The Causes of Alcoholism; Who you going to trust?

The Causes of Alcoholism; Who you going to trust?

What’s better Study or Experience?

Who would you trust? Someone who has studied painting for 30 years or somebody who has painted for 30 years? Someone who has studied dancing for 30 years or someone who has danced for 30 years? Someone who has studied alcoholism for 30 years or someone who had been alcoholic for 30 years? Someone who has studied recovery or someone who has recovered? They’re people out there, that believe something because they have studied it, then there are those that believe because they know.

Beliefs; Subjective or Objective

While to believe is good there are levels of belief, both subjective and objective. The belief gained through study is subjective, and the belief gained through experience is objective. You can trust the belief gained through education but you can have faith in the belief gained through experience. What is stronger trust or faith?

Faith vs Trust

If you have lived with dis-empowering beliefs for 30 years, like I have you can have faith that I know, as opposed to someone who has studied dis-empowering beliefs for 30 years. They may trust they know but they don’t have faith that they know. The arrogance of people with education and a lot of letters behind their names never cease to amaze me. The egos of these people, is only surpassed by how wrong they have been, about so many things, they believed they knew.

Can you Trust the Experts?

We laugh today at what the “experts” told us was true only 50 years ago. History has shown us this over and over. Often at the determent to the population at large. Yet the “experts” never stop pontificating about something they trust to be true. Simply because they have studied the problem, only to be proven wrong by someone who has lived the problem, and who was brave enough to talk or write about it.

The Hubris

When I hear or read about an “expert” telling the world that alcoholism is an incurable disease, I’m struck by the hubris of the statement, I wonder how, without really living it, they can be so sure of themselves. Without any regard to who it hurts, when they spread these dis-empowering beliefs, into the public arena. Unless you’ve lived it you don’t really know, well I know.

A Life of Alcoholism

I’ve lived around alcoholism my whole life and have suffered with it for 30 years. It has affected every aspect of my life. It has been responsible for killing three careers, two marriages and the relationship with my children, and I know hundreds of other people who have experienced the same and even worse. What I’ve also seen is hundreds of people who have successfully recovered from this seemingly hopeless state of mind and body, and I’m one of them. When I read that its incurable I look in the mirror and ask what do they know? Am I a lie?

The Motivation is Money

Are these “experts” going to tell me I can’t trust my own experiences? That a person can’t have faith that not only is recovery from alcoholism possible but attainable. Again what are the motivations behind anyone telling people that alcoholism is incurable. I’m here to tell everyone that alcoholism can be cured, and you don’t have to attend meetings for the rest of your life to accomplish it. Recovery can occur quite quickly, if we started to focus on the root cause as opposed to just looking at the effects.

It’s Narcissism

Nobody likes to admit they are Narcissistic. And this is the whole problem, nobody will admit it. The condition of Narcissism by its very nature is to deny, deflect and misdirect attention elsewhere. The Narcissist manipulates the situation in such a way that blame can never be placed where it belongs. It’s like this mental illness’s mantra is call me anything, but don’t call me narcissistic. Well the jig is up’ the cats out of the bag.

Attend 90 in 90, see for yourself

Anybody who has seriously read the symptoms and behaviors of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) only has to attend 90 in 90 to be thoroughly convinced that its this, mental illness, that is not only behind alcoholism but is the root cause behind most addictions today. The third step prayer in A.A. especially asks God to remove “the bondage of self”. And NPD in its pure form is the bondage of self.

It’s the Beliefs you Hold

Being stuck with the dis-empowering beliefs, that convince us, that we are separate, alone and victims in a hostile universe, makes us so unhappy, and discontent that we either actively search for relief or find it by accident. And the medicine that’s been most easily found, since forever, has been alcohol, but it certainly is’nt the only medication people turn too.

Dismay Recovery Rates

It’s my opinion that this obsession of the mind, is the mental illness called Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The sooner we start to realize this and bring it the attention it deserves, the sooner we will see an improvement in the dismal recovery rates we continue to see. Only through a psychic change that I finally experienced in Step 11, have I become willing to show my own vulnerabilities and have the confidence to start speaking out.

Check it Out

I encourage anyone reading this, that if you or someone you know ,is suffering from an addiction, of any kind, that you look at NPD. Our beliefs create our thinking. Our thinking leads to behaviors and emotions and creates the life we live. Once we realize, we are not our thoughts, then we can start the healing process. My blogs will cover all kinds of dis-empowering beliefs and shine the light empowerment upon them. I look forward to any comments you may have and welcome them. It’s only through open and honest communication that we can pull back the curtain. Once, your aware, there is no going back. Enjoy the journey.

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