Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

What is Reality

We represent the World internally, we respond to our internal experience of reality (how we feel), not to the external reality itself. These interpretations determine how we experience each moment and lays the foundation for our future. Having choices about how to interpret your reality now, changes your experience of it.

Choices Expand Reality

When you increase your choices your choosing to expand your reality. The more choices you have the freer you are and the more influence you have over yourself and others. The greater choice comes from being able to change your perceptual position. Change your mind, change your life.

The three main perceptual positions.

  • Your point of view, associated with self
  • Their point of view, associated with others
  • Fly on the wall, associated with the witness

Choose How You Respond

Being able to assume multiple perceptual positions allows one to more consciously choose your feelings, thoughts, and finally actions, in all types of situations. All behavior has a structure, when you understand the structure you can change the behavior.

What Do You Deserve

Our actions are not random, behind every behavior there is a positive intention, it’s either the anticipation of pleasure or the avoidance of pain. People want to achieve that which they value, it comes down to what you believe you are more deserving of, pleasure or pain.

Our Most Valuable Resource

We all act to our current level of awareness, by bringing the underlying purpose of a particular action into awareness, we create more choices for ourselves and others. We all have the resources to attain the knowledge we want. Our most valuable resource is our ability to learn. There are no unresourceful people only unresourceful states of mind.


The key to achieving anything is in knowing how to change this state of mind. Your state of mind is the key that either locks or unlocks the doors to the infinite reservoirs of knowledge that lay within all of us. One of the fastest ways to do this is to change your internal dialogue, only by breaking the habit of negative self-talk, can this be attained. Start by changing your perceptual position on any mental, emotional, or physical symptom that arises. By looking at problems from differing perspectives you open up more choices, and with more choice comes more freedom.


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Can Baby Boomers Change their Beliefs?

It’s Time to Re-evaluate Your Beliefs

Once you reach a certain age it’s natural to go through a period of re-evaluation. We look back and wonder how’d I get here, and now that I’m here where am I going? I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately in a book be Ernest Holmes, “The Science of the Mind”, I came across the term “cause and effect”, Holmes basically said that the” cause” is our thoughts and the “effect” is our life. Digging deeper my thoughts were only the effects of my beliefs. If you are dissatisfied with the life you have, it’s because of the beliefs you hold. It became clear to me that if I wanted to change my life I had to start with my beliefs. This has turned out to be easier said than done.

Where are our Beliefs Held?

If I really wanted to change these beliefs, I had to find out where they have been hiding. As I started to research this, I’ve come to find that there is a lot of differing opinions about our Minds and how it works and that this debate has been the subject of Philosophers forever, and our understanding of what Consciousness is still just now being understood. I’m going to try to summarize what I’ve come up with, and see if this makes any sense to you.

Subjective vs. Objective

Most “experts” agree that the mind is basically divided into two parts, This Duelists approach see the mind having an unconscious subjective side and a conscious objective side. Now to complicate this debate physicists have come to believe that the Universe, matter as we know it, is really just energy, each element vibrating at different frequencies, these vibrations are received in the Mind thru neutral receptors and arranged into intelligent formations. These formations are our perceptions and they are stored in the mind. These perceptions are stored in the mind first in the part of the mind concerned with the now( the conscious side) and later moved to (the unconscious side) that is concerned with the past.

The Experts Say

The experts theorize that the unconscious part of the mind takes up 87% of the available capacity. What’s interesting about this subjective part of the mind is that it’s not interesting if a thought is true or false, it’s just there. The conscious side of the mind the objective side is a lot smaller and doesn’t have the room to store all this information. so once thought is perceived in the conscious mind it goes through a process of reticular activation, where the mind works 24/7 looking for examples to either support or deny the validity of the thought. Depending on the input it forms patterns of formation which in turn become habits and beliefs and eventually they are moved to the unconscious to make room for things in the now. Once a habit or belief is moved to the subjective side of the mind, it’s no longer concerned if it’s true or false it just is.

How Beliefs are Formed

To give you an example of this process, say your a young child between the age of birth to 8 years old, and your conscious mind sees a situation where complaining works to get what someone wants. Through the process of reticular activation, the mind starts looking for patterns to prove and reaffirm what the conscious mind saw. If the child s environment is filled with a lot of complaining this thought pattern (complaining works) becomes a habitual thought and eventually a belief, and gets filed away in the memory of the subjective mind, which is not concerned whether it’s true or not. The child is totally unconscious of this happening. But the habit of complaining about things is now a part of his behavior because subconsciously he believes it works.

