Reboot Your Life

Reboot Your Life

Design Your Life

One of the things that makes life worth living is showing people, (especially Baby Boomers), how to overcome limiting beliefs, and reboot their lives. Having goals and striving to attain them no matter your age, adds purpose and meaning to your life. To be without personal goals is to live a groundhog existence, where every day is the same as the day before.

Make It Meaningful

Days filled with meaningless activities designed to eat time is like dying a slow death. Watching time pass, endlessly fighting that nagging feeling that there has to be more. Constantly at war within yourself,.fighting that feeling of despair that you’ve left something undone. To live out your “retirement” with these types of thoughts going through your head is both hard work and stressful and it ages you. It’s time for a reboot.

Don’t Waste It

To watch “Tell A Vision” endlessly, for hours, day after day, year after year constantly comparing yourself to both real and fictional characters, creates a false sense of reality. We become contemptible of real people, with whom we often share beliefs and viewpoints while being sympathetic and identifying with fictional characters, we don’t like but whose make-believe lives help us to escape, even if it’s just for a few hours, the mundane monotony of our own lives.

Addicted to Feeling Less Than

We come to rely upon this “box of illusions”, often confusing it with reality. We imagine it’s us up on that screen, reading that script, pontificating about something. We’re just as good-looking, even better, and our opinions are just as viable, if not more so. So why are you sitting here and not there? It’s because you believe, deep down that your either not smart enough, not good enough, or not deserving enough to be up there.

Willing to Accept Mediocracy

You have become willing to sit idly by and watch others manifest their dreams, while you stay buried deep in the recesses of your mind, only because you’ve convinced yourself that you’re not capable. For years, you’ve bombarded your subconscious mind with negative self-talk that you are not enough. Even now your subconscious is telling you your not healthy enough, or smart enough or deserving enough. Yet every day you watch people, just like you, manifest their dreams, right in front of you. It’s time for a reboot

What’s The Secret?

The people on “Tell-A-Vision” have empowering beliefs about themselves and their place in the world. For any number of reasons, they have formed empowering beliefs, where you have formed dis-empowering ones. They seem to know, what a lot of us have forgotten. That we are creations of a divine intelligence built in its image, with all its capabilities and talents. That we have been placed in a Universe that has one main purpose, and that’s to grow man. Given the free will to believe whatever we want, our divine mind works 24/7 manifesting those beliefs into the neutral Universe, a Universe that has been designed to provide whatever we believe we are worthy of.

Gods Will

When you decided to believe these dis-empowering beliefs is unimportant. What’s important today is that you are aware. And with awareness can come change. Your divine mind is capable of doing anything you believe it can do. Once you realize that the life your living is because you chose it, you can choose to change it. If you’re not happy then your not living God’s Will for you. God’s Will for you is to be simply happy and prosperous.

Everything Got You Here

If you’re not happy then reboot. Stop beating yourself up, that it’s taken so long. Realize that everything that happens in life has a reason, and it got you here, now. Be thankful, its part of the journey, your journey. It doesn’t matter when you reboot, just that you reboot..

Stop Limiting Yourself

Limiting yourself and living an unfulfilled life is actually harder than manifesting the life of your dreams. To constantly be judging and comparing yourself to others is extremely hard work and destroys your body. Instead of wasting time doing that, look for what you’re passionate about. What gives you pleasure and enjoyment, what would seem like play to you, then figure out a way to make money doing it.

Get Paid To Play

Allan Watts said, ” that the goal of every man is to get paid to play”. Find your passion and show others how they can do it too if they believe it strong enough. Stop being the victim of your own dis-empowering beliefs. Design a life that makes you happy. You can start now. Change happens in the now, start small and work outwards.

Be Impeccable With Your Word

Start with your words, both how you speak to yourself and others. Watch for those self-defeating words, and eliminate any demeaning comments. By being constantly aware of your words and how you’ve been talking to yourself and others, we see how the words we use set the foundations for our reality. Say the opposite of what you normally say, start asking people how their day is going, and be interested in how they respond, how they sound and take notice. Look everyone in the eye and start forcing yourself to smile.

Stop Making Assumptions

Stop making assumptions that you know what others are thinking. Stay focused on your own thinking. Think about how you can be of service, how you can make this time better. How can you ease someone’s burdens? Be that ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. Quit the debating society, stop being so concerned about the world out there and worry about the world in here, your mind. Quiet the static, be aware of discordant sounds, and noises. Create peace by being aware of your thinking. Start noticing what emotions bring negativity to your mind and replace it with an empowering emotion. Thoughts are filed in the brain by emotions. Control your emotions and you control your thoughts.

Don’t take it Personally

Become aware that anything anybody says or does to you isn’t about you, it’s about them. They are playing their role and your only a character in their movie. If they have decided you’re the villain in their show there is nothing you can do to change the director’s mind. Stay true to yourself and try not to get sucked into their drama. Again it doesn’t have anything to do with you, it’s all an illusion.

Do your Best

You can only try to do your best. Realizing that we are by nature imperfect. We learn by experience, and some lessons take a long time, a very long time. But when we are ready then we will know. Don’t get down because you continue to fail to live up to your expectations, understand that the most critical judge you will ever face is yourself. Missing the mark doesn’t mean your bad it only shows that your human. Realize that and take better aim. With this awareness, you give yourself space.

Be Patient

It’s all a part of the journey. Our imperfections are how we judge perfection. Without them, we would have no way to measure, and we would not see growth. We all grow at our own rate, wishing it could be different isn’t going to make us grow any faster, as a matter of fact, it retards growth. Take sustenance in progress, be aware of how far you’ve come from where you were, and enjoy the journey.


They say the worst thing you can do is die with your dream inside you. Being aware that the only one stopping you is that person in the mirror. Isn’t it about time that you two started working together?

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