Wolf of Wall Street and the Straight Line Syntax, of The Sale

Wolf of Wall Street and the Straight Line Syntax, of The Sale

According to Jordon Belfort ,”all sales are the same” they follow the same straight line syntax, consisting of ten steps.

  1. Take Immediate Control; Your the expert. transfer your certainty to the the prospect.
  2. Gather intelligence; Probe for problems both emotional and intellectual.
  3. Build rapport; As you gather your intelligence.
  4. Transition; Based on what youv’e told me, this is the perfect solution for you.
  5. Make your presentation; Feature / Benefits, tailored to the problems.
  6. Ask for the Order; I think the premium package is perfect for you.
  7. Deflection; Feel, Felt, Found. I hear what your saying but do you like the product?
  8. Loop Back; To feature / Benefits, ask for order again
  9. Action Threshold; What would have to happen?
  10.  Pain; Amplify their pain; Before I hang up could I ask you one last thing?

Straight from the Wolf

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