intimidated

I admit to being intimidated at first, not knowing the difference between an up dog and a down dog, but from my position in the back of the class, I slowly started gaining confidence. One of the disadvantages of doing Yoga in a Gym environment is that most gyms have one maybe two Yoga sessions a day. Luckily I was able to establish a routine of three days a week.

Notice the Difference

After three months of classes, I noticed a few things. My flexibility had improved as shown in my golf game, but I was surprised that my balance and coordination also showed marked improvement. I also seemed to be handling my stress levels a little better, and I even found myself kinda meditating as I tried to control my breathing while doing my Yoga routine.

A Better Way to Fitness

I’ve since learned that Yoga especially for Baby Boomers is not only safer but outperforms Aerobic exercises, at improving flexibility and balance but also improving core strength and reducing joint pain. Yoga has been pretty mainstream in Gyms for the last ten years and even longer in certain parts of the country. But the problem with Gyms is that the classes are limited and the instruction can vary greatly. But it is inexpensive. Private Yoga studios offer greater flexibility and quality instruction making it easier to establish a routine, but the facilities can vary greatly with regard to changing rooms showers and spa facilities. And they can be expensive.

If your looking to start doing Yoga today I would really suggest you look at joining an On-line Yoga Program. is the company I’d recommend, and here’s why.

Who are they

Name: Yogadownload


Price: Competitive

Owner: Jamie Kent

Overall Rank: 9.6 out of 10.0

Product Overview

On-line training programs is one of the fastest-growing segments in the fitness industry. Fitness apps are growing 87% faster than other industries, with more than 1/2 of all smartphone users have a fitness app on their phone. Online programs offer members the ability to log on anytime from anywhere. The programs are taught by some of the best instructors, at a fraction of the cost of a studio. Not only can you do a routine at your convenience but you can fine-tune to exactly the type of yoga you want and the skill level your at. Many other features are available including the fact that you belong to a social community of like-minded people that are very engaged in what you’re doing.

The Pros

  • World Class instructors
  • Unsurpassed quality and selection of classes to choose from
  • Free video downloads for offline use
  • Affordability: $1.00 2 week intro, $12.00/month basic $18.00/month premium $120/yr premium
  • Experience: 10 years on-line, 220,000 members, 56 countries
  • Yoga anywhere on any mobile device

The Cons

  • Need to be self-motivated
  • Exercise usually at home alone
  • Nobody to check your form or posture

Who’s it for

90% of people come to Yoga for flexibility, stress relief, general health, and physical fitness. But for Baby Boomers specifically, along with these obvious benefits, it can help problems like chronic pain, fatigue, obesity, asthma, but even more important Yoga offers a chance at self-reflection, to practice self-kindness and self-compassion and continued growth and self-awareness.

If your a Baby Boomer and you feel it’s too late to start, that your not “flexible enough” you need to realize that Yoga is not about attaining the perfect pose, it’s not about being “good enough” or “right”, Yoga is about removing any judgment and letting you be present to who you are now.

Verdict is a proven performer in the industry. ranked the #4 in the industry, after visiting the sites of the competitors, I found to be of higher quality, more professional site. They are highly interactive with their members offering a wide variety of programs and products designed to improve the quality of life now.

Lastly is the business opportunity that offers through their Affiliate program, if your an active blogger and want to help pass the word you might look at becoming an Affiliate. Hit the link to check them out
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