The Radical Left

The Radical Left

Party of the Lie

The Radical Left feel that living a conscious life is just to hard. They have to lie in order to get what they want. They have to judge others to feel better about themselves. The Radical left loves the feeding frenzy of facts and details, and when they fail to produce the desired results they have no problem in switching over to personal attacks and false accusations, that help build their case for righteous anger.

Nobody Above the Law

Trump reminded people that we are a society of principals and laws. He saw the need for a new vision of America, “Make America Great”. Trump and his supporters saw that the radical left policies of the Democratic Party were starving the soul of our country and making us unconscious.

Courage and Vision

Trump and his supporters had both the courage and vision to see through the manufactured lies and false promises of the far left leaning Obama Administration.

Media Exposed

Never before have Media outlets been so exposed in their support of the far left Liberal agenda. Their continued inability to accept the results of the 2016 Presidential Election. Their continued support of the false Russian Narrative and negative bias to any Republican initiative caused a false result in the 2018 Congressional races and has destroyed their credibility for years to come, if not forever.

Illusion of Partiality

How they continue to cover the exposed criminality of the Obama Administration will most likely lead to calls for change both in the corporate offices and with on air personalities as well. Their credibility and open acknowledgement of being shills for the Radical Left Agenda has destroyed any illusion of partiality. They can not be viewed as impartial reporters of the news, no matter how innocent the story. They are forever tainted.

Demand Accountability

Eventually America will demand some accountability for those who have worked so hard creating a false narrative specifically designed to divide and fracture our Country. It will be unacceptable to allow them to just move to the next news cycle as if nothing happened. They should be held accountable for their compliance and support in undermining our duly elected Government and weakening our Country.

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