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What Is The Future of America; Where are the Futurists?

Unique Opportunity

I for one am tired of the doomsayers who only see the collapse of America and our way of life. We need to start looking at the pandemic as a unique opportunity to usher in the future today. We need a charismatic leader.

What is the future of America

Warnings about our imminent economic collapse go against our history of resilience.and innovation in times of crisis. We have demonstrated in the past a huge capacity to come together when our way of life has been threatened. We need a charismatic leader.

Create the Future Now

38 million unemployed is not the problem the problem is lack of work. 38 million is a huge pool from which to staff the largest most ambitious infrastructure program since the building of the pyramids. In cooperation with technology, we have the ability to begin a new chapter in our history, only if we have the faith and imagination to create a new better stronger America.

Put America to Work

Using the Government Jobs program of the ’30s, the CCC can be used as a templet for Rebuilding America Now. Without going too deep in the woods a modern CCC would have some of the following aspects.

The Modern CCC

  • Two to Three-year non-military service commitment.
  • Commitment linked to receiving unemployment benefits.
  • Voluntary
  • Open to anyone 18 to 28
  • Establish apprentice programs and training programs -Structure Iniin all trades
  • Competitive wages for apprentice journeymen supervisors and management
  • Recruits assigned to geographical areas close to home
  • Utilize and remodel closed military bases throughout the U.S.to house recruits
  • Assigned to specific geographical initiatives based on needs and skills

Infra-Structure Initiatives

  • Inner City Blight Initiative
  • Elementary and High School Initiative
  • Highway, bridge and road repair
  • Nat’l and State park initiative
  • Beautification Initiative
  • Factory and Manufacturing initiative
  • Libraries, post office Initiative
  • 5-G and Wy-Fi initiative
  • Farming Agriculture initiative

Increased Benefits Leads to Dependence

Invest in job creation not in establishing welfare programs. By investing in modernizing our infrastructure with a realistic goal of replacing outdated carbon-based energy for a more environmentally friendly cold fusion or nuclear fusion energy system, augmented with solar and wind.

Technology Being Stifled

Never before in recorded history has a society withheld technology for the profits of a few. A Manhatten style project is needed to uncover the technology needed to get the world off carbon-based energy by 2030. and more importantly, breaking up huge multi-national corporations by simply making their products irrelevant.

Technological Advances that will Change the World

  • 5G  and Wy-Fi and internet rolled out nationwide free.
  • Artificial intelligence initiative, strive to achieve synchronicity by 2025
  • Supercomputer initiative
  • Elimination of all 1500 genetic diseases
  • Big medicine focus becomes cure not treatment
  • Big pharma becomes irrelevant drugs seen as archaic
  • Life expectancy increases to 87 by 2030 and 97 by 2035

A Modern Renaissance

Technology has the power to issue in a new renaissance the likes not seen in recorded history. Ensuring that the 21st century will forever be remembered as a vibrant enlightened and most importantly compassionate start of another golden age in which man ascends to even higher levels of consciousness and understanding of the forces of nature.

Divinely Created

With divine intelligence and imagination, Man has the power to recreate Eden or destroy himself. What side of history do you want to be on the collapse or the renaissance? Make America great again.

A Lifeline

Get the knowledge to thrive in the future here. Utilize technology to market skills and services in the future digital economy, or risk becoming a “left behind”. A pool of easily exploited tech-serfs who bid for the right to be someone’s servant for minimum wage.

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