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Wildlife Conservation; Jamaica

Everyone Plays a Part.

It’s becoming clear, that we all have a moral responsibility to do whatever is in our power to reduce our carbon footprint. To not have a cause you can point at and discuss with pride, is to not take responsibility as a responsible steward of the environment. While some of us have a bigger impact than others, all efforts are important.

Preserve Jamaica’s Wetlands

A growing number of people feel Jamaica needs a more detailed plan for the maintenance and preservation of wildlife and wetlands. These concerns are most felt in the areas bordering bird sanctuaries and wetlands, not yet identified by wildlife preservationists.

Great Pedro Pond

Great Pedro Pond in Treasure Beach is among Jamaica’s best Birding Sites and is responsible for creating the unique vistas, you see, as you drive down to the coast. The large brackish coastal pond and other small seasonal ponds are excellent for waders, egrets, herons, and migrants throughout the year.

Wetlands Need Protection

Over the last twenty-five years, several areas on the Island have been declared environmental protection areas, the delicate eco-systems of these habitats cry out for the need of a more effective system to preserve Jamacia’s rich heritage of birds and other species.

Future of Jamaica’s Bird Sanctuaries

Public education on the Island’s unique eco-systems is needed, along with revising and consolidating environmental legislation, to improve the agencies responsible for monitoring these systems. This is needed to ensure the future of Jamaica’s bird sanctuaries, for future generations.

Once Destroyed They are Gone Forever

These delicate eco-systems can not be recreated, once destroyed they are gone forever. Once migrations are disrupted they don’t come back. By focusing our awareness back to nature, we begin to see that we are only stewards of the planet, and as such have a responsibility to help protect the most vulnerable, our birdlife. By doing this we can’t help but reduce our carbon footprint.

As always thanks for visiting, it’s all about raising awareness of our surroundings and realizing that we all can play a role, even a small one. Thanks, Dave






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