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Corporate Capitalism

Corporate Capitalism is a corruption generating incentive system that creates an economically stratified society, that both stifles innovation and fosters an atmosphere of corruption. That it slows innovation for the sake of profit is obvious, but the corruptions through resource acquisition, media, and political manipulation are harder to see.

Why Things Won’t Change

In such a system it’s the propensity for the “establishment” to have a vested interest in stopping any socially positive initiative that risks a loss of power, profit or market share. These institutions have a need to self perpetuate themselves in order to protect the status quo, and thus an inherent tendency to stifle progress.

Resists Progress

It becomes obvious that any new technology that can make a prior technology obsolete, will be met with resistance. Examples abound, a few of the most obvious being the slow rollout of electric cars, solar energy, and the availability of cheaper more progressive drugs, to treat disease.

Forms Monopolies

This system has always shown a propensity for monopoly. The examples of what we are seeing today in big tech and social media show unheard-of levels of financial, political, and technological power and collusion. Any economy based on growth will always gravitate toward monopoly.

The Market has Become the Product

The reality is that human beings are being manipulated into a perverse form of servitude where the market becomes the product, where your value is based on your group identity, on whether you agree that racism and sexism define society, and are willing to ensure any disagreements, are met with accusations of bigotry and hate.

Middle Class the Minority

Since 2010 when the middle class first became a minority it has continued to coalesce, falling in on itself. The economic tsunami released by the pandemic has only hastened the inevitable, displacing millions as “non-essential” employees.

Neo-Feudal Techno Serf

Over the coming years, these “left-behinds”  will coalesce into one vast permanent underclass. In essence, the higher-order will have a pool of easily exploited neo-feudal techno serfs, from which to draw upon, people who have reverted back to a form of servitude, where your overseer is a faceless application.

Takes a Paradigm Shift

If your fifty-five or older and have been displaced you’re going to need a paradigm shift in your thinking about future employment. Instead of wasting time in an endless, fruitless, mind-numbing job search, instead, learn to market yourself online. Develop the skills that can open the doors, for your deepest secrets to escape.

A Fundamental Necessity

It’s becoming a fundamental necessity, to know how to market yourself (or a product), on the internet. For the displaced alpha, looking for the perfect vehicle, to take you the rest of the way, Affiliate Marketing might just be the answer.

Build a Foundation

If you have spent a lot of time building a social media presence, without a firm internet foundation, “you” can be “purged” as soon as you upset the status quo. In purged I mean you and all your posts deleted, with no backup.

Build Your Own Website

With your own website and a reputable hosting company, you have a firm foundation on which to build your internet presence, that is both harder to take down, and has the ability to back up and save anything you post. Knowing how to market yourself on the internet will be a fundamental necessity going into the future. The knowledge is available today, for those willing to look.

For those who want meat, it’s available. For those who don’t want, milk is offered. If you want the knowledge click the link below.

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