The Addiction to Our Opinion.

The Addiction to Our Opinion.

They Believe Like Me

Why are we addicted to a certain network, news program, or anchorman? It comes as no surprise, that it’s because they hold the same opinions we hold. We are addicted to our opinions and we especially like it, when they are upheld, espoused, and validated by others.

A Need to be Right

When an opinion we uphold is validated we are flooded with endorphins that make us feel euphoric. This opinion addiction leads to a constant need to be right and for someone else to be wrong, as we search endlessly for value and self-worth. We are under the illusion that in order for us to feel powerful we must make someone or something powerless. Being stuck in this illusion is like being chained in Plato’s cave, where shadows are perceived as reality.

Dis-Empowering Beliefs

Being stuck searching for external power (what’s good for me), as opposed to authentic power (what’s good for us), is to live an unexamined life, to the psychologist it’s an unconscious life and to the existentialist, it’s an empty life. Whatever term you care to use it’s living a dis-empowering life.

It’s About Fear

A dis-empowering life is one based on a belief system of fear.  You are often angry, resentful, or jealous. You are often withdrawn emotionally, constantly thinking judgemental thoughts or searching for a savior. Your either a workaholic or a perfectionist and often addicted to anything that can change the way you feel.

We All Mask Our Fears

In numerous ways, you mask the pain of powerlessness with an obsessive thought, compulsive action, or addictive behavior. You look at people from a perspective of how it makes your ego feel. You are either above them or below them, but never with them. Your ego calls all the shots, and the thing the ego fears most is, not being on stage. Playing the hero or fool doesn’t matter to the ego as long as it is on center stage.

The World Validates Our Beliefs

Your dis-empowering beliefs guide your choices and your choices create your life experience. It’s said that the world doesn’t determine your beliefs, it validates them. We are what we believe we are. You spend your days in the attempt to manipulate and control others, ever observant, always alert to possible pain. We are very sensitive to our own vulnerabilities and develop complex strategies to protect ourselves.

We Only See What We Want

We are often seen as people-pleasers and we learn how to impress, intimidate, dominate, and even terrify others, in order to remain safe and of value. We see the world as a threatening place, the more we fear the more defensive we become, and the less able we are to perceive reality.

Makes Us Feel Good.

This pursuit of external power, where every individual and circumstance is assessed for its capacity to make use feel either superior or inferior, is an exhausting way to live. Having your opinion validated is a cheap high. It’s the reason we are addicted to our opinion.

Reality is your Creation

According to Dr. Deepak Chopra, “Reality is everyone’s personal creation”. The reality in our lives is the result of our thoughts, beliefs, and conditioning. We are not like a ship on the sea being tossed about by random currents of life. We are actually much more powerful than we ever dreamed.


We are co-creators with the Universe. We will continue to suffer the feelings of powerlessness until we accept full responsibility for everything that shows up in our lives. We have the divine mind of God and it brings us what we believe. Our mind doesn’t take into account good or bad, just what you believe. The neutral Universe provides it. We have a choice about what we believe and project into the Universe, and with that choice, we create our world.

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