The Self

The Self

Thoughts are like clouds. Floating by in the space of our Minds. They arise, stay a bit and pass.

Who are you? I am me, or am I? We are all the same.

Look inward to find yourself, look past the illusions of Self. The wounded child, the cynical and bitter skeptic, the controller, the seeker, the coward which lets fear make to many of our choices. The wise man and the fool, both these you can see, but who is the seer? All these illusions, can be seen, felt and described, but who is the subject, the actual Self, the actual seer of those illusions.

Anything you think you can see or know about yourself, is not your true Self. Your true Self is the Witness. It witnesses all that is occurring, but cannot itself be turned into an object, or a subject, it cannot be objectified. The true Self is a deep mystery, something that can’t be seen, yet sees the entire Universe.

The Witness doesn’t move, it isn’t touched by time or motion. It’s aware of time, but is timeless, existing in the Now. The only thing the Witness is aware of, the only thing that is real, is an endless Present, a single Now moment, through which Time passes, but it is not touched by Time at all, but lives in Eternity.

The closer you get to your true Self, the more you live in Eternity, the more you live in the timeless Present, which includes thoughts of the past, present and future, all occurring in the timeless Now. All thoughts arise in the Present.

The single most universal spiritual claim that humanity has ever made, is that the closer you get to your true Self, the closer you get to God. The true Self is identical to Spirit itself. The inner Self is Divine. The overall number of inner selves is but one. Every person feels exactly the same when they experience true Self. Since the true Self has not objects or qualities, it can’t be different in anybody. We are all the same.


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