Job Searches; The Truth

Job Searches; The Truth

The Job Search Industry

If your over 50 don’t waste one minute putting your information into a job search site like Indeed, Monster, or Ziprecruiter. Age discrimination is rampant in our society and is aggravated when unemployment is high. High numbers of unemployed and the increased risk to seniors of contracting the virus make getting hired for anything extremely unlikely.  These “Job Search Sites” are only fronts for an industry that targets the unemployed. The “Job Search” industry is designed to turn fear into apathy.

Apply for Imaginary Jobs

They offer a temporary pancrea, by having you fill out endless applications for “catfish” jobs that don’t exist now or never existed at all. Giving your e-mail address to a “Job Search” site allows you to be bombarded by an Industry that has made it a fine art of instilling fear and scarcity into their supposed “clients”.

Job Sites are Elaborate Sales Funnels

These sites provide nothing more than highly effective and elaborate sales funnels for companies that prey upon the unemployed. These range from resume writing and interviewing services, prescription plans, insurance companies, truck driving, and nursing schools, to name only a few.

Job Sites Turn Fear Into Apathy

Filling out countless applications, over many months, turns fear and anger into apathy, as you slowly realize that you are being discriminated against and that there is nothing you can do about it. Constant rejection leads to disempowering beliefs to take hold.

Keeps you Distracted

This mind-numbing process of posting applications for jobs already filled or that never existed in the first place is designed to keep millions distracted from the fact that the whole system is a predatory sales funnel, for businesses that specialize in “serving” the displaced worker.

Don’t Waste Your Time

Wasting even one minute applying for a job on one of these sites is taking time away from improving yourself and inventing the person you wish to become. It is only through knowledge that we become able to discern the pattern behind the chaos.

Turn Your Back on the Fear

Turning our backs on the emotions of fear and scarcity, being pushed by these Job Search sites is only a first step. Working at raising up our consciousness levels through fear, desire, anger, and pride to finally reach courage should be our main focus, for without courage nothing is possible.

Knowledge is Freedom

We must understand ourselves before we can understand others. It is not hard to make decisions once we know what our core values are. Would you rather be called a failure or a quitter? The opposite of faith is fear and fear is utterly meaningless. What would you do if you didn’t need money? Freedom is within your grasp. Freedom is not a destination, its attitude.

Create the Art that is You

In gladness, then, we should make known our desires, and in confidence, we should wait upon the Law of Being to manifest through us. Taking an idea or desire and giving it form, is turning immaterial into the material. It’s like creating art, it should be fun. Don’t stress.

You Can Lead a Horse to Water

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