Using Jaaxy to Research Keywords

Using Jaaxy to Research Keywords

I recently wrote a blog on the The Placebo Effect. Even though most of the  articles in Google only dealt with how it worked with regards to medicines and diseases. To separate out this power of positive thinking and some other variables from a drug’s true medical benefits, companies seeking governmental approval of a new treatment often use placebo-controlled drug studies. If patients on the new drug fare significantly better than those taking placebo, the study helps support the conclusion that the medicine is effective.

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But I was interested in how The Placebo Effect could also effect the changing long held beliefs we hold about ourselves, and with this line of inquiry the information was very sparse I was forced to go to other sources to come with enough supporting documentation to support my hypothesis.

But what I really want to talk about in this blog is how by using Jaaxy I was able to find keywords that were not only relevant but had a QSR that was rated as a great prospect when you relate it to how many other websites are using the same keywords.

The beautiful thing about Jaaxy is that it has a QSR function, or a Quotes Search Result that is a fancy term for how many other websites are trying to rank using the exact same term. I’ve attached this screen shot so you can see for yourself.

You can see that the Keyword search Placebo Effect Research has 128 searches a month, 22 hits if you are on the first page and only 99 competing sites using the same keywords.


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