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Do You Understand Me….?

When I allow you do do something, is it actually controlling you? When does a benevolent authoritative environment become a dogmatic prison?

Is glamourous ever beautiful? Are you being candid with me, or just calculating? Do you cherish something or prize it?

When I felt and acted confident, you called it arrogance. When does contending for something become competing for it? What IĀ  regardedĀ  as courage you thought reckless,

Was I educated or persuaded? I thought I was being empathetic, but it was just pity. My Mom said I was a gifted child, Dad called me lucky.I thought I was leading you, you claimed it was coercion.

When I thought I was acting Nobel, I didn’t realize others thought me pompous. When does a patriot turn into a nationalist? How do I praise you without flattering you?

I felt privileged at first, then I realized it was only a sense of entitlement. When I became reliant upon you, it was really just a sad pitiful dependence. I thought it was for a select few, I didn’t think it exclusive.

What I thought of as prayer and meditation, you called my silly daydreams. At first, I thought I was just spontaneous, you called me impulsive. My thrifty nature was viewed as being a cheapskate.

I trusted you, you called me gullible. Know what I mean?

The words we use are often the exact opposite of what we mean, or are they?

As always, thanks for visiting. Dave