What is Gravatar; Create Your Own Avatar

What is Gravatar; Create Your Own Avatar

What’s an Avatar

In order to understand Gravatar you first need to know what an Avatar is. An Avatar is an image that represents you on-line. It’s a little picture that appears next to your name, when you interact with other websites.

What’s a Gravatar

A Gravatar is a Globally Recognized Avatar. Using Gravatar.com you create your profile and upload it along with the picture you select,and it automatically uploads to any Gravatar-enabled site, anytime you leave a comment.

It’ Free

Gravatar is a free service for site owners, Developers and users. It is automatically included in every WordPress.com account. If you want to be identified on the web, then you should use an Avatar from Gravatar.

It Looks Professional

A primary essence of building your personal brand, is to engage with topics and niches,in your industry. Using Gravatar puts a face to a name and eventually people, who see you repeatedly, will visit your site. Many feel that it looks professional and adds credibility, and that using Gravatar makes your comments stand out.

WordPress themes already come with Gravatar integration, if your theme doesn’t have it consider adding it as a plug in.

Primary Reasons to Use Gravatar

  1. You can link your social media profile links and boost their search engine credibility.
  2. You can add your personal website links to increase traffic, from your engagement activities.
  3. You can add multiple sets of images that you generally use on social media to enhance your image search optimization.
  4. Able to add logo to help build brand authority.

Potential Drawbacks

  1. Privacy, because you signed up in Gravatar your image will show up in all comments you make.
  2. Negative impact on site speed.

If your concerned about privacy you can still select a generic landscape or cartoon image. As far as the speed concern, while it’s true that Gravatar could potentially slow down your site, it would take 100s of comments to do so. Slow speed can negatively impact SEO, since Google ranking factors include site speed. If you suffer from too many comments to your posts, a plug in you can implement is WP User Avatar.

These drawbacks may not be a huge concern, but you never know when a post will attract an unusual number of comments.

I’m interested in hearing any comments pro or con dealing with Gravatar and the use of an Avatar in general. And as always, thanks for visiting. Dave









4 Replies to “What is Gravatar; Create Your Own Avatar”

  1. Hi David, thanks for the insightful post regarding “gravatar”. After all these years of surfing the internet, reading blog posts and commenting on blog posts.

    Now I notice the benefits of actually having gravatars on our own website / blog. I first came across “avatars” on internet forums and these avatar features has soon expanded to instant messaging platforms.

    I deem useful since it could actually boost credibility trust and credibility within the internet world. I do believe that nobody loves interacting with an anonymous person on the internet. However, I’ll definitely take note on it affecting the speed of our website if there’s TOO MANY COMMENTS appearing on our posts (I hope so…)

    Perhaps tweaking the website to optimize the site loading speed will be considered as one of the best remedy. Instead of sacrificing the “gravatar feature”.


    1. Thanks Chris,
      Using Gravatar puts a face to a name and adds credibility. The speed issue only comes into play if you have tons of comments, a problem we wish we all had. Thanks Dave

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