Work At Home Opportunities

Work At Home Opportunities

The Future is Now

In his book “”, Frank Feather, describes how when technologies increase in usage the price to use them drops. He wrote, from 1890 to 1930 the cost of electricity fell by 65% as the electrical network expanded and more people used it. In Turn many entrenched methods of doing things were swept away.  Electricity made the steam engine obsolete and suppliers of gas lighting went bust..

The Internet is Getting Cheaper

.The same happened with telecommunications. In 1860 a trans-Atlantic telegram cost $1 per word ($60 in today’s money), so few businesses, never mind individuals, could afford to send one. Today, a three minute phone call between New York and London costs about $2 versus $250 in 1930. Thanks to the internet, the cost of planet-wide phone calls has plunged to zero, with even a trans-Atlantic video call costing only pennies.

Will Continue to Revolutionize Commerce

The cost of computer processing has plunged more rapidly than any other network technology in history. Between 1951 and 1984 the inflation adjusted price of computing power fell 19.8 percent annually and by 28.2% a year since then. A 1975 mainframe computer performed at 10 MIPS (million instructions per second) and cost $10 million. Today’s PCs operate at close to 100 times that speed at 0.01 percent of the cost. This 99.9 percent decline in the cost of computing has and will continue to revolutionize life, society, and commerce.

Everyone Will Want a Web Lifestyle

To quote Marshall McLuhan “With computers we are headed for cottage economics where industrial activities can be carried on in any little shack anywhere on the globe.” Across the continent, tens of millions of people have become determined to “get a life”- a Web Lifestyle at home

Working at Home Opportunities.

During the 1980s the number of people working at home jumped 56 percent, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, with 3.4 million Americans working at home in 1990, accounting for three percent of the workforce. By 1999 this had jumped to 19.6 million, or 17 percent of the workforce. Today a conservative estimate is that 43 percent of Americans work from home, at least some of the week. Work at home opportunities will only continue to grow in the future.

Learn New Skills

The Internet opens up the opportunity for desktop retailing to anyone with a Web connection and a reasonable amount of ambition.The skills you learn now, will pay dividends in the future. This being said why do so many Home Based Businesses face such strong resistance  when trying to build their Network? Why are people so skeptical?

Any Warm Body

It’s because for years Network Marketers have used the “any warm body will do” approach to getting people into the business. People that take this approach think they are “working the numbers” and eventually will find people who will make good business partners.

The Old Approach

This approach wastes a lot of time and irritates a lot of people, which adds to the reputation problem of Network Marketing. Unfortunately as long as companies continue to pay sign up bonuses to reward recruiting, this practice will not go away.

The New Approach

Only when the focus is on what the business can do for the person, will resistance start to wane. 80% of decisions are made on emotion, you have to be able to show people what your opportunity can do for them, how it will make them feel. In order to do that you have to know your ideal prospect. Their profile, problems and desires.

Know Your Prospect

Baby Boomers, who for whatever reason, find themselves wanting to re-enter the workplace, make for ideal prospects. The profile is usually, but not always a white collared worker who has worked ten to twenty years with one or two companies, and for any number of reasons wants to re-enter the job market. The problem is that even though age discrimination is against the law, prospects can only find jobs that are 100% commission, like insurance, real estate, automotive sales and time share, or just as bad are the  mind numbing customer service jobs in fast food and retail or to add insult to injury you can pay for the privilege to drive for Uber or Lyft.

Still in the Infancy

The Webolution is unwinding everything that the industrial revolution put in place. We are still in the infancy of just how big e-commerce will become, and the role the Independent Internet Business Operator will play.

The Future

On-line Shopping and Banking is only the beginning, soon we will have virtual “touch and try on for size” clothes and automobiles. Digital downloads will make books obsolete, and e-learning will take schooling out of the schools. E-prescriptions and virtual Doctors will change medicine as we currently know it. And a virtual cosmetic industry will change how we buy cosmetics.

Internet Can Solve Your Problems

As Bill Gates stated in his 1999 book “Business @ and the Speed of Thought”, our biggest opportunity is to use digital technology to help customers solve problems for themselves and, in turn allow companies to respond immediately to complex customer needs, this is particularly pertinent to online marketing strategies.

It Creates Options

Network Marketing is not only here to stay but it offers a wealth of benefits to anyone lucky enough to get involved in it’s infancy. This industry is about hope and helping people. It allows Baby Boomers to create options in life, where they did not think there where any. It can change your life.Why Baby Boomers are not retiring. Why Baby Boomers are not retiring

Are You Being Selfish

To be successful in Network Marketing it’s important that you don’t treat it like a sales job. If you do you will only twist in your mind, that you are being selfish for trying to get friends and family on board. When actually it’s the opposite, your selfish if you care to much at being rejected vs. focusing on helping people. See How to Influence People: Be a Farmer Not a Hunter

Watch the video by Robert Kiyosaki and if your interested in looking at some of the opportunities available to you, drop me a text or leave a comment

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