Who Told you that? What do you Believe?

Who Told you that? What do you Believe?

Who Told you that?

What is a belief and how do we come to believe? Often it can be a
ridiculous comment or something you read, that resonates with something
in your subconscious mind. If you want to start evaluating some of your
beliefs, look at your behaviors.

Look at your Behaviors

If your impatient, it’s because you believe it will help you get
what you want sooner. If you complain, it’s because you believe it helps
you feel better about things you can’t change. If your defiant, it’s
because you believe it works to solve problems. If your a critic, it’s
because you believe you need to compare yourself to others. If your
envious, it’s because you believe what you have isn’t enough. If your
jealous it’s because you don’t believe in love.

Do you believe these lies?

  • You can see the Great Wall of China from space.
  • Older elephants near death don’t go off searching for the elephant graveyard.
  • Bulls are not enraged by the color red.
  • Dogs don’t sweat by salivating.
  • Lemmings don’t engage in mass suicide.
  • Bats are not blind.
  • Ostriches don’t stick their head in the sand when frightened.
  • Earthworms don’t become two when cut in half.
  • House flies live 20 to 30 days not 24 hours.
  • Poinsettias are not toxic to humans or cats.
  • Computers running Mac are not immune to malware.
  • Waking sleepwalkers doesn’t harm them.
  • Eating less than an hour before swimming doesn’t increase your chances of drowning.
  • Shaving doesn’t cause hair to grow back thicker.
  • Hair and nails don’t continue to grow after death.
  • Sugar does not cause hyperactivity.
  • Alcohol does not kill brain cells.
  • Obesity is not related to a slower metabolism.
  • Sex before a sporting event is not detrimental to performance.
  • Vaccines do not cause autism.
  • People do not use only 10% of their brain.
  • Stress plays a minor role in hypertension.
  • Diamonds are not formed from compressed coal.


A lot of what we believe is wrong, especially when it comes to what
we think about ourselves. Once you become aware that a lot of what you
believe is wrong, you can start to change the belief. But awareness comes
first, and often times it never comes at all. If you’ve become aware
that some of what you believe is wrong, you’ve been given a gift. The
gift of self-awareness is precious and can open the door to a whole new
you. It’s your choice if you walk through or not.

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