Trust, Faith and Alcoholism

Trust, Faith and Alcoholism

 Who Do You Trust

Who would you trust, someone who has studied painting for thirty years, or          someone who has painted for thirty years? Someone who has studied digging ditches, or someone who has dug ditches? Someone who has studied alcoholism for thirty years, or someone who has been an alcoholic for thirty years? Someone  who has studied recovery, or someone who has recovered?

Levels of Belief

There are people out there, who believe something because they have studied  it,  then there are people, who believe something because they know it. While  belief is good, there are levels of belief. The belief gained through experience will   always trump the belief gained through education. You can trust the belief gained by education. You can have faith in the belief gained by experience.

 Which is stronger trust or faith?

If you have lived with a dis-empowering belief for thirty years, you can have faith,that you know for fact, it’s dis-empowering. As opposed to the person that has studied a dis-empowering belief for thirty years, he may trust he knows, but he doesn’t have faith he knows. The arrogance of people with education, and a lot of letters following their names, never ceases to astound me.

Beware Experts

The EGO of these people is only surpassed, by how wrong they have been, about so many things. We will laugh when we look back fifty years from now, about what some of the experts believed was true. History has shown us this, over and over. Yet these experts, never stop pontificating, about something they trust to be true, simply because they have studied the problem, only to be proven wrong, by someone who has lived the problem.

It’s About Money

When I hear or read about an expert telling the world, that ALCOHOLISM is an incurable disease, I always wonder, how does he know? You can study it forever, but until you’ve lived it, you can’t really know. I’ve lived it for thirty years, and have seen hundreds of people, including myself, who have recovered from a seemingly hopeless case of mind and body. Is this expert going to tell me, I can’t trust my own experience or what I’ve seen with my own eyes. What is the motivation behind telling people there is no cure? It’s obvious, it’s money.

Call Me Anything but Narcissistic

I’m here to tell everyone, that ALCOHOLISM can be cured, and a lot more people would be cured, if the experts started focusing on the root cause instead of giving simplistic answers to complicated problems. Nobody likes to admit they are a Narcissist. and that’s the problem. It’s a disease that by it’s very nature, manipulates and deflects, peoples attention away from the real problem. It’s like their mantra is, call me anything , but don’t call me a Narcissist.

You Have A Personality Disorder

Well, the jig is up, the cat is out of the bag. Anybody who has read, the symptoms and behaviors, of NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER, only has to attend, say 90 meetings in 90 days, to be thoroughly convinced that this MENTAL ILLNESS is behind all addictions, especially ALCOHOLISM.

Alcoholism is Only a Symptom

The Alcoholism is only a symptom to the real problem. NPD is the “bondage of self”, that is making so many people so unhappy, that they reach for the first thing, that will give them some relief. Unfortunately in our society, that first thing, most easy to obtain, is alcohol. It’s my opinion that this “obsession of the mind”, is NPD, and the sooner people start realizing this, the sooner we will see dramatic improvements in recovery rates. I encourage anyone reading this to start looking at NPD with a critical eye.

Cause and Effect

All beliefs are limited by nature, (we don’t know, what we don’t know). All external events are filtered through our beliefs, which label and give them meaning. From this, emotions are created, that dictate how we respond or react, which leads to outcomes, which creates our lives.

Lack of Power was my Dilemma

Lack of Power is about holding dis-empowering beliefs. Identifying these beliefs is primary, how they got there is secondary. AA believes if you change the behavior and you can change the belief, true empowerment comes when you take responsibility for holding the belief. Responsible thinking is crucial to attaining recovery.

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