The Importance of Words. Techno-Serf

The Importance of Words. Techno-Serf

Lost in Translation

The writing above is similar to the first biblical texts found. This archaic form of Hebrew had to be first translated into Greek and then from the Greek to classic Latin and eventually into English. That we have lost something in the translation goes without saying, but what?

The Origins of Words

Etymology is not a rhetorical or literary device. “Etymology is the investigation of word histories.” Every word in every language has a unique origin and history; words can be born in many ways, and often their histories are quite adventurous and informative. Etymology both investigates and documents the lives (mainly the origins) of words and the importance of the word and its true meaning.

But What Does the Word Mean?

The etymology of a word may include many things. A word’s birthday is usually given as the date of the first known usage of the word in print. If a word, like “selfie”, was created within historical times, it’s origin is described. Most words are developed over hundreds of years out of previous words, going back into the ancient past, so an etymology tries to trace that development back as far as it can, usually ending with the oldest dead language that we actually have records of. Most words had slightly or very different meanings in the ancient languages they came from, which is documented as well.

The When and Why of Words

Words are born and develop in many ways. As they grow, words can change physically and they can change in meaning. They can also give birth to new words or be adopted from far places and foreign languages. In an etymology, you will find the origins of a word and see when, where, and why these changes took place.

Words Come and they Go

Words have an evolutionary pattern, millions of words and their related concepts have become extinct over thousands of years and millions of new words and concepts will be born, in the decades to come.

You Must Know the Word

In order to attain knowledge you must know the words, if you don’t know the words you can’t have the thought. In order to understand the word, you must have “specialized” knowledge. In order to have specialized knowledge you must be educated.

Are You Educated?

An educated man is one who has developed the facilities of his mind, that he may acquire anything he wants or it’s equivalent, without violating the rights of others. Based on these criteria, how many of us are really educated?

The Failure of Big Education

A major failing in our education system is that they don’t teach “critical thinking skills”, which is the ability to organize and utilize the knowledge once they have attained it. The real purpose of education is not to fill man with knowledge but to draw out, to develop within each man, the facilities to utilize the knowledge he has attained.

The Techno-Serf is born

Without “specialized knowledge” more than half of the 38 million non-essential workers released due to the pandemic will eventually coalesce into one vast permanent underclass of “left-behinds”. In essence, the “higher-order” will have a pool of easily algorithmically exploited neo-feudal techno-serfs. A group of people who have reverted back to a form of servitude, to make a living. Their overseer is a computer application.

Is It a Lack of Intelligence or Ambition

Knowing how to market a product or service on the internet requires specialized knowledge. Success comes, if it comes at all, in response to definite demands, based on the application of immutable laws and not by chance or luck. It’s this application of specialized knowledge that allows you to set the price for the services you provide. This “specialized knowledge” is available here. Do you have the intelligence, to do the work?

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