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Do You Understand Me….?

The importance of words is that they convey a concept to both the initiator and the listener. Every concept has its own polarity, both negative and positive. There are people who always use the negative polarity. Powerful words are positive whereas forceful words are negative. See if you can see the difference.

Do you allow your kids to find their own way, or are you controlling them in a certain direction? When does an authoritative environment become a dogmatic prison?

Is glamourous ever beautiful? Are you being candid with me, or just calculating? Do you cherish that neckless because it was your mother’s or prize it for its gold?

When I felt and acted confident, you called it arrogance. When does contending for something become competing for it? Was it the same time courageous became reckless?

Was I educated at University or cleverly persuaded? I thought I was being empathetic, but you said I was just showing pity. My Mom said I was a gifted child, Dad called me lucky. I thought I was leading you, you claimed it was coercion.

When I thought I was being Nobel, others thought me pompous. When does a patriot turn into a nationalist? How do I praise you without flattering you?

I felt privileged to receive the award, you said I acted like I was entitled. Was I  reliant upon you, or just dependant? I thought it was for a select few, you called it exclusive.

What I thought of as prayer and meditation, you called silly daydreams. At first, I thought I was just spontaneous, you called me impulsive. You viewed my thrifty nature as being a cheapskate.

I trusted you, you called me gullible. Know what I mean?

The words we use are often the exact opposite of what we mean, or are they?

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