Fundamental and Ancillary Beliefs

We form beliefs about everything, it’s important to recognize that It’s the scope of the belief that’s important Is it a fundamental belief or an ancillary belief? There is a big difference in believing Lima beans are bad (ancillary belief) versus believing vegetables are bad (fundamental belief) It’s possible to have a good life with some dis-empowering beliefs as long as they are ancillary beliefs. It’s even possible to have a good life if some of your dis-empowering beliefs are fundamental as long as they are balanced with some powerful fundamental beliefs

. Another example, there is a big difference between believing a certain man can’t be trusted versus believing people can’t be trusted. This person may attain an overall sense of belonging and even a sort of happiness dealing with others but the chances of this person having a happy life are highly reduced simply because of this one belief. Look at the difference, believing I can’t change versus people don’t change easily, would have on a person. They would have no problem in believing others could change but when it came to them personally they would constantly be presented with situations that would reinforce their belief that they can’t change. When challenged, that they are resistant to change, they will hide behind a mask and lie saying that’s not true, when in reality they subconsciously believe it.

We Can Change

The good news is that we can change, and it starts with awareness. Realizing that it’s the disempowering beliefs that are the cause. The neutral universe will only grow what is planted no more no less. Think back to a time when you only had a phone in your house and if you weren’t home you missed the call. Remember when the first message machines came out and we could review the call we had missed. And now think about what you would do if you left your cell phone at home.

The Mind of God

The mind of God, which is in us all, takes the beliefs we hold and
manifest’s them into our lives., Medicine can’t explain it but
spiritualists down through the ages have spoken about it, written about
it, and have believed in it. You can choose to believe it or not, it’s
your choice. Long term personal growth must include the encouragement to
think for ourselves, we must challenge long-held beliefs that haven’t served us
and establish new beliefs. I believe we are our own Higher Power, the
kingdom of heaven lies within us. Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, and Allah all lie within us. They are all actually aspects of us. We have it in
ourselves to create the world of our dreams. Fear (ego) is terrified
that we might learn this and continues to tell us that our nature is
sinful. By keeping us focused on the outside we never connect with our
inside, our Higher Self.

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Addiction is a Mental Illness

It Starts with a Belief

Ever wonder why you are addicted? Stop focusing on the behaviors and start looking at the causes. The cause of all our behaviors is our beliefs. Beliefs you might not even realize you have.

Then a Behavior

Insanity is engaging in the same behavior, and expecting a different result. You’re a complainer because sub-consciously you believe that complaining helps solve problems. You criticize because sub-consciously you believe it makes you feel better about yourself. Your impatient because you believe that being impatient resolves issues quicker. Your dis-empowering beliefs are the cause, and your unmanageable life is the effect. Your irritability and discontent is because of this feeling of un-manageability and you seek relief.

What Makes You Miserable

Anything that will help you forget, even for a little while, this feeling, of being discontented with self. Always thinking about me, me, me. This belief that the world revolves around me, creates an endless need to be accepted and cared for by others. In more severe cases it can cause us to feel that we are not lovable or valuable and that we don’t really belong. We don’t feel safe being our authentic self, so we create a false self, and the fear of this false self, being found out, leads to more and more elaborate lies and myth-building about who we really are

It Gets Worse

As we work harder to sustain these myths we become neurotic about being found out. This neurosis further helps establish the dis-empowering beliefs systems with regard to how we interact with the world. So in addition to being critical, impatient, complainer we become arrogant, bossy, aggressive. We know the innate truth and it makes us angry, and discontent.

Until We Explode or Implode

As we live with these dis-empowering beliefs, as we continue to dishonor ourselves, and permit others to dishonor us, our unexpressed anger grows. As this anger grows, eventually it explodes, usually over a minor thing, and we lash out, hurting our loved ones causing remorse or we implode, getting angry with ourselves, causing depression, or we do both. We are taught to lie in order to belong. We learn to pretend, to be different from who we actually are, to fit in, belong, to feel safe, to survive, it’s all a lie. Others talk about being honest, and we see them lie all the time.

We Deny It

We learn denial, the ability to distract ourselves and shut down what we need and want. We deny what we observe or know to be true about others. We create fantasies of how we wish things could be, at the same time making excuses, to do nothing that would change the situation. The more we deny the less we heal, the more we lie to ourselves, the further we get from our true selves. Honesty becomes our biggest challenge.

