Network Marketing: The Answer to Age Discrimination

Network Marketing: The Answer to Age Discrimination

Are You a Leader

According to the Wharton School of Business, “One of the traits of a great leader is being able to identify “invisible” behavior, in other words, seeing potential winners or faint trends before competitors discover them”.

Retirement is Becoming Obsolete

In my Blog, The Linear Life Plan: Age Discrimination in the Workplace I wrote that increasing life expectancy and better health is altering the definition of retirement. And while many people are beginning to question if retirement even makes sense, our society is still stuck in the Linear Life Cycle.

No Opportunities in Traditional Companies

When a Baby Boomer decides that they want to re-enter the job Market, they are shocked to find that there are virtually no opportunities. Traditional Companies blatantly discriminate against anyone 50 or older.They either ignore your on-line application completely or send you a trite response about your qualifications not matching the job profile.

Age Discrimination is Rampant

The Law protecting you against discrimination based on age, is a sham, because it is so hard to successfully litigate a claim of Age Discrimination against a Company, Lawyers are disinclined to even accepting your case.

On-Line Applications have made it Easier to Discriminate

Since on-line applications have become the preferred way companies take applications, people who are over 50, with 20 years to easily devote to a new company, find their options severely restricted, either to 100% commissioned based jobs like Life Insurance, Real Estate, and Automotive Sales or to Service Jobs, working for a Company that makes you wear either an apron, vest or paper hat.

Uber is Hiring

With the advent of ride share technology, another job easily attained if your over 50 is with Uber or Lyft. Were you can ruin your car for minimum wage, but at least you can work when you want.

It’ a Civil Rights Issue

What is real surprising is the docile way people over 50 have accepted this. It’s like they feel guilty being in the position of having to work or wanting to work.It’s shocking how little you hear about this issue. Let the discrimination be racial, gender based or sexual and you hear an uproar. When it’s age discrimination you hear only silence.

Force Society to Change

I think this issue affects millions of people, and instead of meekly accepting the status quo we should be looking at electing representatives with a mandate to change the situation, refocus our lobbying efforts (A.A.R.P.) and even boycott offending companies.

We Need to Look at Ourselves

But even more important is we need to look inside ourselves. If we can’t find¬† decent Jobs, because of what society believes, then it’s up to us to create them. The Network Marketing industry is in a unique position to do just that. We are blessed to live in an age of unparalleled technological growth, were the world is literally at our finger tips.

Unique Opportunities are all Around Us.

The Internet opens up the opportunity of Network Marketing to anyone with a Web connection and a reasonable amount of ambition.The skills you learn, will change you and your life.. This being said why do so many Home Based Businesses face such strong resistance, when trying to build their Networks? Why are we so skeptical?

The Three Biggest Reasons

  • Pain Avoidance; Fear of the unknown, leaving the safe familiar confines we recognize as a JOB. The identification with the superior, subordinate dynamic of the traditional Job, is a mind set, that even though it no longer serves us, is hard to leave.
  • Holding on to a blame and victim mentality; We are afraid to take responsibility of ourselves.The time has come to realize that our lives are up to us, it no longer serves us to blame society for our circumstances.
  • Core beliefs about the Universe; If we believe that the universe is an unsafe scary struggle or a place of love and trust, colors the story we create for ourselves. We can either see the universe as it actually is or how we think it is.

We Can Make Age Discrimination Obsolete

As long as we fear, blame and believe that our lives are the result of an unfair and unjust system, we will not be able to move forward, no matter how much we desire it. Age Discrimination is only a story we tell ourselves because it releases us of the responsibility of forming relationships with others. Network Marketing is all about relationship building. Nobody will believe in you or your network if you don’t believe in yourself.

No matter what your age or avocation, I’m convinced that everyone has a best seller in them. Don’t die with your story inside you. There is a Website that will train you, filled with a community of like minded people, to help and encourage you,¬† in achieving your goals. Check out my custom sign up page. It’s free to try it out, what have you got to lose.

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