The Top Environmental Problem

The Top Environmental Problem

The Top Environmental Problem

The top environmental problems, are not biodiversity loss, ecosystem collapse or climate change. They are selfishness, greed, and apathy, coupled with an amoral economic system, a system that rewards short term profits for multinational corporations, at the expense and detriment, to the very customers they serve.

Only Interested in Net Profit

The worlds economies are only interested in net income for their shareholders. Tired slogans like Made in America or Working Together for a Green World, only hide their true purpose, to produce maximal profit.

The Most Important Product

Profit is the most important product of every corporation. Polluting the environment, destruction of forests, poisoning our water, scarring our mountains and fouling our atmosphere, all result from the single minded pursuit of profit.


Businesses only present a social sensitivity as a manipulation of the public, to mask their true objective, to maximize profit.. Quality of service and product excellence have no importance other then to increase net profit. Employees also have no value, apart from increasing net profit.

The Coming Horizon Catastrophe

To avoid the coming horizon catastrophe we need a cultural and spiritual transformation. Human history both individual and collective, has chronicled how the pursuit of external power as opposed to authentic power has had dire consequences.

The Challenge

Our challenge is to change commerce from the collective mindset, that strives for external power (profit), to a dynamic mindset. A mindset that focuses on authentic power (spiritual). Finally coming to the  realization, that the true purpose of a societies economy, is to serve the evolution of humans and support life on earth.

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