The Way Out

In order to break ” the bondage of self “, we have to start at our spiritual center. We have to examine our beliefs about the Universe. The belief that the Universe is evil is a lie. We must realize that there is no such thing as evil. That it is only wrong thinking that leads to evil. We were made in the image of our Creator and his will for us is to be happy and prosper. The Universe was created especially to grow man. The soil will grow whatever is planted, it’s neutral, it only grows. If we continue to plant dis-empowering beliefs, we shouldn’t be surprised that we reap a lack of power in our lives. It’s simple cause and effect.

12 Steps

The 12 Step program of recovery has been around since the 30s. Following the steps allows a transmutation to occur in your thinking. You come to the realization that instead of being the victim in your life, you can be the hero, and it’s simply a choice, that you can make.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

A Narcissistic Personality Disorder creates a belief system that only sees the world through the eyes of your ego. It creates a reality based on lies, which leaves us feeling isolated and alone. The feelings of irritability and discontent are the effects of Narcissistic thinking. The main problem with the Narcissist is that they are trapped in the bondage of self. It’s my BELIEF that Narcissistic Personality Disorder is not the rare psychological condition that some would like us to believe, but that it’s the root cause of most addictions today.

I Know What I Know

According to Martha Beck in her book ” Finding Your Way in a Wild New World”, in order to be a genius at anything, it takes 10,000 hours of deep practice. Following that criteria then I’m a genius when it comes to Alcoholism. I’ve earned my seat and I know what I know. Today I’m more convinced the ever, that lurking beneath every addiction is a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. When we start addressing this Disorder head-on, is when we will start seeing recovery rates climb.

Another Lie

To say that this condition is rare and that people can’t recover from a seemingly hopeless case of mind and body is to nurture a dis-empowering belief, usually for financial gain.

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What Is The Future of America; Where are the Futurists?

Unique Opportunity

I for one am tired of the doomsayers who only see the collapse of America and our way of life. We need to start looking at the pandemic as a unique opportunity to usher in the future today. We need a charismatic leader.

What is the future of America

Warnings about our imminent economic collapse go against our history of resilience.and innovation in times of crisis. We have demonstrated in the past a huge capacity to come together when our way of life has been threatened. We need a charismatic leader.

Create the Future Now

38 million unemployed is not the problem the problem is lack of work. 38 million is a huge pool from which to staff the largest most ambitious infrastructure program since the building of the pyramids. In cooperation with technology, we have the ability to begin a new chapter in our history, only if we have the faith and imagination to create a new better stronger America.

Put America to Work

Using the Government Jobs program of the ’30s, the CCC can be used as a templet for Rebuilding America Now. Without going too deep in the woods a modern CCC would have some of the following aspects.

The Modern CCC

  • Two to Three-year non-military service commitment.
  • Commitment linked to receiving unemployment benefits.
  • Voluntary
  • Open to anyone 18 to 28
  • Establish apprentice programs and training programs -Structure Iniin all trades
  • Competitive wages for apprentice journeymen supervisors and management
  • Recruits assigned to geographical areas close to home
  • Utilize and remodel closed military bases throughout the U.S.to house recruits
  • Assigned to specific geographical initiatives based on needs and skills

Infra-Structure Initiatives

  • Inner City Blight Initiative
  • Elementary and High School Initiative
  • Highway, bridge and road repair
  • Nat’l and State park initiative
  • Beautification Initiative
  • Factory and Manufacturing initiative
  • Libraries, post office Initiative
  • 5-G and Wy-Fi initiative
  • Farming Agriculture initiative

Increased Benefits Leads to Dependence

Invest in job creation not in establishing welfare programs. By investing in modernizing our infrastructure with a realistic goal of replacing outdated carbon-based energy for a more environmentally friendly cold fusion or nuclear fusion energy system, augmented with solar and wind.

Technology Being Stifled

Never before in recorded history has a society withheld technology for the profits of a few. A Manhatten style project is needed to uncover the technology needed to get the world off carbon-based energy by 2030. and more importantly, breaking up huge multi-national corporations by simply making their products irrelevant.

Technological Advances that will Change the World

  • 5G  and Wy-Fi and internet rolled out nationwide free.
  • Artificial intelligence initiative, strive to achieve synchronicity by 2025
  • Supercomputer initiative
  • Elimination of all 1500 genetic diseases
  • Big medicine focus becomes cure not treatment
  • Big pharma becomes irrelevant drugs seen as archaic
  • Life expectancy increases to 87 by 2030 and 97 by 2035

A Modern Renaissance

Technology has the power to issue in a new renaissance the likes not seen in recorded history. Ensuring that the 21st century will forever be remembered as a vibrant enlightened and most importantly compassionate start of another golden age in which man ascends to even higher levels of consciousness and understanding of the forces of nature.

Divinely Created

With divine intelligence and imagination, Man has the power to recreate Eden or destroy himself. What side of history do you want to be on the collapse or the renaissance? Make America great again.

A Lifeline

Get the knowledge to thrive in the future here. Utilize technology to market skills and services in the future digital economy, or risk becoming a “left behind”. A pool of easily exploited tech-serfs who bid for the right to be someone’s servant for minimum wage.

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The Importance of Words. Techno-Serf

Lost in Translation

The writing above is similar to the first biblical texts found. This archaic form of Hebrew had to be first translated into Greek and then from the Greek to classic Latin and eventually into English. That we have lost something in the translation goes without saying, but what?

The Origins of Words

Etymology is not a rhetorical or literary device. “Etymology is the investigation of word histories.” Every word in every language has a unique origin and history; words can be born in many ways, and often their histories are quite adventurous and informative. Etymology both investigates and documents the lives (mainly the origins) of words and the importance of the word and its true meaning.

But What Does the Word Mean?

The etymology of a word may include many things. A word’s birthday is usually given as the date of the first known usage of the word in print. If a word, like “selfie”, was created within historical times, it’s origin is described. Most words are developed over hundreds of years out of previous words, going back into the ancient past, so an etymology tries to trace that development back as far as it can, usually ending with the oldest dead language that we actually have records of. Most words had slightly or very different meanings in the ancient languages they came from, which is documented as well.

The When and Why of Words

Words are born and develop in many ways. As they grow, words can change physically and they can change in meaning. They can also give birth to new words or be adopted from far places and foreign languages. In an etymology, you will find the origins of a word and see when, where, and why these changes took place.

Words Come and they Go

Words have an evolutionary pattern, millions of words and their related concepts have become extinct over thousands of years and millions of new words and concepts will be born, in the decades to come.

You Must Know the Word

In order to attain knowledge you must know the words, if you don’t know the words you can’t have the thought. In order to understand the word, you must have “specialized” knowledge. In order to have specialized knowledge you must be educated.

Are You Educated?

An educated man is one who has developed the facilities of his mind, that he may acquire anything he wants or it’s equivalent, without violating the rights of others. Based on these criteria, how many of us are really educated?

The Failure of Big Education

A major failing in our education system is that they don’t teach “critical thinking skills”, which is the ability to organize and utilize the knowledge once they have attained it. The real purpose of education is not to fill man with knowledge but to draw out, to develop within each man, the facilities to utilize the knowledge he has attained.

The Techno-Serf is born

Without “specialized knowledge” more than half of the 38 million non-essential workers released due to the pandemic will eventually coalesce into one vast permanent underclass of “left-behinds”. In essence, the “higher-order” will have a pool of easily algorithmically exploited neo-feudal techno-serfs. A group of people who have reverted back to a form of servitude, to make a living. Their overseer is a computer application.

Is It a Lack of Intelligence or Ambition

Knowing how to market a product or service on the internet requires specialized knowledge. Success comes, if it comes at all, in response to definite demands, based on the application of immutable laws and not by chance or luck. It’s this application of specialized knowledge that allows you to set the price for the services you provide. This “specialized knowledge” is available here. Do you have the intelligence, to do the work?

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Reboot Your Life

Design Your Life

One of the things that makes life worth living is showing people, (especially Baby Boomers), how to overcome limiting beliefs, and reboot their lives. Having goals and striving to attain them no matter your age, adds purpose and meaning to your life. To be without personal goals is to live a groundhog existence, where every day is the same as the day before.

Make It Meaningful

Days filled with meaningless activities designed to eat time is like dying a slow death. Watching time pass, endlessly fighting that nagging feeling that there has to be more. Constantly at war within yourself,.fighting that feeling of despair that you’ve left something undone. To live out your “retirement” with these types of thoughts going through your head is both hard work and stressful and it ages you. It’s time for a reboot.

Don’t Waste It

To watch “Tell A Vision” endlessly, for hours, day after day, year after year constantly comparing yourself to both real and fictional characters, creates a false sense of reality. We become contemptible of real people, with whom we often share beliefs and viewpoints while being sympathetic and identifying with fictional characters, we don’t like but whose make-believe lives help us to escape, even if it’s just for a few hours, the mundane monotony of our own lives.

Addicted to Feeling Less Than

We come to rely upon this “box of illusions”, often confusing it with reality. We imagine it’s us up on that screen, reading that script, pontificating about something. We’re just as good-looking, even better, and our opinions are just as viable, if not more so. So why are you sitting here and not there? It’s because you believe, deep down that your either not smart enough, not good enough, or not deserving enough to be up there.

Willing to Accept Mediocracy

You have become willing to sit idly by and watch others manifest their dreams, while you stay buried deep in the recesses of your mind, only because you’ve convinced yourself that you’re not capable. For years, you’ve bombarded your subconscious mind with negative self-talk that you are not enough. Even now your subconscious is telling you your not healthy enough, or smart enough or deserving enough. Yet every day you watch people, just like you, manifest their dreams, right in front of you. It’s time for a reboot

What’s The Secret?

The people on “Tell-A-Vision” have empowering beliefs about themselves and their place in the world. For any number of reasons, they have formed empowering beliefs, where you have formed dis-empowering ones. They seem to know, what a lot of us have forgotten. That we are creations of a divine intelligence built in its image, with all its capabilities and talents. That we have been placed in a Universe that has one main purpose, and that’s to grow man. Given the free will to believe whatever we want, our divine mind works 24/7 manifesting those beliefs into the neutral Universe, a Universe that has been designed to provide whatever we believe we are worthy of.

Gods Will

When you decided to believe these dis-empowering beliefs is unimportant. What’s important today is that you are aware. And with awareness can come change. Your divine mind is capable of doing anything you believe it can do. Once you realize that the life your living is because you chose it, you can choose to change it. If you’re not happy then your not living God’s Will for you. God’s Will for you is to be simply happy and prosperous.

Everything Got You Here

If you’re not happy then reboot. Stop beating yourself up, that it’s taken so long. Realize that everything that happens in life has a reason, and it got you here, now. Be thankful, its part of the journey, your journey. It doesn’t matter when you reboot, just that you reboot..

Stop Limiting Yourself

Limiting yourself and living an unfulfilled life is actually harder than manifesting the life of your dreams. To constantly be judging and comparing yourself to others is extremely hard work and destroys your body. Instead of wasting time doing that, look for what you’re passionate about. What gives you pleasure and enjoyment, what would seem like play to you, then figure out a way to make money doing it.

Get Paid To Play

Allan Watts said, ” that the goal of every man is to get paid to play”. Find your passion and show others how they can do it too if they believe it strong enough. Stop being the victim of your own dis-empowering beliefs. Design a life that makes you happy. You can start now. Change happens in the now, start small and work outwards.

Be Impeccable With Your Word

Start with your words, both how you speak to yourself and others. Watch for those self-defeating words, and eliminate any demeaning comments. By being constantly aware of your words and how you’ve been talking to yourself and others, we see how the words we use set the foundations for our reality. Say the opposite of what you normally say, start asking people how their day is going, and be interested in how they respond, how they sound and take notice. Look everyone in the eye and start forcing yourself to smile.

Stop Making Assumptions

Stop making assumptions that you know what others are thinking. Stay focused on your own thinking. Think about how you can be of service, how you can make this time better. How can you ease someone’s burdens? Be that ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. Quit the debating society, stop being so concerned about the world out there and worry about the world in here, your mind. Quiet the static, be aware of discordant sounds, and noises. Create peace by being aware of your thinking. Start noticing what emotions bring negativity to your mind and replace it with an empowering emotion. Thoughts are filed in the brain by emotions. Control your emotions and you control your thoughts.

Don’t take it Personally

Become aware that anything anybody says or does to you isn’t about you, it’s about them. They are playing their role and your only a character in their movie. If they have decided you’re the villain in their show there is nothing you can do to change the director’s mind. Stay true to yourself and try not to get sucked into their drama. Again it doesn’t have anything to do with you, it’s all an illusion.

Do your Best

You can only try to do your best. Realizing that we are by nature imperfect. We learn by experience, and some lessons take a long time, a very long time. But when we are ready then we will know. Don’t get down because you continue to fail to live up to your expectations, understand that the most critical judge you will ever face is yourself. Missing the mark doesn’t mean your bad it only shows that your human. Realize that and take better aim. With this awareness, you give yourself space.

Be Patient

It’s all a part of the journey. Our imperfections are how we judge perfection. Without them, we would have no way to measure, and we would not see growth. We all grow at our own rate, wishing it could be different isn’t going to make us grow any faster, as a matter of fact, it retards growth. Take sustenance in progress, be aware of how far you’ve come from where you were, and enjoy the journey.


They say the worst thing you can do is die with your dream inside you. Being aware that the only one stopping you is that person in the mirror. Isn’t it about time that you two started working together?

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Job Searches; The Truth

The Job Search Industry

If your over 50 don’t waste one minute putting your information into a job search site like Indeed, Monster, or Ziprecruiter. Age discrimination is rampant in our society and is aggravated when unemployment is high. High numbers of unemployed and the increased risk to seniors of contracting the virus make getting hired for anything extremely unlikely.  These “Job Search Sites” are only fronts for an industry that targets the unemployed. The “Job Search” industry is designed to turn fear into apathy.

Apply for Imaginary Jobs

They offer a temporary pancrea, by having you fill out endless applications for “catfish” jobs that don’t exist now or never existed at all. Giving your e-mail address to a “Job Search” site allows you to be bombarded by an Industry that has made it a fine art of instilling fear and scarcity into their supposed “clients”.

Job Sites are Elaborate Sales Funnels

These sites provide nothing more than highly effective and elaborate sales funnels for companies that prey upon the unemployed. These range from resume writing and interviewing services, prescription plans, insurance companies, truck driving, and nursing schools, to name only a few.

Job Sites Turn Fear Into Apathy

Filling out countless applications, over many months, turns fear and anger into apathy, as you slowly realize that you are being discriminated against and that there is nothing you can do about it. Constant rejection leads to disempowering beliefs to take hold.

Keeps you Distracted

This mind-numbing process of posting applications for jobs already filled or that never existed in the first place is designed to keep millions distracted from the fact that the whole system is a predatory sales funnel, for businesses that specialize in “serving” the displaced worker.

Don’t Waste Your Time

Wasting even one minute applying for a job on one of these sites is taking time away from improving yourself and inventing the person you wish to become. It is only through knowledge that we become able to discern the pattern behind the chaos.

Turn Your Back on the Fear

Turning our backs on the emotions of fear and scarcity, being pushed by these Job Search sites is only a first step. Working at raising up our consciousness levels through fear, desire, anger, and pride to finally reach courage should be our main focus, for without courage nothing is possible.

Knowledge is Freedom

We must understand ourselves before we can understand others. It is not hard to make decisions once we know what our core values are. Would you rather be called a failure or a quitter? The opposite of faith is fear and fear is utterly meaningless. What would you do if you didn’t need money? Freedom is within your grasp. Freedom is not a destination, its attitude.

Create the Art that is You

In gladness, then, we should make known our desires, and in confidence, we should wait upon the Law of Being to manifest through us. Taking an idea or desire and giving it form, is turning immaterial into the material. It’s like creating art, it should be fun. Don’t stress.

You Can Lead a Horse to Water

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Corporate Capitalism is Dead; Especially to Boomers

Change Your Paradigm

During times of social unrest and economic upheaval, there are always a minority of people who not only don’t buy into the universal neurosis being pushed but realize it’s a perfect time to change their paradigm. They realize that a majority of unemployed Boomers will never be rehired, and if they do find a job it will either be 100% commission (which will work for some) or low paying service jobs (which will work for some), but many will find themselves in limbo, unable to accept the fact that nobody will hire them, even after years of searching.

Create Your Own Job

If you are over 55 don’t waste time looking for a job, create your own. The competition is fierce for those mediocre mid-management jobs, but wide open to the creative entrepreneur. What will become abundantly clear is that Big Business not only doesn’t see  Boomers as an asset, they see you as a liability. The solution (like so many solutions) is so simple that it’s the reason so many miss it. Find out what you’re good at and help people be just as good.

Holistic Capitalism

Corporate Capitalism has made making a profit their most important product. Discrimination, environmental pollution, destruction of forests, poisoning of towns, scarring of mountains, fouling the atmosphere, all result in the pursuit of profit. But by far the most devastating thing that Corporate Capitalism has done is brainwash society into believing that materialism is more important then spiritualism. They ignore that the true purpose of society’s economy is to serve the evolution of humanity and support life on earth. Not to destroy life and enslave its people.

The Law

There is a “Law of Unfoldment”, which states that Man can advance only
by going from where he is, to the place where he would like to be. This
is not because the Law is limited, but because it is Law. As man unfolds
in his mentality, the Law automatically reacts to him. We all start at the beginning and as we complete each task our understanding increases, the information starts to unfold in our minds. We become more confident and slowly we start to manifest, what we imagined.

Where do we start

The way to do this is to begin right where we are and through constantly applying
ourselves to increasing our knowledge, we gradually increase in wisdom and
understanding, for in this way alone will good results be obtained. If
day by day we have a greater understanding and a clearer concept, if
daily we are learning more and applying it in our actions, then we are
on the right path and eventually, we shall see results. This is a law, but we can never stop, even if you make mistakes, you keep moving toward your goal.

It is a wonderful

It is a wonderful experience and a great adventure to make conscious use of knowledge, to feel that you can plant an idea in your mind and see it gradually take form. Taking something from your imagination and turning it into reality is what gives pleasure. It’s an example of cause and effect.

Don’t be impatient

There should not be any sense of hurry or worry about this, just a calm, peaceful sense of reality. Let the Law work through and express itself in, the experience. There should be no idea of compulsion. We do not have to make the Law work, it is its nature to work. Let nature takes its course, you can not hurry a tree to grow or a flower to bloom.


Enjoy the Experience

In gladness, then, we should make known our desires, and in confidence, we should wait upon the Law to manifest through us. Taking an idea or desire and giving it form, is turning immaterial into the material. It’s like creating art, it should be fun. Don’t stress.

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College and Universities are Irrelevant

Colleges and Universities are Irrelevant

The quarantine has shown how irrelevant the College and University experience has become. Charging exorbitant amounts of money, for courses that can be taken on-line, by renowned experts, for a fraction of the cost, is just not sustainable. The future will not sustain a bloated and top-heavy educational system that has fallen seriously behind the times in both relevancy and affordability.

Something Has To Give

Traditional education is broken! Have you ever heard the quote, “Those that can’t teach”? This is one of the reasons that traditional classroom education is failing especially at the College and University levels, but it’s not the main reason. The main reason is that college education has become big business. For the last fifty years, the focus of higher education has been moving from the student to the bottom line.

College Administrators Call The Shots

This preoccupation with the bottom line has even caused the status of the Educators to fall below Administrators. Educators are not only outnumbered and paid less then Administrators, they have almost no voice in policy and stand meekly aside, as Administrators call all the shots and set all the rules.

Who Wants To Be A Debt Slave

The incredible increase in Tuition over the last fifty years, ( At the University of Denver, a credit hour cost $43.75 in 1973, today it costs $1300.00 a credit hour) is not only creating generations of debt slaves, it is quickly driving these institutions into irrelevancy. More and more a College Diploma is looking like a poor investment.

Old Fashion Way Of Teaching

It’s been said that if you took a student out of a college lecture hall in 1908 and placed him on a modern Campus of today, the only thing he would recognize as familiar would be the lecture hall. The only change is a whiteboard instead of a blackboard.

Self-Learning Movement

As Colleges and Universities continue to slip unconsciously into irrelevance, a new method of learning is emerging, that is distinctly different then anything we’ve seen before. The old model of E-Learning is being supplanted by a hybrid being called Self-Learning.

Teach A Skill You Know

Technology is making it possible now for “Those that can” to also teach. The future of Learning in the 21st Century is where successful entrepreneurs will use a Mastermind approach, utilizing internet communities, workshops and groups to teach their targeted market the skills they currently use. They will either promote themselves, virtually or in person, as the expert, reporter or broker of the skills desired.

The Technology Is There

Using a wide variety of internet technologies these Self-Learning Entrepreneurs will be able to identify their customers, create a need, promote their product, offer an irresistible offer, and establish a sales funnel that handles the transactions and establishes an e-mail list for future offers and follow-up.


In an economy that will continue to see advances in technology and automation, we will see jobs that are common today, become obsolete tomorrow. This model is recession-proof as more and more people are displaced.

E-Learning Is Changing

We are seeing the mainstay components of what we know as E-Learning today  changing at a very fast rate. Writing an e-book or hard bound book while providing immediate credibility and offer potential is still a laborious endeavor, especially when you take into consideration that 95% of all the books in Barnes and Nobel sell less then 1000 copies.

You Can Teach Thousands

Creating and producing on-line courses are not only expensive productions to produce, but studies show that only 9% of people actually finish a course once they start. Technology now allows you to personally give a course to potential thousands with very little overhead. And maintain that sense of community and immediacy that people are looking for.

It’s a brave new world and the methods and models of even a few years ago are changing.

No Matter Your Age

No matter what your age or avocation, I’m convinced that everyone has a best seller in them or a skill they can market. Don’t die with your story or skill inside you. There is an E-Learning Website that will show you how you can market these skills, filled with a community of like-minded people, to help and encourage you,  in achieving your goals. Check out my custom sign up page. It’s free to try it out, what have you got to lose.

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Affliate Marketing for Seniors

Affiliate Marketing for Seniors

If your a member of the Baby Boomer generation and have ever wondered if affiliate marketing for seniors, is viable at our age, let me start by saying inequitably YES. If you’re like me, and have been afraid that your computer skills are just not up to the task, of starting an online business, then I have some good news for you. I have found an Affiliate Marketing Program perfect for seniors.

E-Learning is the Future

Wealthy Affiliates is the perfect e-learning platform, they offer step by step directions, on how to create, grow and manage an online business. Joining the WA community, of over 1,000,000 members, of people, just like you, who want something more out of life, this is the place to start. A community of like-minded people, who actually care about your success.

Wealthy Affiliates; Rankings and Overview

A quick overview and how I rank the Wealthy Affiliates Platform.

  • Name: Wealthy Affiliates
  • Owners: Kyle and Carson
  • Website URL:https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=e78a81fe
  • Training:4.5 out of 5.0
  • Support: 5.0 out of 5.0
  • Website Builder: 4.9 out of 5.0
  • WordPress Hosting: 4.8 out of 5.0
  • Research Tools: 4.5 out of 5.0
  • Success Stories: 4.5 out of 5.0
  • Price: Starter Member FREE
  • Smarterfittness.com: 4.0 out of 5.0

Training Formats

There are four steps that everyone has to take when setting up an on line business.

  • Find and establish your interest your Niche
  • Build a Website
  • Attract Visitors
  • Generate Revenue

Multiple Training Formats

Courses on the Wealthy Affiliates Platform are step by step and easy to follow. They walk through proven techniques that work today and explain why they will continue to work in the future. They offer multiple training formats, depending on your experience and learning style.

  • Online Entrepreneurial Certification (50 lessons)
  • Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp Training (70 lessons)
  • Live Interactive Classes (weekly)
  • Video Tutorials (1000+)

Training that is specifically designed to take you to step by step as you build your Affiliate Marketing Business in the niche of your choice.

It’s a Community

One of the main reasons I joined the WA Community, was the feeling of community, that no matter what level of expertise I had I could find individuals willing and eager to help me every step of the way. With no other company have I found the ability to connect with the CEO directly, with questions or concerns, while enjoying the benefits for free.It shows their commitment in helping and supporting people through the process of what it takes to build a successful online business. To see for your self click here:https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=e78a81fe

Finding your Niche

Included in the AW Platform is the Jaaxy Keyword Search Engine, this gives you the ability to do a site analysis and research on any niche you have an interest in. AW shows you step by step, how to research and utilize keywords in your content, and how to link internally and externally articles, in order to get the Google rankings everyone is after. This is crucial in building your niche and being recognized as an authority.

Promote the WA Opportunity

In order to successfully promote a product, you have to either have, personal knowledge or write an informative review on the product. You develop your skill sets by becoming an authority in your niche, while all the while marketing the WA opportunity. The Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy platforms are very lucrative affiliate programs in their own right and are available to you to market while developing your niche.

It’s Free

If you’re like me and have been frustrated and even taking advantage of in past attempts at building your own online business, let me assure you that this is the best opportunity I’ve found, it’s changing my life and it can change yours.

Join now for FREE:https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=e78a81fe

For free you can check out the WA community for yourself, and see if it’s right for you. They actually encourage you to go this route, if you eventually decide to go premium at some point, it will be because you see the value. Being a part of a community, that believes in the motto, “if you succeed we all succeed”, is one of the many reasons that Wealthy Affiliates is recognized as one of the most progressive, forward-thinking Affiliate Marketing E-Learning platforms in the market today.

Questions or Concerns

Like with any of my posts I encourage your input. If you have any questions or concerns about Wealthy Affiliates or what’s included in their free membership, write them below and I’ll be happy to help you find the answer.

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